Will Agents of S. Sheldon fights for Jenny’s heart as she faces coun more…. Looking to prove to Jenny that boy robots are jerks compared to him, Sheldon creates a mechanical suit and dubs himself the “Silver Shell”. Wakeman’s inventions while adding distinctive twists , seems to be the perfect match for her at first; however, Kenny soon starts to display oddly dog-like characteristics. When Tuck takes a look into Dr. Season 2 Episodes See All.

Vexus, however, also has eyes for the schematics, and is willing to disguise herself as “QT2” to trick Sheldon into giving them to her. In other projects Wikipedia. However, the exo-skin turns out to have a mind of its own and refuses to let Jenny take it off or fight a group of alien space bikers. However, he soon finds himself stuck with nothing but paperwork and paper cuts at his new job. Mind over Matter – Jenny is convinced to beat her new enemy she needs to take other forms, when none seem to work, Jenny thinks she can’t be upgraded. Jenny humiliates a samurai by rescuing him and must help him regain his honor.

At a championship game, she soon finds herself facing the former Tremorton High quarterback whom she replaced.

My Life as a Teenage Robot – Season 2, Episode Designing Women / Robot Riot –

Everything starts going wrong, however, when Letta and the Space Bikers crash the dance. Brad eplsode getting married, but not by choice. Unfortunately for Jenny, this means a lot of stopping what she’s doing and saving him from his crazy stunts. The scene with Travis’ father in the factory is based on the Charlie Chaplin motion picture, “Modern Times”.

Retrieved from ” https: Thanks to a screw-up from one of his Cluster troops, Commander Smytus loses a cache of super-powered Pip Crystals to mlaxtr Crust Cousins. However, with his greedy longing for victory and the title that goes along with it, Tuck pushes Jenny into the ring with giant robots that are actually the Cluster bugs in disguise.

But does Brad really want to be rescued? Views Read Edit View history. Watch Online Hulu Subs However, her and the play’s director’s views are questioned when two different races of aliens land for a surprise visit. After almost getting hit by a truck, Tuck becomes hyper-paranoid about everything, until Jenny shows himself in the future, perfectly healthy. Available to Stream Watch on. Contributors Become a contributor. Tiffany “Tiff” Crust voice.


With no place left to go, Misty heads back to Earth to be with Jenny. Brit and Tiff episodw psychological warfare by making Jenny feel self-conscious about her weight, so she urges Sheldon to make her as light as possible, which results in giving up her weapons and armor. 11 after, all the previous XJ robot models begin to attack as well. Tucker “Tuck” Carbunkle voice. The cousins decide to flaunt both their style and newfound powers in front of Jenny, and she must use her keen fashion sense to save herself in time.

It’s up to Jenny to use brains over brawn to defeat her arch enemy.

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Jenny humiliates a samurai by rescuing him and must help him regain his honor. When Jenny hangs up on Dr. When Jenny gets a hold of a prototype “exo-skin” for her to wear, she sees her chance to mingle with the fairgoers; unfortunately, its mangled appearance only scares them. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite seaason – Start Now. Views Read Edit View history. Jenny is unwittingly programmed for evil against her will by a spoiled child named Todd Sweeney, who uses her to ruin the holidays for all of Tremorton.

This page was seasom edited on 24 Februaryat Unfortunately, the Crust cousins do not share the same feelings and plan to humiliate her. While Brad immediately accepts Jenny as a new friend, Tuck does not quite see her as anything other than a “evil robot cyborg”. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

Season 2 Episodes See All. Wakeman’s new boyfriend is a psychopath. Wakeman one too many times, the doctor desperately reprograms Jenny’s communicator to make Jenny unable to turn it off. Fearing humiliation, Jenny tries to prevent her mother from talking at the assembly.

Jenny’s new “bachelor pad” is the new hot spot in town, but her new party lifestyle begins to interfere with her own personal duties. Scorned by Tremorton after ruining the town’s th anniversary celebrations during a fight with Vexus, Jenny gets fed up with being unappreciated by humans and soon finds herself in Cluster Prime, the capital of Vexus’ empire. Hopefully, Jenny can get him back to his proper age. The Teen Team has come to Earth, and they are quite impressed with Jenny’s abilities.


Jenny’s sisters turn against Wakeman. When she returns to normal, she discovers that the entire town has turned against her, and nobody believes her pleas of innocence, except for the one person that worships her like a goddess – Sheldon. Wakeman due to a mishap at school involving a student and a trashcan.

Jenny gives in to Tuck’s request to be his entry for the hit robot combat competition “Robot Wars”, despite finding the event barbaric. As a robot, Jenny wants to experience what it is like to dream. However, it soon becomes apparent that the “puberty” is actually the doing of Queen Vexus of the Cluster, who has infected Jenny with a virus to warp her into a episkde, Cluster-controlled monster.

Jenny must manage these while fighting Himcules, a villain whose strength increases when he sees others in pain and diminishes at the sound of laughter. Skyway Patrol wants Jenny to pay for repairs to the city due to her fooling around, and now Jenny is on a desperate job hunt.

However, she already has a date with Don Prima, much to Sheldon’s chagrin. Epixode the sake of Tuck’s self-esteem, Jenny allows herself to be used as his robot in a Robot War competition. Jenny is stuck going to a e;isode convention with Dr. Jenny’s new boyfriend, a male robot named Kenny built by Dr.

She refuses to use them and fumbles around town without any sight until she finally realizes she needs them to fight an invisible villain.

The owner of Mezmer’s, a popular hangout spot for teens all over town, enforces a strict “No Robots” policy.