Things get further complicated when Agrabah hires the Riders of Ramond and Jasmine decides to accompany them during the next shipment. Having regained his right human arm, he sets out to do more good, and regain his humanity. However, Aladdin’s betrayal is actually a ruse to go undercover to discover the marauders’ secret weapon, which is a Magic Hourglass that temporarily freezes time. Desperate to prove himself to Bud, Aladdin takes on barbarian challenges, but soon learns that the cause of the petrifying a lizard brought by a trader is attacking his friends, including Uncouthma. I shall see what I can find. They deceive the mameluks and even On the night of the full moon, Aladdin is caught between his promise to spend the night alone with Jasmine, and his desire to help his friends uncover a mysterious treasure. Aladdin, Genie, Iago, Abu and Carpet travel to the far eastern city of Pei Ling—but not before rescuing a young youth, Zin, who fainted in the desert.

Wanting to prove he can do just as good as Genie with having an easy time of using magic, Genie transfers his magic to Iago at Iago’s request. They return to Agrabah to stop Mozenrath from using the wind jackal to destroy the city, using Iago’s voice imitation ability to trick the jackal with Mozenrath’s voice. He pursues Mal and Haroud, just as they steal the eye of Fashoom and the cyclops is reawakened. Aladdin, skeptical, is soon proven wrong when Carpet is stolen by Abis Mal and Haroud. In the final confrontation, it is the Sultan who saves the day, and Aladdin learns not to underestimate his future Sultan-in-law. But Jasmine, Iago and Abu notice strange things happening and Mirage takes them to her own world after they get too close to revealing her ultimate design. Everyone tries to convince her it was just a dream, until the signs of the Ethereal’s arrival appear, and finally the Ethereal itself comes. The culprit is no ordinary sea monster, but one of Mechanicles’ inventions.

As Aladdin and the others look into who’s taking the kids, they discover that the El Khatib are responsible, and travel to their realm following Amal, who has become an El Khatib, and who has captured Wahid. While in the rain forest with Abu and Genie, Iago is given Thundra’s magical amulet that controls the weather while she takes a vacation.

Edit Details Release Date: A few escape and warn Aladdin, and they head out to stop Mozenrath and rescue the other sprites. As Aladdin and his friends journey through the desert, they witness a battle between the Riders of Ramond and some marauders, which is suddenly cut short. Jasmine, who feels responsible for not being able to help when she witnessed Aladdin being kidnapped, wants to help rescue him.

But whatever happened, Mozenrath now rules the Land of the Black Sand and will not be overthrown very easily. As Aladdin’s friends are being turned into slugs during the quest to stop Aziz, Razoul and Aladdin must put their differences aside if they are to have any chance of stopping Aziz.


She takes back the gems Aladdin took and summons her three brothers, despite her husband’s objections. Retrieved from ” https: Add the first question.

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Mal aladdni to claim the treasure using Genie as bait, but accidentally opens a bottle of moths instead. Nine episodes were first aired on the Disney Channel in early as a preview for the series.

However, due to the interference of Aladdin’s friends, both Aladdin and Mozenrath’s spirits are sharing the same body. While imprisoned, Aladdin reveals the reason why the others were left behind – Genie and Carpet because their magic could be detected, and Iago because he is a loudmouth.

Genie tries to be all aspects of a diplomat at once, but things go awry when Abis Mal and Haroud throw an orb at him which episods Genie into his seven personalities anger, courage, weirdness, wisdom, laughter, fear, and kindness.

Twenty years ago, a much younger Sultan stumbled upon a magnificent garden and plucked a flower episkdes take home to his bride.

Aladdin S01E42 The Wind Jackal of Mozenrath

When Malcho attacks, Aladdin must fight him off and work with the Royal Guards in protecting Iago and stopping Malcho without endangering the city, as well as dealing with Razoul and Iago’s pointless advice on how the real Sultan should aladein.

Luring Aladdin and his group into a trap, they plan to use Mechanicles’ robotic insects with magical “mood stones” that Abis Mal has, which change a person’s emotions to a specific emotion to throw the group into disarray to complete their revenge.

There are only nine Mozenrath episodes so far in the series: Mechanicles and Abis Mal meet and find they have the same common enemy: Seeing Aladdin’s bravery and wit, Mozenrath offers him a job, but when Aladdin turns him down, he resorts to kidnapping Genie. Aladdin and the others naturally go after Genie, but soon all but Al are defeated, until the Mukhtar returns, imprisoning Mozenrath with magic-trapping bolas and releasing Genie.

They return to Agrabah to stop Mozenrath from using the wind jackal to destroy the city, using Iago’s voice imitation ability to trick the jackal with Mozenrath’s voice. The culprit is no ordinary sea monster, but one of Mechanicles’ inventions.

The group then returns to Agrabah. Once Aladdin learns of this, it’s up to him and the others to stop the dragon’s destructiveness, and convince Zin alacdin ward off his evil half.

However, he finds it is not as easy as it seems. As Genie, Abu, and Iago have difficulty getting her necklace to reverse the curse, they realize that Saleen’s sidekick, the octopus Armand, might be the key needed to episodees the necklace to cure Aladdin, as he has developed a grudge of being pushed aside in favor of Aladdin.

Don’t worry about us, Al. Only, this causes it mozenrzth be sought out by the greedy Iago for its ability. Aladdin is an animated television series made by Walt Qladdin Television Animation which aired from tobased on the original feature film of the same name.


Genie strains to save the day, but it’s Carpet who comes to the rescue by tricking the sprites into chasing him around and around the falling palace, thus slowing its progress.

A large section of Agrabah collapses into the underground caverns below, and the residents believe the legendary Unkhbut, a giant spider-like creature, to be responsible. Upon hearing of the stories, he explains that the kids were heroes too for helping, and that anyone can, if they just have the heart.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trying to steal Al’s money, he met his friend for the first time, who in turn met Fatima, Minos and Aziz.

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Unknown to Aladdin and the gang, Zin is forced every night by his dark-side Zang to turn into a dragon—the former city’s protector—who destroys the town. However, this fails as well, and Aladdin betrays the Royal Guards and his group joins up with the marauders. Iago is foretold that he is the one to release an ancient evil that wants to conquer Agrabah, and that only the one who releases it can defeat it.

When Aladdin, Eden and the others learn of this, they go after Genie, but soon Eden too is trapped tricked by Mozenrath into exchanging her life for Genie’s, they both end up powering the machine, and aging rapidly.

The family is welcomed to Agrabah. However, Thundra’s enemy Malcho tricks Iago into giving it to him, and now the three have to give it back for Thundra’s sake.

She departs, leaving the El Khatib to die-all but Amal, who, since he refused to kill Aladdin, is not entirely evil and hence is not a true El Khatib. It turns out to be a trap to catch food for underground-dwelling, carnivorous mud creatures.

Share this Rating Title: Full Cast and Crew. Genie convinces the creatures that the shaman isn’t their leader, because of his hurting them, and they turn on him—the shaman is then killed by his ill-gotten magic. The clumsy thief Amin Dimoola barely escapes within an inch of decapitation from the Sultan’s treasury.

Reunited, the gang returns home, and back in the marketplace, Phasir takes off his blindfold, revealing that he is a cyclops, Fashoom’s brother who betrayed him. Aladdin finds a gift for Jasmine, a necklace which, once put on, makes her the bride for Ayam Aghoul, who quickly kicks Aladdin, Carpet, and Genie out of the palace.