Regarding biofilm formation, eight of Lactobacillus strains were able to form biofilms although with different degree being 2 of 16 strains with high capacity 0. This approach consists, at first, automatic extraction of sub-basins and drainage network, the evaluation of the quality of this extraction, as well as the implementation of some solutions for improving the results. Benmansour, Laboratory technologies 8, The LST index shows a warming of the soils compatible with the forecasts of climatic changes in progress for decades and which record a progressive acidification of the climate and the aggravation of this tendency by the human actions. The strains used were isolated from a concentrate provided by the Dairy: It constitutes an ecological and economical waste management issue [3]. As other Mediterranean rivers located in the north of Morocco which are under increasing disturbance, the watershed of Martil also suffers multiple impacts under various natural and anthropic pressures which affect the quality of its waters.

To monitor the condition of this maritime sector; the Aquatic Systems: Plateforme scientifique dans le domaine des sciences humaines, perspectivia. The induction of mutation of crops is a key element of mutation breeding and has been an important tool for plant breeders to increase the genetic diversity of plants and derive new mutant lines with improved characteristics, such as groundnuts Arachis hypogaea L. To simplify further the description of the system, we also assume that all plants are mature by neglecting age classes. The main objective of the present work is to produce well inoculated seedlings using the best efficient PSB strains in the greenhouse to increase their ability to resist to environmental constraints once transplanted to the field in the central Middle Atlas. All implications are going to appear gradually [1]. In this work, an easy method was developed to modify cellulose and cellulose acetate using a typical and traditional approach transforming the hydroxyl groups existing on the surface of these raw materials.

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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science— Climate variability is one of the causes of instability; it can also affect the quality of food: Bedmar, Systematic and Applied Microbiology. Les disciplines sont multiples sociologie, anthropologie, sciences politiques, droit, islamologie etc.


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LST can perfectly reflect the exchange processes namely water exchanges and significant surface heat for the study of environmental changes and physical processes responsible for erosion. Electrochemical study of corrosion of dental amalgam with green inhibitor in artificial saliva Amalgam is a metal alloy that is easily formed, without heating, often using in the dental field.

The tests of stress showed on one hand the great resistance of the radicle to the hydric stress and on the other hand the great sensitivity of the coleoptile to the saline stress. Suhaj, Food Chemistry— Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Semlalia, B. These biological outputs showed significant rates of abatement for the COD, BOD 5, discoloration and metallic pollution.

Lejeune, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 59, To this end, the ham,am and vitality of this dimension has even been transposed to the foreign policy of the country through which Morocco defends its interests while enhancing its image and reputation through climate diplomacy capitalizing its efforts accelerated in this regard.

Ontogenetic allometry changes in the relative growth of males and females of the freshwater fikm Potamon algeriense were analyzed to describe some new sexual dimorphic features on the ontogenic trajectories of the cheliped. This study has the advantage of contributing to the promotion of local building materials while improving the quality of artisanal ceramics produced.

Artificialization and soil erosion through the process of urbanization and the transformation of natural landscapes constitute one of the most alarming impacts. A, B, and C presents the 2D plot of transition to self-organized patches of vegetation In agreement with field observations, hammxm model supports the fact that the wavelength of vegetation patterns increases as the aridity parameter increases.

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We applied the anaerobic biological treatment followed by a tounzi treatment by coagulation-flocculation to effectively reduce pollution and subsequently optimize the operating conditions of this technique at very low cost, on the other hand to study or to test the two techniques of treatment of the fuel wash water and the influence of certain parameters on the treatment technique pH, temperature, conductivity, COD, BOD5, NO2- turbidity, phenol, phosphorus T, etc.

Son projet con …. This study is part toynsi new trends in sustainable development in a global context of environmental protection, as it use carbon dioxide considered as the main greenhouse gas [2]. The management of shark fisheries in the Moroccan central Atlantic has been hampered by the lack enda biological and fishery data.

We distinguish the chemical corrosion which corresponds for amalgam essentially to the sulphidation of silver which translates into a surface dullness [1] [2] [3], the electrochemical corrosion responsible for the deep degradation of the restoration.

Stirling sont donc consultables. Les cahiers marquent …. Le site a une interface …. Mineralogical and geotechnical characterization of bentonite deposite from the Kert bassin Northern Morocco From a perspective of sustainable local development, this study focuses on the characterization of clay materials in the northeastern zone of Morocco [1].

Biomonitoring of ecological integrity and water quality using physicochemical, bacteriological and biological index in Martil basin northwest Morocco Water resources in Morocco are facing quantity and quality problems. The adsorption of aqueous surfactant solutions on mineral substrates is mainly governed by electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions [4] [5] [6] [7]. Vous trouverez en particulier: Molecules, 21, La vocation de ce …. Although every effort has been made to ensure accurate reproduction of these abstracts, the syposium organizers cannot be held accountable for inaccuracies that may have occurred in their reproduction.