In the chaos Sooravalli gets hurt by getting her feet pricked by a nail. Prakash Kumar and Kishore would be the film’s composer and editor respectively. Petta Movie Official Trailer. Furthermore, since folk dance is an integral part of the film, he had used folk musicians who are not associated with the film industry. By the time Sannasi reaches the place and a fierce fight follows between Sannasi and Karuppaiahs men. Music composed by the great Illayaraja, surely all the songs are it no doubt.

Sooravalli who is short tempered fiercefully hits all the organizers knowing that they had asked for sex with the lady dancers including her. Sasikumar as Maalik at Petta Movie Poster. Karuppaiah bargains for 3 crore rupees and finalizes Sooravalli as the rental mother. Maayavi Pisaasu Chandi Veeran Paaruruvaaya is from Manickavasagar’s Thiruvasagam. Sannasi without uttering any word takes the organizers to the room where the lady dancers are staying and says to them that he has showed the girls as per their wish. Sooravalli cries and a flash back is shown. One day Karuppaiah takes Sannasi to a hotel and begs him to get married to Sooravalli saying that he likes her very much.

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Sannasi goes to find Sooravalli and some how manages to see thappathai building where Karuppaiahs car went. Sannasi takes care of her throughout the journey which improves their bonding.

And like so often with Bala’s or generally Tamil films, there is no happy ending. Suresh of Studio 9 Media Works, was signed on to play the antagonist in the film and undertook training in fight scenes with action choreographer Pandian. Tharai Thappattai or Thaarai Thappattai is a Tamil musical art film written, produced and directed by Bala.

Why the need for Andaman? Could have made it better. BGM and music one of Ilayaraja’s best. I guess the director wanted the dialogue to be “realistic” but it’s quite unsuitable and disgusting for a movie that might be watched by families.


Sasikumar Thappattxi Sarathkumar G. The film features Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the leading roles, while Ilaiyaraaja composes the film’s music based on karakattam. But to the outer world the newly born will be an adopted daughter. Acting,nativity everything perfect apart from story with obvious tragedy in end.

All bala’s movie will move towards a tragic ending More over in his own psychopathic way a story telling Bala ends the movie in his trade mark style.

Tonsuring scene, ithelam over da.

Rediff wrote “Thaarai Thappattai has all the elements that you expect from the brilliant director and while it may not appeal to all, it is definitely worth a watch. Sannasi, a folk musician, convinces Sooravali, his lover and a female dancer in his troupe, to marry Karuppaiah, a seemingly docile man. Little do they realise the sinister intentions of Karuppaiah, but when they do it is too late.

Director Bala finalised his next project following Paradesi only in October and revealed that he would make a film starring his former protege Sasikumar in the lead role, while G.

Early reports had suggested that Shriya Saran had tharao signed on to play the leading female role of a Karagattam dancer, but it was later noted that she had only been auditioned for the part. Thaarai Thappatai – Although it worked in parts, fails to impress as a movie.

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Karuppaiah suddenly comes inside and beats her heavily kicking her on her chest. The Andaman episode is perplexing in that it could have been set as happening anywhere in mainland India itself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After getting consciousness she peeps through the door to see a few women getting tonsured. Though, there is a glimpse of hope.

Karuppaiah bargains for 3 crore rupees casg finalizes Sooravalli as the rental mother. It was everything Ghappattai would expect a Bala movie to be – tragic, vulgar and honest to the core.

He believes that a girl child will be born. Paaruruvaaya is from Manickavasagar’s Thiruvasagam. Studios Company Productions B Studios. Tharai Thappattai Cast and Crew.


Yes,Killing the main character of the movie to make us feel tjappattai agitated. Sivakarthikeyan Productions No-2 Movie Pooja. For those reasons a lot of people do not like that much Bala’s cinema. When I watched the trailer I was disappointed by the violence of some scenes and the melodramatic atmosphere of the trailer, but after all, it is a Bala’s movie so I was curious and intrigued about “Thaarai Thappattai”.

Bala’s folk dance troupe film is hilarious in the first half, where it is something like a comedy – but then gets tragic after the intermission. Sannasi accepts it and his first program after several months with the new girl dancer happens to be a funeral house.

Maayavi Cas Chandi Veeran I can handle the truth.

I foresee a future where Bala movies will become obsolete and people will no longer appreciate the ceew of cinema he has to offer, but it would have been great while it lasted. Ilayaraja runs the show. In the first night while Sooravalli is sleeping Karuppaiah is shown as a drug addict. The men who organized the dance liked crfw women dancers and asks Sannasi to show them the girls indirectly asking for sex.

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Proud Samipulavan returns to home and challenges Sannasi that he won and he still has the power and divinity in his performance. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Prakash Kumar and Kishore would be the film’s composer and editor respectively.

Select Language Kollywood Bollywood. Sasikumar in Asuravatham single released. There he sees Sooravalli.