When she takes a summer vacation away from her suffocating cocoon, she experiences an explosive pleasure at the hands of Shane and Sebastien. I actually really enjoyed it a lot. Alyssa is heartbroken, especially considering her pregnancy, but goes home as the letter she received from ‘them’ instructs her to. The intense love scenes and powerfully erotic power struggles are part and parcel of the story. This story is also pretty hot although I have read better ones by Leigh. No less than 5 times the wrong name was used and 3 times it was in sexy scenes and that sure throws off the vibe of the scene.

Wicked Pleasure is really Cam and Jaci story on how she will do what ever it takes to have his heart. Thanks for telling us about the problem. For one, near the beginning, Chase and Cam lost their parents at 13 and had their aunt take custody. Alberto and Tabitha are his parents. The Club outside Washington D. It was a little slow going at first with little character connection but then the emotional ties and heartache become real and intense.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. My favorite was Chase with his sense of humor, but Cam was just as likeable with his outer hardness and inner protectiveness. No less than 5 times the wrong name was used and 3 times it was in sexy scenes and that sure throws off the vibe of the scene. I actually thought this first part was quite good, the crazy didn’t start till the boys’ family received a ransom demand accompanied by explicit photos of the encavenados of them that forced seroe to pay a handsome sum and immediately break things off with Alyssa and disappear never to be seen again by her.

This was a good book and I forgot how good leighh series is. Even after reading their explanations, I don’t think it makes much sense. I could not flip my pages fast enough to find out what happened to Cam.


Secret Pleasure

View all 4 comments. The style of writing was off even though it had your typical Lora Leigh characterization.

Honestly- that got so damn old. This is where the story gets interesting. Jan 26, Tabatha rated loga it was ok Shelves: To view it, click here. Many appeared with no explanation of who they were where they came from. There are several things that aren’t followed up on, which is frustrating.

{Review} Secret Pleasure by Lora Leigh – Pretty Sassy Cool

Thirteenth in the Bound Hearts erotic romance series and revolving around a loose group of men who like to share their women. This book can be read on its own. Cam made a promise to Jaci years ago that he would kill any man who hurt her. I found myself putting it down quite a bit and not wanting to pick it back up, and that’s never happened to me with one of her books before. Steven Richards is one of the grounds guards. Two for one, you really can’t beat that deal. I loved the first 6 Bound Hearts books, but since then they have fallen flat.

Both Cam and Jaci have secrets that threaten to tear their relationship apart. The “reason” for the male’s attitude seemed rather ironic since he never really discussed with her what would turn her on, other than a few abrupt words telling her she’d like it. I think she was going for a world record – how many times can you use the word “pure” in a single work of fiction?

There are “deep”, complex characters here, and their motives will break your heart and make you love them more for it. The pace was steady at first, gotten slower from the middle to near end, then the climax just rushes through.

Though Jaci was five years younger, she tagged along after Cam, always wanting to be around him. This book grabbed my attention from page 1 and didn’t let go, I didn’t want to put it down Which is how I feel about most Lora Leigh books.


View all 9 comments. I also really liked the connection between the characters. I get it if she had love both of them in terms of “I can’t live without you-you both complete me” and not in a “You’re both hot and you guys are a package deal” kind of way and she ends up with both twins at the end which is unlikely but hey, it’s a twist. I will admit the sex scenes are carnal and sizzling, but the underlying story of the soulful love between them is majestic.

I cannot wait to read another Bound Heart book because there is nothing as good like the Seeie series. Just my take, so make seire your own mind. I think there should have been better motive- like something personal to start it all in motion. This is his story, by the way. Shortly after her twenty first birthday, she had offered herself and her virginity to him, but when she couldn’t be with both he and his twin Chase Jaci has been running from the Falladay twins, Chase and Cam, for seven years now.

This book was well written like all of Ms. I don’t know, but the end result is an unbelievably bad novel. I sncadenados like this story was on auto repeat with the charters thoughts, words and actions. Cam will not confide in anyone about the abuse he has suffered, not even to his own twin. That usually means an automatic 5 star read from me, but there’s a reason that I gave it 4.

It did have some spelling errors and name misplacement- or so that seemed to be the case to me. Alyssa has closed off her heart.