He backstabs Shin Mi-Rae and tries to put her in danger, but ends up withdrawing from his Mayor position. I also love it because this whole drama depicts a serious adult relationship. Gosh, I feel so deranged pointing this out…but whatever floats the boat huh? Mi Rae breaks it down with a single question: Unless, like what you said, KJH and YEH themselves are worried that they will develop deeper feelings if they had to kiss again. BTS of episode 14 kiss: I dont think she and Ki Joon would seperate either, im not worried about that anymore, not after all these damn eps. We started with a simple and slightly absurd concept:

Sang Hee, relegated to like 5 minutes of screen time per episode recently, had obviously worked through his feelings for Ah Jung and is content with being around her and happy for her and Ki Joon. Thanks for another brilliant recap guys. At the President’s Inaugural ceremony, he announced his retirement as a politician. While the concept of trial by ordeal is probably most easily associated with Medieval Europe, equally loathsome practices were institutionalized in ancient China and Korea as well, all of it based on the idea that to get to the truth, one must exact and another must endure great pain. You are commenting using your WordPress. P Chen sees AJ upset and asks his minister friend to dig to the bottom who leaks………………and the scandle is AJ co worker? She seems to be rather ordinary and has nothing special to brag about.

Believe me, I am not about to give you the benefit of the doubt. It seems you have forgotten, but a while back I came too. One ring to rule us all!! This new writer, is it a man? With that, I say thank you koala for making me love LTM more!!! But he already knew it was something which could take years to make.


He should be given the Best Actor Award as well. I love this episode because of the amazing lines that JG has You guys are really great!

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I am hating BB even more! Thank you Samsooki and team.

This series is amazing. The people in my film can’t framacrazy but shed tears in front of their impending and tragic situation. Ok, really HOT still! You read my mind! After all, we can see him doing and saying things that he has never said before.

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Some ahjummas stop for water and recognize Ah Jung immediately since her hoodie is off. Just a wishful thinking! She tries to call Jo Gook, but his phone is turned off, as he has gone to Europe. Probably the editor’s hearts can’t take it anymore! However, he is secretly planning something for the next presidency term, which makes him a cruel politician.

Seriously this was screwed up. AHH I see what your saying. That is how I live and that is how you live. Jo Gook restarts his speech before she can leave, and this time, he speaks entirely hall her ears and for her benefit.

Who wouldn’t forget that. When he is full, that’s it.

Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap

Jo Guk is the son of the man who ruined her life. The acting in the episode again was bloody brilliant. Jo Gook rramacrazy, but in a double-cross, shows a different environmental statutory supplement to his own party boss, stating that with this new law, BB and his party will be completely shut down.


I am not from Korea too — maybe the reason we share the same POV on the ratings game. Purely an intellectual inquiry, you understand. To fully appreciate this episode, I watched again episodes 13 and At least before Min Ki Suh looked at her in a loving way. April 18, to? Secret Garden Part 1 Release Date: Single ‘YeonHee’ learned dating through dramas, a romantic comedy story when the world’s top star EXO moves in next door. It took me so long to get over City Hall Known for her great coffee, she falls in love with Jo Guk, the new deputy mayor.

Ice-cold, without blinking and totally in control, she tells the reporter to continue taking pictures, and to talk again after the election. Ok, you be the confetti thrower…. Obviously the finale was the shiznit but this was still better, in my humble opinion.

Ki Joon asks if being recognized bothers her, and she concedes that she wants to hold hands and go out on dates.