On March 1, , U. She is completely loyal to him and would do whatever he needed her to do. The second season diverged even farther from the story lines of Ugly Betty than the first season had, but many details within various episodes were directly or loosely based on details from second, third, and fourth season episodes of Ugly Betty. The chart below shows the ratings in achieved by the Yo Soy Betty la Fea in four Latin American countries during the month of March in The story was adapted by scribe Gisele Joras and the series was directed by Edson Spinello. As Betty leaves the building, Marcela suspects her as a thief and demands to know what she is hiding inside a black trash bag where she has been keeping all the fake love letters and gifts. In Acapulco, Aldo saves an orphan boy from drowning and he befriends the kid, who calls his new hero an angel. Fernando tells Lety that he is going on a trip and that when he returns he will show her how much he loves her.

Betty is appalled by Armando’s behavior and she slaps his face, shocking everyone present. They edited down the running time from over hours down to 15 hours and 24 minutes, but they retained almost all of the major moments from throughout the series’ entire run. She is refused by Betty’s sudden hate and envy for beautiful women. At Conceptos , Lety initially feels like an outsider, judging herself quite the ugly duckling in comparison with Alicia and the many models who work for the firm. Betty la fea was created, filmed, and produced in Colombia and originally aired on RCN and was released to air on Telemundo on , and on TeleFutura nine years later, in the United States. Luigi is also smitten by the globe-trotting visitor, and he and Alicia are soon competing for Eduardo’s attention, but they’re united in their disgust when they see how fond he is of Lety.

He genuinely caast to fall in love with her, but keeps his feelings a secret from Mario, who constantly teases him about having to kiss the behty girl. Just as he is about to fire more employees, Aldo arrives and tells Ariel that he doesn’t have the authority to fire anyone, reminding the acting president that since he’d bought the company’s debt, he would decide who runs Conceptosand he returns the presidency to Lety.

When Armando receives a call from Mario, and he retrieves the gift bag, it is confirmed that the deception is indeed not a joke, and Betty wails silently in agony.

Betty doesn’t want Marcela to see univiwion evidence of her affair with Armando, but she is forced to do so after Marcela threatens to call security.

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The final episode flashed forward to behty the protagonists two decades later. The success of Yo soy Betty, la fea led to its first sequel in with Univision ‘s release of “Ecomoda”.


In antiquity, the area of Albania inivision home to several Illyrian, Thracian. Fernando is heartbroken fwa Lety’s rejection. Fernando reluctantly agrees with Omar’s plan and he tells Lety that he has been fighting his feelings, but he is in love with her, even though this declaration is far the truth. Ferrera garnered wide recognition for Ugly Betty and her subsequent roles and has dubbed as a role model for the young Hispanic women owing to her achievements in the entertainment industry.

In turn, Armando starts seeing past the “ugliness” and looks at the beautiful person that Betty is inside. More than a dozen versions of the telenovela have been made in other countries due to the popularity of the plot.

Of course, after she learns of Eduardo’s dea from Marcia, Alicia also has a desire to “bond” with him.

Veerle Baetens won in her category and also won the award as ‘Most popular TV personality’. Series based on the Madrid train bombings.

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Eventually, after working side by side and seeing how much pain Armando is in, Betty comes to realize that he really does love her. Rebroadcasts in other countries In addition to the remakes and reworkings of the “Betty” story mentioned above, more are being planned for future broadcasts in other lands. On 13 Februarythe nominees of the Flemish TV-stars were announced. The second season diverged even farther from the story lines of Ugly Betty than the first season had, but many details within various episodes were directly or loosely based on details from second, third, and fourth season episodes of Few Betty.

Spanish-language Mexican telenovelas Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Pages using infobox television with editor para Aldo befriends Lety and increases her self-esteem. He decides to actually cancel his wedding right after the Board Meeting, because he realizes that he could never bettt happy with Marcia. Mona Singh as Jasmeet Walia. Miguel Robles 10 episodes Scarlet Ortiz In the episode in which Armando and Betty perform a karaoke version of “Si los dejan,” Armando returns home, where he is greeted by his dog, a husky, but after a few appearances we never see this dog again.

He made his television debut at 12, acting as Inesita is Hugo’s patient, motherly assistant. The short form Buenos Aires became the common usage during the 17th century, the usual abbreviation for Buenos Aires in Spanish is Bs.

After more than episodes, the grand finale aired in Mexico on Sunday, February 25,and in the United States on June 25, The final episode aired on May 10, in Colombia, and just one day later on Telemundo in the U. He is married to Argentine actress Magdalena “Maki” Moguilevsky with whom he has two daughters. Mural by Diego Rivera depicting the view from the Tlatelolco markets into Mexico-Tenochtitlanone of the largest cities in the world ka the time.


Everyone is quite shocked at her transformation, for example ,Patricia passing rumors to Marcela “Marcela!

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He convinces Armando to make her fall in love with him gea security. They both stay and run the company together and after a few months, the two eventually marry. The univsion shifted onto a male lead character named Bruno Plenske Lisa’s half-brother, played by Tim Sander. Amor Real Real Love [nb 1] is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced and broadcast by Televisa in The program began broadcasting on 28 September and will be divided into five seasons of 80 half-hour chapters.

Armando Mendoza, who is Eco Moda’s new president, is the handsome and stupid though supposedly educated son of the company’s retiring co-founder Roberto Mendoza. Actress America Ferrera portrayed the title character Betty Suarez — an unattractive, but efficient editorial assistant at a fashion magazine. I wrote this before the Brazilian’s named their version “Bela, a Feia”. Actress America Ferrera portrayed the title character Betty Suarez — an unattractive, but efficient editorial assistant at a fashion magazine.

Nevertheless, the story had to reach its end since the cast had been working without pause for eighteen months. It is the country’s largest provider of Spanish-language content, followed by American competitor Telemundo.

Yo soy Betty, la fea telenovelas Mexican television series debuts Mexican television series endings Mexican telenovelas Spanish-language Mexican telenovelas Televisa telenovelas Comedy telenovelas Mexican television series based on Colombian television series. She nearly drowns, but is rescued by Aldo Domenzain Juan Solera charming and good-looking chef, whom she mistakes for a fisherman.

Although she was educated as an economist, she could only obtain a job as a secretary. Herself 2 episodes Angelly Moncayo Chinese reject newest TV star as too pretty for ugly role. This is probably the only time that three of the international Bettys have shared another acting role.

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Katya worked for Grigori at the fashion house, Zimaletto. When Betty returns to EcoModaeveryone is completely mesmerized by how much she has changed.

After somewhat reluctantly allowing Betty to enter their tight-knit circle, the members of the cuartel tried to protect Betty by keeping her from discovering that Armando’s last secretary, Mireya, had to leave the company because she had fallen in love with him. Lety tells Fernando about the dream uniision he tells her that what univisoin dreamt represents her true desires, so Lety begins to have doubts about marrying Aldo.

Not only is she intelligent and qualified, but she will also hold no temptation for Armando’s libido.