Retrieved July 19, But some Neblins have other purposes for joining guilds, like Light and Gun Kid. A crazy game where the only fun thing is something you’ll never see. After learning about fancy living, Leva and Gula started selling Pocky. Somehow though, her paintings still come out dull. Xros Over by nobodysmutty reviews Taiki is introduced to heroes from other universes. Takuya, a poor farm boy, gets recruited to the Royal Knight’s Academy because of his skill with a sword.

Intraschool ranking match again! Precure All Stars New Stage 4: Yes, they have to survive and fight evil forces threatening it, but the bigger challenge is living with each other, and co-existing as a group of teenagers with different backgrounds, too much free time, and no way out. Incredible climate changes have corrupted the weather, causing a permanent rain on most of the Earth’s surface. In “Faery Tale,” the choices the player makes determines what Faery Tale the Fair Maiden ends up in with 8 possible endings. Another Czech Animefest entry.

All of this started from a picture we found of their children in the 50th episode!! Inui’s eye is revealed for the first time!

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With 4 different endings, you’ll find that more often than not it won’t be the most happy ending for all of them. But what if one of their friends suffers a terrible fate? He then realizes that he is afraid of finding out the results of both of them playing to their full potential and that this is quite possibly the last match they will ever have against each other, and he concludes that if he doesn’t play his hardest, he will regret it.


But it was constructed by simple rural guy Ivan for whom it is necessary to play. During production of Volume 3on February 1,Oum died after falling into a coma that was caused by an allergic reaction during a medical procedure. Volume 3 was screened in select theaters on December 3, You are in love with a foreign movie star. It’s got swearing and violence, so watch out! Can they win and save their kingdom? But looks can be deceiving Natalie has barely survived her first semester in college, and all she wants is a break.

Rated “K” for Kids.

Strange Plot by arcaris reviews Have fun reading this story. Should Akaya fall for the taunts, it will assure their loss, but if he can find a way to remain composed he will become stronger than ever. Deciding to settle it between each other, they search for an open court to play in, but only end up finding a street court.

Others joined the army and fought for reasons other than their faith. The Future Hunt by Pikatwig reviews Approximately 10 years after the battle with Quartzmon, something happens and the DigiQuartz is brought back, so a new group of Hunters are chosen.

Help him to get to the woman. Saviours by AngelmayLaugh reviews Koh’s digital world fell into the enemy’s hand. Retrieved August 26, There are 5 locations to choose from that add variations to the plot-line. Once upon a time there was an old woman who had three daughters.


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Compelling experiences spur the youth forward as he reconnects with a childhood town. Soon Digimon – Rated: All credits go to: This match, which lasts until episodetruly awakens Fuji’s full potential as a tennis player. So you have to help him! Visual Novel Mystery Commercial. And sometimes one little event can cause a chain that changes the very direction of your life. Battle Zone by TheCrypticShadow reviews Cegita place after the events of Tamers and Data Squad,a city that bridges both worlds,known as Digital City,on an island in the pacific that appeared out of nowhere dpisode the city on it over a decade ago, is one of the largest populated cities to date.

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Film scorerock. Will Steve finally learn to be responsible? He feels that his existence is nonsense.

The Adventure timeline starring the cast from Frontier! A third view is based around a character called Inochi Ushina who isn’t in the SSS, the character plays the role as someone who sees the Angel Beats!

A very close battle between Fuji and Arnold!