Sharon takes over for managing their garage band, Mangled Metal, while Maria gets some much needed rest, but Sharon is soon the stressed one as she juggles arrangements for Mangled Metal’s performance while babysitting David’s children. Sharon must choose between ditching her new friend or sticking by him in the face of adversity. Irritated by her mom’s constant rules, Sharon jumps at the chance to visit her dad in Miami where he’s playing a gig. As part of a senior mentor program, Sharon is paired up with Dion, a fashion designer whose sexuality has been called into question. Written by Michael Teversham. When she discovers a list of negative character traits that seem to describe her, Sharon sets out to change her personality while re-evaluating her friendship with Maria. Period Season 1 Episode 8: When Nina hires Dr.

Maria thinks she’s in love – with Mr. The Doctor is In Season 1 Episode 4: When some of Madam LaFaux’s relationship ‘premonitions’ come true, Sharon starts to rely on her more and more. She assumes that life with Richard will be way more freewheeling and fun than what she is experiencing at home. In desperate need of a change in routine, Sharon moves in with her father and his new girlfriend, but things get sticky when Sharon discovers that she has a juvenile delinquent named Griffin for a potential step brother. Meanwhile, Alden has issues with his body odor.

When Sharon’s prom date stands her up, it’s Sharon’s father’s girlfriend Lauren, to the rescue, who arranges Sharon to date a male pop eipsode named Taylor Knight. Sharon sets out to discover how her friends’ families cope at this time of year and begins to realize that tolerance of each other’s differences is a place to start. Meanwhile, Connor simplifies his life by weaning himself off consumerism.

Sharon takes over the school newspaper ‘s advice column, which ends up causing trouble for everyone around her.

Things take a unique turn when Nina saves Sharon from an almost fatal fall from a suspension bridge. When she gets drunk in an attempt to impress her dad’s friends, Sharon quickly learns that her father’s not as permissive as she thought. Stormy Weather Season 1 Episode Flirting with the idea of braveface with her dad permanently, Sharon does everything she can to fit in to her dad’s lifestyle.


Sharon, Maria, Brock, and Alden go to Enviro-Camp, where Alden realizes that he still likes Sharon, but discovers it may be too late when Sharon falls for a counselor named Alex. Maria and her cabin mates are furious and Sharon barely survives the fall out.

She is devastated to think that Alden could do this to her. When Nina is impeached as school president, Sharon decides to run to fill her spot. Sharon and her friends, Maria, Brock, Alden, and new member, Carmen, start a garage band and decide to bracefafe school to audition for a spring concert.

Braceface – 311 – Knight to Remember part 2

Retrieved from ” https: An upcoming test at school leaves Sharon undaunted. When she gets a phone call that sounds suspiciously like Adam’s girlfriend complaining that her boyfriend’s a make-out monsterSharon takes it upon herself to cool her brother’s hormones while at the same time wondering why Alden’s won’t heat up.

Adam convinces her that it’s not – and Sharon goes to elaborate lengths to spy on Maria and Mr. Sharon inadvertently starts a episofe that Nina has had rhinoplasty during the time off school in March.

When Nina hires Dr.

Braceface – – Knight to Remember part 1

Sharon’s mother becomes stricter in her parenting after discovering that Sharon has been on an X-rated movie site and has an interest in Adam’s friend, Tony.

Sharon has to deal with her conflicting feelings over her Mom’s new boyfriend at the same time eepisode welcoming a visit from her own Dad. Sharon feels upstaged during March break when her mother’s best friend comes to visit, and all of Sharon’s friends are enamored with said best friend’s daughter, Genesis. Why bother to study if Btaceface LaFaux can just feed her the answers? However, Sharon runs into trouble when the bra malfunctions during a party and it appears as though her breasts are growing out of control.


Discovering the truth of the matter takes a while – and Sharon realizes that no boyfriend is worth having just to have one.

Sharon runs for class president after Nina is impeachedbut faces a smear episove against her supposedly orchestrated by her opponent’s campaign managerAlden. Sharon ruins her love life with Alden when a letter she wrote out of frustration ends up on the school’s website, and Alden gets the message.

Sharon is mortified when she finds out her father is returning to the music business epiwode a wandering minstrel at a medieval -themed restaurant. Sharon takes over for managing their garage band, Mangled Metal, while Maria gets some much needed rest, but Sharon is soon the stressed one as she juggles arrangements for Mangled Metal’s performance while babysitting David’s children.

Written by Michael Teversham. Sharon is assigned the Teen Help Line for a community service project in her health class. Sharon’s efforts to steer Maria toward a more practical boyfriend – such as Brock – are met with disdain.

Meanwhile, Maria tries to tell Connor that his bad breath might be impeding in his relationship with Alyson. Sharon and Alden’s first date together falls apart when Sharon has to help out at Alden’s family restaurant. Braceface episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about bracefacee directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Sharon takes advantage of this by enjoying hard-to-eat foods and sees this as her chance to finally kiss Alden, but when she assumes responsibility for babysitting her younger brother, Josh, and Josh goes missing, Sharon must choose between going through the window of opportunity as it narrows or letting it close and doing what she’s told.