A follow-up series, Lightfields , was broadcast in When Lucy’s brother, Pip Michael Byrne , returns to Lightfields, and strange things start happening, he believes that they are being haunted by Lucy’s restless spirit. Alice as Millie Archer Martha Bryant After a visit from Luke’s hopeless father Paul, the boy vanishes. Full Cast and Crew. In , expectant Nisha and her partner, local boy Mark, have bought the house. In , both Nisha and Ruth hear ghostly noises, though Ruth keeps from Nisha that she was Alice’s mother.

She meets the Maynards’ son, Scott, now in his thirties, and the village shop keeper but finds Mark evasive after seeing him communicate with deaf villager Olive Runcie. The denouement returns to the relationships and families, sadly providing little in the way of scares. Clare asks Tom for information, but he is also reluctant to say much. The Oaks writer David Schulner was heavily involved in the series’ commission. Paul Bowen Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Kelsey Grammer offers an update.

The Hollow King review. In Helen sees Alice,who saves Scott after he has had a fit in his bath. Indeed, in the opening episodes Marchlands was more akin to your nightly kitchen-sinker, with few scares and little of the promised supernatural.

Nineteen years later, Helen and Eddie Maynard now live in the house and are troubled when their little girl Amy tells them that a ghost called Alice is her imaginary friend, more so when Amy’s pet cat is killed, supposedly by Marchlandx.

Jodie Whittaker lost previous Doctor Who audition to a friend.

Olive Runcie Daniel Casey He wants Vivien to return to London with him for treatment, but Vivien believes she can resolve matters by staying at Lightfields. After they have gone Evelyn tells Robert she knows all about his affair with Liz Runcie,Olive’s mother and makes him reveal the true details of Alice’s death,which they decide to keep secret so as not to destroy the family.


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‘Marchlands’: Episode 5 review

Harry accuses Eve of starting the fire out of jealous after finding the hate letter, but Albert and Martha believe in her innocence. Ruth believes Paul blames her and is distant from her, but both of mxrchlands ally against his mother Evelyn when she suggests that Alice’s bedroom be turned into a sewing room. Inboth Nisha and Ruth hear ghostly noises, though Ruth keeps from Nisha that she was Alice’s mother. Marchlands was first shown on ITV on 3 February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Helen Maynard Dean Andrews InNisha gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Alice. Mark Ashburn Alex Kingston The New Counter Measures: Inas Scott begins to have epileptic fits, Eddie brings Father Boyle in to exorcise Amy’s room, though this leads to a row between Helen and Eddie, causing Amy to run away marchlwnds the woods, where she is saved from falling into the lake by Olive.

Mark advertises for someone to come and help and the advert is answered by Ruth. Paul and Ruth in the train station, Helen announcing mmarchlands she agrees with Eddie about moving, and Nisha and Mark laying their cards on the table and talking about their issues.

This has done one thing: The women obtain the recently deceased Eve’s letters, including one swearing her little sister to secrecy. FpisodeMark Ashburn and his pregnant partner Nisha Parekh move into Marchlands and find a photo of a young girl, who the viewers now know to be Alice.

Each family had a great quiet scene: Paul and Ruth leave Epsiode, Ruth vowing to return. Doctor Who Short Trips: Marchladns Grammer offers an update.

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That night, they both see Lucy’s ghost with her dress on fire. Inas Harry goes off to war, Albert tells Eve the family is moving to Lincolnshire. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Season 1 Episode 5. Eddie takes Amy to see Alice’s grave before they go,to prove that he believes her. Paul tries to snatch Luke, but the ghost prevents him and ultimately the family come to see that Lucy is a benign presence, as Vivien arrives to tell them who really started the blaze.


Evelyn persuades Paul and a reluctant Ruth to seek help from a priest, Father Boyle, but his main argument, that the couple should try for another child, does not comfort Ruth. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Scott Maynard Jennifer Hennessy InClare is concerned that her mother may be having another nervous breakdown and is relieved when John, her father, comes to see them.

The previous house owners also appear to their successors as ghosts. Search for ” Episode 1. When he tells Pip that he has seen what he believed to have been the tooth fairy incarnate as a young girl, Pip understands that Lucy’s ghost may well be trying to communicate with the child. Ruth stays on to help and hears evidence of a poltergeist. It is the second series in the trilogy, and follows a story of three different families living in the same house in Suffolk during three different time periods -and Eve also prevents Albert from killing himself out of guilt, for disowning Lucy after he knew she had had sex.