Phillips, who produced the episode, wanted to place Fletch and Tess’ relationship at the center of the episode. Walkinshaw explained that at that point, Fletch and Tess realise that they have “strong feelings for each other”. Other stories while appearing in Casualty include taking the blame for Tess’ medical error, being promoted to senior staff nurse and a gambling addiction. Three actors, who were deemed suited to the part, were invited to audition for the role of Fletch. Writers focused on Fletch’s marriage to Natalie Fletcher Claire Cage as it began to dissolve and she isolates him from his children. Despite his fondness of women, Fletch is loyal towards his wife Natalie Fletcher Claire Cage , who was originally named Keila, [1] [3] and their three children, Evie, Mikey and Ella. When Fletch notices James’ erratic behaviour, he suggests a psychiatric appointment, but Bernie disagrees. This time, he can’t just pick himself up, brush himself off or tell a joke.

McFadden left the series in and Raf was killed off in a hospital shooting in December. He pointed out that Fletch has maintained a good relationship with his colleagues. In an August interview with Digital Spy , producer Kate Hall revealed that she had paired Fletch with Jac Naylor, the director of cardiothoracics, for a new storyline as she thought that they had a “palpable” connection. Fletch’s exits in the series twenty-eight episode “Falling — Part Two”, broadcast on 29 June Walkinshaw explained that Fletch expected people to doubt him in his new job and is prepared to “rise to the challenge and move on”. Oliver Kent and Simon Harper — Interview. Walkinshaw explained that at that point, Fletch and Tess realise that they have “strong feelings for each other”. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

Retrieved 9 July Retrieved 5 August He continued, “It is hard, but it shows good strength of character every time he has to pick himself up storlyine. Fletch plans to take his children out for the day and is annoyed when Natalie cancels the plans and argues with her. He pointed out that Fletch has maintained a good relationship with his colleagues. Writers planted a “worrying twist” in the story when Fletch’s blood pressure drops as doctors attempt to wake him from his coma.

Walkinshaw stated that this is “obviously very difficult” for Tess due to her feelings for Fletch. A face from the past visits at Christmas Jane Hazlegrovewho portrays Kathleen “Dixie” Dixon in Casualtyappears in one episode as part of the storyline.


He called the actors stoyrline and a delight to work with, commenting, “If I could work with them all the time it would be lovely. But he digs himself a deeper and deeper hole!

Fletch is billed as “the ultimate cheeky chappy” who enjoys sport, drinking alcohol and women. Archived from the original on 20 August By continuing to use the site, you agree to caualty use of cookies. Steph ran character Connie Beauchamp and her daughter Grace off the road and they drove off a cliff. Retrieved 25 July However, when doctors try to awake Storylibe again, he successfully awakes.

Tess, Fletch face awkward day at work — spoiler pictures”.

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They reconcile when Natalie gives birth. He added that while Fletch’s decision are not always the best, they are done for good reason.

In the aftermath of the helicopter crash, Fletch fought for his life — will he survive? He arranges a meeting with the head vasualty agency staff, who is revealed to be Sydney. This time, he can’t just pick himself up, brush himself off or tell a joke. There wasn’t much that fleth be done for him at the time, and surgery was aborted and he was taken to the Intensive Care Unit. This leads to the pair having a “blazing row”. Sunetra Sarker directs casualy Red Button special”. Writers included an “awful” and “really sad” twist to Fletch’s financial storyline when he and his children are evicted from their home.

Other Holby City stories include a friendship with Raf di Lucca Joe McFaddenwhich is tested by their feelings for Noami Palmer Lorna Brownclashing with Sydney Somers Gemma Oaten after receiving her father’s inheritance, fletchh being promoted to the director of nursing.

Walkinshaw reprises his role in Casualty again during its thirty-third series for a two-part crossover episode with Holby Cityoriginally broadcast in March Fletch does not struggle when dealing with nervous and stressed patients.

Alex Walkinshaw discharges himself from Casualty – but gets admitted to Holby City!

Behind The Scenes of Falling Part 2. Fletch is a staff nurse at Holby City Hospital ‘s emergency department EDa job which he enjoys since he likes learning new skills and meeting new people. It all kicked off when Fletch was left in charge of Stephanie Sims, a patient who appeared in Casualty and caused a shocking car accident. Retrieved 7 April Writers created another story for Fletch when he takes the blame for Tess’ medical mistake.


You’re not my boss’. On this, he commented, “There’s a lot to be said for that. Fletch does not realise this so Tess tries to warn him, but he brushes off her concerns and insists that he is “a father figure” to Aoife.

Oaten told Kayleigh Giles of the Casulaty Express that Fletch is “absolutely gobsmacked” when Sydney returns as he thought she had no more shifts at the hospital. With the announcement that Fletch would join Holby CityWalkinshaw stated that after leaving his job in the ED, Fletch is offered a new job in the hospital. Jonathan Philips 29 June Fletch believes that Peter is being abused by his partner, Matt Marston John McAndrewwho becomes “defensive” and accuses Fletch of attacking Peter when he was previously in hospital.

Retrieved 30 July Fletch guest appears in Casualty ‘s thirtieth anniversary episode instarting a new story where he becomes temporarily paralysed after being stabbed.

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Fletch headed back down to Holby for tonight’s episode, as the nurses pulled together following recent events. Fletch accuses Abigail of undermining patient care to “put herself on the map”, so Abigail warns Fletch and defends her actions. Fans feared the character would die, with it being left unknown whether Fletch will survive the attack [BBC].

Fletch’s debts increase when his car is clamped after parking illegally to help a patient.

Rebecca Hedderly 2 March Fletch panics when Rletch collapses! He and Natalie then decide to rebuild their marriage. Raf becomes irritated by Fletch’s behaviour and feels that he is “being taken for granted”.

Don’t talk to my nurses like that. Both were seriously injured, with Grace needing to be air-lifted to hospital because of her injuries.