He and Jake must have done some very foul, wicked mess. This is about to get good. Shonda colored way outside the box on Rowan- Daddy Pope. Rants and Randomness Podcast Contact. He says he just mentioned him having an affair. I wanna say war crimes but that seems so obvious.

She hasnt seen tired yet. Daddy dearest sent her away just like he just tried to do with Olivia…and how he sent her away for boarding school fit years…why? He is has some ice cold bloob running through those veins. That could make her lose viewers. I would love for Jasmine Guy to be her mother! Not exactly sure but knowing the Pres it was def shadddddyyyyyy.

Now if they buy the story which is for once actually true, I think the press will start digging into other possible women, because they know that Mellie outed Fitz as to actually having an affair, and this I believe will lead them to finding eipsode about the Amanda Tanner situation and therefore the ish will really start to rain down.

The sweetness is only momentary as Fitz starts scolding her for using the acandal for high alert situations. Maybe the end of this season or the next one.

He read her like an e-book. It means to wreck a reputation with untruths and it creates a narrative. I would have Diahann find Liv and tell her where her mother actually is. The plotting that the Gladiators were doing finally comes to light. You going to send her to her room with no dinner next? If they aged Jasmine Guy and had her do it, I would crap my pants.


Ghost gonna let Sally feel like she got it going on and then snatch her wig with info about her hubby so he can keep her in line. Cyrus Delishowd was not born to be Chief of Staff. He probably did some horrendous things in his time in the military and that file provides every gory detail…he may have been B36 like Jake. He seemed not-so-concerned with it, ready with his next move, and the only other person who stood to gain from her name being released other than Mellie. As usualllllll the recap was on pointnizeeeeeee!!!!

Got to agree with most on here except I do t feel the Fitz hate. I felt like the episode was fast forward the entire time. Rants and Randomness Podcast Contact. She finally agrees to do what they want her to do. It would be a sweet twist for Jasmine Guy to be Mama Pope! Gladiators everywhere have analyzed the show to pieces and got our minds ready to scajdal what Shonda Rhimes was gonna serve us for season three and last night was finally the time!

That folder, in my opinion, is the reason Fitz is Pres.

‘Scandal,’ Season 3, Episode 1, ‘It’s Handled’: TV Recap

What will Liv think when she finds out, if she finds out? But am I wrong or amirite? Poppa Pope is my new found love.


I was tearing up as he read Olivia like the Sunday paper. Ghost Leak — Mellie walks epjsode the Oval Office to see Fitz, who is wondering why the girl named Jeannine was brought into the madness.

‘Scandal,’ Season 3, Episode 1, ‘It’s Handled’: TV Recap – Speakeasy – WSJ

She really was mighty cute…Abby is trying. She allowed herself to be a secret and when feelings came in things were too messy. He and Jake must have done some very foul, wicked mess. Also, Luvvie you rock!! Please and thank you. I dont support Olitz, but I cannot support any of the nonsense Mellie spews though Scandwl adore her ruthlessness.

Pope told her he was the hell and the high water. Liv never even spoke of neither of her parents until now.

Scandal is BACK! Season 3: Episode 1 Handled It!

I would have thought the first person to know that would be Huck…. Chances are, he gave her a new identity and her last name became Wright. This is about to get good. Plus in last nights episode, she listed just about every time Fitz and Seasom got it on.

Like serious human rights violations.