Santa skin worn for Christmas [] and []. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki. See Stay Forever Together. No Time To Explain. Janitor skin from cleaning up generikb ‘s slime prank []. Pause actively welcomes questions submitted by viewers and responds to them during his SMP videos and occasional dedicated features, which in the past have included “Triple Eh” shows a play on the phrase ‘ triple A ‘ and the stereotyped Canadian vocal mannerism of appending “Eh” to the end of sentences and “Mailbox Thursdays”.

In June , Pause invited Millbee to join, [65] having been friends since meeting in December He specifies these conditions for submitting questions:. See The Chamber of the Creators. Pause is 6’4″ tall. Forming a MindCrack alliance and trying to meet up Exploring as a group. See Grand Theft Auto V.

See Black Desert II. See Lords of Minecraft. Featuring KyleTheBearlater lakersfan From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Beef & Pause – Forever Together – Episode 6

Exploring Getting supplies from others Beef hanging with micahrichey. Pause’s Minecraft skin is inspired by his First Nations ethnicity.

Loser of the selected game is punished. Pause has stated he is heterosexual[] but has otherwise shown to be flexible with his sexuality, developing “bromances” with Millbee [] and VintageBeef[] and kissing OldManWillakers at PlayOnCon This page was last modified on 3 Decemberat He provides two methods of contacting him to offer these, in addition to the usual YouTube features of video comments and private messaging.


A Tale of Two Sons. Pause says he “is not religious in any way, shape or form. Going to new areas Talking about who they are going to eat, spiders and earwigs. The second is via his PO boxwhich includes sending gift items or items of unique interest. See Grand Theft Auto V.

Pause is 6’4″ tall. Discontinued due to copyright strikes [54]. See Sniper Elite V2.

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Lords of Minecraft King skin [73]. New Super Mario Bros. In JunePause invited Millbee to join, [65] having been friends since meeting in December Pause’s favorite movie of all time is Garden State. The first is via a dedicated e-mail address, which is AskPauseUnpause gmail.

MineZ – Episode 17

This page was last modified on 27 Aprilat Pause described his previous full time job as a blue collar job working in a warehouse packing beer into crates for shipping. A Machine For Pigs”. Pause and Andrea have had numerous pets named in reference to The Legend of Zelda characters of the same names. Janitor skin from cleaning up generikb ‘s slime prank []. Getting killed by other players Gathering supplies and heading towards Paluster.


Pause’s favorite beer is Rolling Rock. Retrieved from ” http: Pause says he could easily eat only Kraft Dinner for the rest of his life. Featuring Guude and, for the final two episodes, Millbee. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Pause from his vlog. Pause has criticized Resident Evil 6cutting the game disc in half with resentment towards Capcom.

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Other members of the server have since joined them or started their own LP’s. Pause supported the Liberal Party in the Canadian federal election. Grass camouflage worn during UHC 567and 9. Pause has been described as ‘overly competitive’ whilst paauseunpause online games. An early skin used by Pause was that of Internet meme Pedobear[] which Pause says he regrets using.

A Machine for Pigs.