This comment is mine. The next Charles Joseph Minard. I love when he does crazy awesome stuff like this. We need the Stargate: Also, you have to be pretty dense not to get Primer. A character turning into another? Dilophosaurus appears briefly to eat Nedry and then fades out again.

Thank god for XKCD! Do you have a destiny? DCompose on Nov 5, The second to last event means that two of the Raptors die. Star Wars original Trilogy [ edit ] Luke, mostly accompanied by R2-D2, joins and parts from other sets of characters. And I echo the calls for a poster!

But here are some more ideas, most of them based on Randall’s charts: You may but don’t have to assume that each list of groups contains each living character in exactly one group.

When will that terrible comic die?

It took me a few hours, but I am quite proud of the final image. Also, you have to be pretty dense not to get Primer. I looked with mild interest and fascination at the work, pondering the time and effert that went into them, vaguely aware that the comic wasn’t really that funny. You’ve missed the most obvious of jokes!

657: Movie Narrative Charts

I can’t timelune remember the ending now, except it seemed to take ages to finish. All over the entire comic, this is the only time that a description of “what happens” is given.

I’m a little annoyed that he chose the movie continuity over the book continuity for LotR, but then he did the same for Jurassic Park so Skcd let it slide for the sake of consistency. Simple style with big ideas.

Check This Out: xkcd’s Brilliant/Confusing Movie Narrative Charts |

Thank god for XKCD! Dan Dassow on Nov 3, The Prestige would be way more awesome, but full of spoilers, and agreeing with it depends on your interpretation of the film. Taking pride in your nation is taking pride in the division of humanity. I was getting worried that prmer was slipping.


The resulting timeline looks like the following. Who is online Users browsing this forum: The votes will decide how well your algorithm performs at keeping the chart tidy. Someone reading the text should understand the picture; not each pixel. I’ve also talked to LaVe and I promised that Movvie will work on this soon.

He must have watched those movies a bunch of times in order to make these – and all for a joke about how primer didn’t make any sense. Here is one example for how the Jurassic Park narrative could be encoded: But as far as the characters’ locations, there is no need for such a narrative chart, and that is the joke.

But I suppose that wouldn’t have made much of a book series then, would it? You think it’s all done, everyone’s had their own happy endings, and left their separate ways. It maps their relation are they near or far from each other over the horizontal axis of time. The size and location of Napoleon’s army are represented by tapering streams similar to the design used for Sauron’s and Saurman’s troops in the LotR Chart. All the surviving lines group up at Endor except for Vader, the Emperor, Luke, and Lando; after the climactic duel, the latter two join the rest.

Render to screen or file as a vector or raster graphic a chart which has one line for each character. Somewhere vaguely towards the end, three lines emerge and fade out, all labeled with question marks. The output is in the spatial results tab.

I want to see the LOTR graph full size! It doesn’t try to find a nice layout and it isn’t pretty, but that’s where you guys come in! Not cool, not funny, not a good comic. There are now multiple papers on “storyline visualizations” that reference this comic, using the concept for visualizations of storylines, politic events and other stuff.

I wonder if screenwriters chart out their movie like this while they’re writing it – seems like it’d be helpful in keeping the story together look at Jurassic Parkevery last raptor is accounted for. Third flaw is that in 12 Angry Men, Juror 8 interacts with Juror 9 at the very end.


XKCD does it again.

The LOTR chart is an interesting way of showing my friends who seem to think that the story is too convoluted to keep track of that it can be done, it just takes lots of color coding. They are then split up for a short time but meet back up at Weathertop when the Nazgul attack and they meet Aragorn Strider at that point. I am not sure if this should be included, but it is a nice pdimer of trivia anyway: Privacy policy About explain xkcd Disclaimers.

I want this on my wall, at least the top half. The joke in the 12 Angry Men graphic is that in the movie all 12 jurors the angry men are in the same room for the entire duration of the movie.

You’ve just got to see this! A larger version of this image can be found by clicking the image timelinr xkcd. Malcolm, Grant, Sattler, Hammond and the kids all weave in and out of their respective scenes. Every alive event is plotted two times now, so the characters stick together better. Trust me if you ever watch primer you’ll under stand it. However, you should not assume that the groups or characters within one event are in particularly convenient order.

Travis, a similar plot for “Lost” would be interesting, but it would have to be drawn on multiple pages. They go off on their adventure and briefly encounter Gandalf.

The ’57 version, of course.