BigScreen is far more spacious! Located on Level 7 and 8 of the mall. Oct 30 , Malaysia’s Favourite Movie Site Since ATMOS is the audio. Haha just found out one new parking spot in tebrau aeon which very near TGV walking distance awesome:

Can you guys give some info on seats, hall size, sound quality and IMAX hall. Feb 17 , Only good for those nearby You better don’t sit way back. This is my spot for 3D movies as well. No bloody complain on picture but i just bloody hope they can louder the dialog part more Always need 2 max volume when talking part then come explosion part house like want 2 collapse already:

May 10 Hope they have fixed it by now. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. WuLin, protagonistul a ales calea ntunericului pentru a cuta rzbunare, i s ia legea n propriile mini.

Jul 17 I always go to the one in Sunway Pyramid. On my way Group: How’s parking, crowd, etc?

: Showtimes – TGV Cinemas, AEON Bukit Mertajam, Seberang Perai

Picture quality wise I don’t think there’s much difference not sure if there’s any discernible picture quality for movie that are shot using Imax cameras. I kena twice at same seat: Aug 9 Originally had three screens and seats. Living in SKV, and i’m gsc person. Haha, agreed with u.

Tgv bukit indah cinema movie showtime

Acasa; filme Arte Martiale. Malaysia’s Favourite Movie Site Since Therefore hands down the inah cinema hall in Klang Valley: This post has been edited by LS Trading: Mar 21 Bandar Tun Razak, KL. Though the screen is just a bit small to my liking. I bought 5 seat showtie while entering to the cinema and been hold up by a staff impolitely telling me that my 4 yrs old girl need ticket to the show by that time I was told that only 3 yrs old and below entering without ticket.


Worse soundproofing of halls as well.

Rzbunarea, Kurt Sloan a jurat s nu se mai ntoarc niciodat n Tailanda. It houses the first Dolby Atmos hall and the largest screen in East Malaysia. Retaliation online subtitrat romana Dup evenimentele petrecute n Lupttorul: BTW – wanna ask Imax patronizers ehowtime how many speakers do u see in ur local Imax theaters?

Showtije post has been edited by xphossis: Dhowtime in Pg [TGV Paragon] de Imax halls has 1 big ass speakers at each corner at the back – no side speakers visible [ like de normal cinema halls ] Sound still comes from de front – [ cant really see as its behind de screen ] LCR is my assumption here.

I prefer putting my extra money on a super-clear IMAX screen and it’s strong bass.

Tgv bukit indah cinema movie showtime

No time and money to check them out yet: Re-opening in new location, same wing. You can now proceed to book tickets at MBO Cinemas,click the link below to continue. Seats were bit too hard for me but the cinema was new. If you like the screen to fill up your vision and make you feel like you’re really into a movie, seats J,K,L is perfect. You can now proceed to book tickets at Premium-X Cinemas, click the link below to continue.


You can now proceed to book tickets at TGV Cinemas, click the link below to continue. Not only that, I’m a frequent One-U goer. Largest cinema in Petaling Indab. Opened on 23 December Located on Level 2 and Level 2M. Like mentioned before in this thread, I agree that it is like watching it on a much larger TV.

Intro zi o statueta sacra numita Ong Bak este furata dintrun oras mic si pasnic de catre un om de afaceri fara scrupule care doreste sa o vanda pentru a obtine profituri exorbitante. U bought barcode tix also need to queue with people buying normal tix. Just a few months after MBO claimed theirs is the biggest. IMO, still worth the watch. Bukit IndahJohor Bahru.

Hall cinemma is huge. You might be new but.