Well, the mom’s appeared. Can’t say she doesn’t deserve it. Kumiko leaves early the next morning, but leaves behind some breakfast for Haruka. BBCode I want Rambo in a mecha-suit with a laser-chainsaw gun that fires nuclear warheads, fighting the love-child of Predator, Alien, a group of Bangladeshi terrorists, and Satan. I’m Okay accepting the show’s premise and letting the story run it’s course. The anime version wastes no time in clarifying that it is not going to be just a full-out comedy fest, as its first 10 minutes are grimly dramatic, and despite occasional infusions of silliness, a serious tone continues to dominate for the first four episodes. Now what about Kotoura-dad?

And nothing like a scene change, and an opportunity to give characters a new look, to make me appreciate the animation this time. Hiyori invited Manabe to her home; Manabe refused as he thought she’s trying to get him into her family cult. I’m Okay accepting the show’s premise and letting the story run it’s course. Chapter 1 became part of episode 1—but a very small portions of it. Meanwhile, Hiyori informs Yoshihisa on the situation, hazing him for not staying by Haruka’s side. The more comedy-focused middle episodes deliver a pleasing flow of jokes ranging from standard breast-size concerns to a certain picture Manabe gives Kotoura to lighten her mood to Kotoura’s grandfather’s encouragement of Manabe to bed Kotoura to basic slapstick like Kotoura rolling across the floor into a stack of boxes repeatedly. Feb 1st at 8:

Originally posted by EmperorBrandon View Post. I lol’d that club meeting. After one of the detectives, Tsukino, lets Haruka and the others in to support her during the interrogation, Hiyori explains how she had tried to get her friends to stop spreading rumors about Haruka, only to discover she had been attacked and accused of the crime herself.

Anime and Manga portal. But Koutoura-san is just one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent years – the ddiscussion mix of drama, comedy and romance with some really interesting and more complex characters than you initially think I think Moritani’s forgiveness was a bit rushed but it did kind of make sense considering the characters kotoyra-san Kotoura and Manabe this is one of the few series that as soon as Crunchy has it, I have to watch. Forte Persona 4: Cassie The armored raven from Malaysia, but where?


Please let us never see him again. The fact that this show did a Scanners joke just made it my favorite this season! Feb 16th at I wanted her to win.

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Kanemoto has cute voices down pat, KanaHana is gorgeous as the club prez while Shimono is doing his usual lovely deadpan that has a hint of gleeful malice in the corners. BBCode I have my own anime blog. On the other hand, I think the show went a bit too far with Grandpa’s perversions.

Episode 4 Well, that episode worked well, not only to bring Haruka back to school but also to mark the changing point for Hiyori’s character. They also deliberately hid his face in the first episode.

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The hard-working illustrator behind the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto answers a few questions about their incredible career. Cratex First, just because some anime are worse i.

As a strong martial artist, she was able to blow out the candles just by creating force with her punches. As I have troped, the Kotouras are likely the largest landlord around. Their discussion on Haruka sexualization is un surprisingly frank.

Pleasant and polite, but someone who will get her will through. Be sure to look at later edits to this reply, I have to leave now. Viz and Kodansha have so many different series and there has to be a good amount that they aren’t making money on. Yuriko continues to be the best, and one unambiguously great part of the show. Manga Goccha Megami Magazine.

Because that’s how anime happens. The new ED is quite fun. Epissode change of pace. Haruka Kotoura is a year-old girl who was born with the psychic ability to read minds. Having forgotten to book a hotel, the group are offered to spend the night at a shrine run by its head priest.

When Hiyori Moritani, kotooura-san classmate who is currently in love with Yoshihisa, takes the seat, she becomes resentful of Haruka.


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Chapter 2 was adopted, basically verbatim with harmless Adaptation Expansionas episode 2 plus the first scene in episode I couldn’t do anything but laugh at this episode. I wonder how long people would put up with this. Feb 1st at 8: The Legacy — Dual!

February 8, at She just can’t contain herself over that goofy young Moritani picture Manabe gave her. Not quite that complex, but characters with deep-rooted psychological issues in a slightly zany setting and environment that seems to bring out strange sides to characters and unexpected often perverted situations like, you know, the grandfather. Takaharu Okuma Art Director: Yuriko later reveals that her mother was a clairvoyant who was accused of being a fake and committed suicide, driving Yuriko to try and prove the existence of psychics.

Did you get that reference? Eternal Story Gall Force 2: Kotoura-san official anime website in Japanese. They visit many different spots, with Haruka picking out a photo of the two of them to put in her locket. Martin also praised the musical score, but called the artwork mediocre.

Yuriko is definitely a fantastic addition to the show.

I enjoyed it very much! This and the next scene was significantly retooled in the anime.

When she begins to berate Haruka for allegedly using her powers on her, Yoshihisa and the others rush to support her, with Yoshihisa’s perversity even managing to coax Kumiko into unconsciously showing concern for Haruka. Normally, perverted characters come off xiscussion being the disgusting creeps that they are, but Manabe somehow manages to avoid seeming too creepy despite his fantasies oddly enough because of his utter shamelessness about it.

Takaharu Okuma Animation Director: And where does Kotoura’s mom fit in all this? I love this episode. Television series Godannar — To Heart: