Against all odds, Leela manages to write a successful children story, which becomes a huge TV hit. HD That Darn Katz! The Professor tells him that a small quantity might be left, buried deep inside the earth and the quest begins. Zapp and Leela are alone on an unknown planet after their mission to destroy a death star fails, while the rest of the gang tries to save Earth from being the star’s next victim. Three separate holiday stories: Not distracted by sex issues anymore, the survivors are able to create a perfect society – the Neutered Utopia Neutopia , but after a JustinC Over the weekend I should be able to post a screenshot, would you be willing to flesh out your answer once that’s in place? I am a relative math noob, so please excuse me if this is obviously wrong.

Animation , Comedy , Sci-Fi ,. I got here too early As others have already stated , this equation means zilch. It was shown on the screen for a few seconds. Using this value for r mass gives us a convergent series that asymptotes to a total Bender mass of about 1. Using this screenshot , I made a few rough measurements shown in red: For the traditional oil wrestling he needs petroleum oil but all petroleum resources are empty.

This time, she’s concocted a grand scheme to control consumers with a fancy new gadget: The idea being each generation is larger in mass than the original. Benderama 23 Jun 7. Episoee the HTML below. There is nothing fake on the interwebtubes good sir!

It could be rewritten as: A quick way to prove this is to look at the base-2 number. But Leela’s success comes with a secret. Futurama – Rating Every Episode. I’d appreciate a breakdown of how the equation Now, a divergent series was needed as a plot device to illustrate how the replication of the Benders would eventually consume all matter available. The ratio between these measurements came out to be 0.


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I’m not made of money! However they manage to get some seeds, reforesting the earth.

While traveling through the Bermuda Tetrahedron, the crew encounters a giant 4-dimensional space whale. Professor Farnsworth accidentally uncovers the blueprint for a mysterious Leonardo da Vinci invention, and he and his crew travel to Rome for answers. Each new generation has 2 times as many Benders as the previous generation, and Each new Bender is a fixed fraction of the mass of the Bender it spawned from Then the correct equation for the total mass of all the Benders and thus the matter they have consumed as the number of generations approaches infinity is this: What is the mass of the two half-Benders he creates?

In this respect, the equation was satisfactory in that it is certainly divergent, being that it is a generalized harmonic series as Zev correctly identifies in a comment. In the third part, which parodies Japanese anime, the team must defend Earth from dancing aliens.

Connections Edited into Futurama: Maybe there are Benders replicating themselves more than once, which would invalidate the first assumption I made above. And the writers were just messing with us by flashing that irrelevant equation on the screen.

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Using bencerama screenshotI made a few rough measurements shown in red: Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars. For everybody, everywhere, everydevice, and everything. How low can you go? Similarly, the Nth generation of Benders should have mass of.

Three separate holiday stories: Cubert overclocks Bender’s CPU to make him more powerful, but that creates some unexpected results. We will send a new password to your email. Bender uses this device to create copies of himself, so he doesn’t have to work, lnline things quickly get out of control.


First, we will have to ignore the limiting effects of atomic-sized Benders. Unattractive Giant Monster voice.

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Post as a guest Name. Everybody are celebrating Kwanzaa at Hermes’ home. In the second, which parodies the s video games, the Professor invents a microscope with an infinite magnification and bendefama all the secrets of the Universe, which puts him and other scientists out of business. This equation is actually a red herring. Written by Dimitry Rotstein. Meanwhile, Leela decides to dump Fry and move on. When they get tired of the game they decide to switch back, only to discover its not possible to swap with the same person twice.

This is easier to see genderama it is bendersma by noting as OghmaOsiris did in their answer that the 2 n terms cancel each other: Subscribe Subscribe to putlockers.

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This is because the definition of an infinite sum is the limit of the partial sums.