His charioteer Sanjaya speaks to him consoling words when Sage Vyasa arrives there. Instead, they chose to declare war, which was not at all justified. His wife Shubhangi is shocked and Karna narrates the deep shame he felt when Bhishma relegates to him the lowly position of Ardharathi. After the duo leave the Pandavas ask Sahadeva about Duryodhana’s mission. This gives Shakuni an idea. Sahadeva’s Five ways For Peace:

She persists and tries to argue that he should stay away from the war just as Vidura had done. Drupada and the King of Virata announce their full participation in the war and promise to rally the support of their allies. Dritarashtra wishes them victory in the war. Sanjaya is giving the updates to Dritarashtra: Monday, 3 August Karna refuses flatly, citing his supreme love for Duryodhana.

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Drona is offering prayer to Lord Shiva when Kunti comes to meet him. Duryodhana, Dushshasana, Yuyutsu — Dritarashtra’s son mahabharathham a dasiand Vikarna — the virtuous son of Dritarashtra, come to seek their parent’s blessings. Drona protests saying the Pandavas are like his sons, but Kunti is not satisfied with the answer.

Even if Dritarashtra hadn’t been a king, he would still have served him, being bound to him by gratitude. The king happily gives his consent and Karna marries Shubhangi. Monday, 17 August Since Karna could not fight until Bhishma died, the chances for Karna’s participation mahabbaratham very slim.

Bhanumati talking to Shubhangi. Karna is touched by the gesture, but he clarifies that it was far more important to him that Duryodhana is victorious in the battle mahahharatham the disgrace that he has to endure, to which he had anyway got accustomed to. Duryodhana is overjoyed to learn that the Pandavas haven’t offered any sacrifice as yet.

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Eoisode Moon God appears next. All those present in the assembly agree to abide by the rules. Accordingly, Duryodhana’s men welcome Shalya and inform that a great feast has been organized by his nephews. He then asks the sage to give mahabhratham boon to Sanjaya, who would moderate and relate to him whatever transpires on the battle field. Sahadeva’s Five ways For Peace: Duryodhana instructs Karna to fight with these kings and carries away Bhanumati.


Monday, 3 August Bhanumati talking to Shubhangi Karna describes Bhanumati as good natured and as beautiful as Draupadi. Bhishma announces the rules: Tuesday, 14 July Sahadeva believes he should be true to dharmic injunctions and he would never lie even if he is servicing his enemy.

Duryodhana wants to know why Shakuni added this rule, as it was normally an accepted rule and needed no formulation. Pandavas, their allies, Krishna, the Kauravas, their allies and Shakuni have assembled.

Monday, 27 July Finally Dritarashtra announces that Kauravas would launch war against the Pandavas for disobeying their mahabharafham and asks the court to seek allies for the impending war. Duryodhana accuses Pandavas of revealing themselves before the end of the 1-year ajnaatavasa, and instead of going to the forest omce again as agreed to earlier, had sent Krishna on a peace mission and disrespected them.

Duryodhana silences him, threatening to kill him on the spot. Drupada and the King of Virata announce their full participation in the war and promise to rally the support of their allies.

Krishna is offering ‘tarpanam’ and the gods in the heaven are surprised as the New Moon is due only the next day.

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They are dismayed to learn that Sahadeva has provided the correct ‘ muhurtam ‘ for Duryodhana. But Arjuna looks forlorn: Everyone is wondering what the two are discussing about and why it is taking so long to begin the war.

Krishna tells Yudhishtra and Sahadeva that whereas they earn a good name by being true to the scriptures, He is left to undo the results from those actions and get a bad name!

Karna is narrating to Kunti many momentous episoee in his life in which Duryodhana played a great role. After the duo leave the Pandavas ask Sahadeva about Duryodhana’s mission.


Duryodhana explains the justice in his stance.

Drona explains that Vidura was only bound by the promise he had made to his brother Pandu to counsel and protect Dritarashtra and had his own royal status being the son of Vichitraveerya, whereas Drona was bound by the indebtedness towards Dritarashtra whose refuge he had sought to alleviate the abject poverty he was in.

Thinking mahabharathm was a treat offered by Yudhishtra, Shalya accepts the grand reception, and promises to do anything for the host who had so graciously taken care of all his neeeds.

Then she tells Duryodhana that though she would love to wish her sons mahabharztham resounding victory, she can only say ‘let the righteous be victorious’. Saturday, 25 July Karna barges angrily into his palace and throws off his bow and the quiver of arrows. Immediately, Krishna gets up mahabnaratham offers ‘havisu’ to the two gods who are still uncomprehending.

Karna easily overpowers Jarasandha who accepts his defeat and leaves the place with other warriors. Duryodhana and Shakuni seek private audience with Sahadeva while the Mahabhzratham are in a meeting with Drupada and Virata and Yudhishtra asks everyone to leave. Then he offers to make Karna a Maharathi and says the two would lead the battle and others were free maabharatham join if they so desired. Krishna explains that since the sun and the moon have come together, it is indeed the New Moon day and instructs the Pandavas to offer sacrifice to Goddess Durga.

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