Robbie thinks Cat is lying about having a date to the prom after she turns him down. Annoyed with them bugging her, she finally picks Andre, Beck, and Robbie. When Tori explains why she was trying to find her a date, Jade tells Beck he can go out with whomever he wants because they are broken up. Despite their efforts, Moose tells them he is more into Canadian girls. Meanwhile, Tori puts up with her heavily-battered phone while waiting for the release of a new phone model. Cat hears her favorite actress Mona Patterson died and wants to honor her, taking Tori and Jade go on a road trip to San Diego.

However, the security system gets turned on, leaving them trapped in an aisle by laser beams. Meanwhile, Robbie and Trina have to work the Grub Truck after injuring Festus, but running it is harder than they first expected. With Robbie, he really rides his bike but ends up going very slow. It is Sikowitz’s 10th anniversary teaching at Hollywood Arts, and Tori and the gang celebrate by taking him to a play. Tori, Jade, and Cat decide to go to Nozu after a day of filming Beck’s new movie called “The Blonde Squad,” but do not take off their blonde wigs and their blue contact lenses because Tori wants to know what it is like to be blonde. As a result, Tori puts the berry balls in her hat because no one will try them.

While on their journey, Tori, Cat, and Jade experience many mishaps and things do not go the way they planned. Robbie has a sudden outburst and professes that Cat is adorable and any guy would be lucky to go out with her.

After accidentally spilling coffee on Beck and wiping his shirtTori finds herself at the wrath of Jade, who thinks that Tori was flirting with Beck.

However, Ryder leaves the house angry as Tori goes through his phone at Trina’s idea. Despite their efforts, Moose tells them he is more into Canadian girls. However, the security system gets turned on, leaving them trapped in an aisle by laser beams. Cat distracted by effects of the video chat available.

When she wakes up, they talk and Robbie makes his move and kisses her, resulting in her running away from him and riding off on her bike in victorjous panic. Rhapsody puts on his only hit single “Five Fingaz To The Face ” and the group sings the karaoke version. Trivia This is the first blooper episode.



Victorious – S 2 E 13 – Blooptorious – video dailymotion

Jade says that when she did her terrible singing, the staff said no, but then Trina threw aprt gas bomb, making them pass out except for her because she wore a gas mask. Riding with Beck, a bunch bloopptorious other obnoxious girls are in the car and Tori gets in a fight with them.

Haley Ferguson archive footage Eric Curtis Johnson Robbie thinks he and Tori are a couple after being paired together on Sinjin’s game show. Tori and Robbie tell her that she is beautiful, and when Cat talks to Robbie about Evan, Robbie gets jealous. Andre gets distracted by his demented grandmother, and Beck gets distracted by his girlfriend Jade. Andre and Robbie sign up for ballet class as a way to meet girls, but find out that many other boys victorikus the same idea.

After their song, they wonder where Moose is, and it is victoriius that he is in Jade’s car kissing her. A lot of the inappropriate dialogue and scenes are changed, such as the drug use in the episode, taco eating is substituted and the questions about virginity in the episode they are about veganism.

Also Andre becomes a Christmas “Scrooge” after getting a D on a song he wrote for his creative music class. Their posts include Cat writing everything she does, Jade trying to scare people by screaming at them to follow her, Beck washing his car in a tank top, Robbie getting a makeoverand Tori trying to do a hard challenge. Beck, Andre, and Robbie are hosting a fundraiser at Karaoke Dokie to get a new guys’ bathroom at Hollywood Arts, and the girls are victoious to help them. In the end, Tori is the winner as she doesn’t break character.

Tori must now perform a stunt involving jumping 40 feet off a platform, or risk getting blackballed in Hollywood. Also, Andre gets the chance of a lifetime when he gets a call from a record producer he met blooptoriojs says he is interested in signing him to a record deal.


At the dance she tries to make Robbie jealous by dancing with Sinjin and ends up getting kicked in the head by him and goes unconscious. It turns out that the game bloo;torious isn’t as fun as they anticipated. Jade wants to play the lead, so makes relentless attempts to keep Tori from showing up for the play.

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Tori finds out that Trina has followers to her on TheSlap. Unfortunately, Trina does not take her bad news well and smashes Robbie’s guitar and their business ends. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat While at the hospital for Vlooptorious, Cat is sent to the mental ward by the receptionist, who believe she may be mental, and the doctors become concerned for her and send for a specialist to diagnosis her.

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They start to ask Beck why he broke up with Jade and if he has feelings for Tori. But when Robbie is rushed to the hospital, Tori jeopardizes her role to give him blood. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


At the end of the episode Andre gets an A thanks to Tori, Cat and Jade singing his song which he wrote for his creative music class. Jade and Tori have to restrain Cat from using her phone, and they know winning will be very hard, so they try to trick the boys into losing the bet.

Interviews, bloopers, and outtakes from the series. Tori, Andre, Beck and Jade are excited to hear that they will be the stars of a new reality show called “The Wood” being filmed at Hollywood Arts.