What separates this “hood movie” from the majority are the contradictory surprises. It might be an ulcer or something like that. But collaborating with famed novelist Richard Price for a gritty indictment of black-on-black crime, the inner-city crack plague, and the oddly symbiotic relationship among drug-dealers and police in the Brooklyn Projects, has resulted in if not his best, then certainly his most mature film to date. It’s a courageous move to make when your questions don’t come with answers. Another great film from Spike Lee. Although we don’t actually see the crime, the film makes it clear that Strike does what Rodney told him to do. In fact, on one level, it is not a “hood” movie, but a whodunit. Lee is justly famous for his incendiary agitprop films of ideas which dissect race relations and urban living, sometimes at the expense of cohesive storytelling; but working with source material as thought provoking a novel as “Clockers,” which is set in Lee’s home base of “Crooklyn,” er, i mean Brooklyn, Spike finds the right mix of action, angst, and intellectualism for his strengths to shine.

Accolades to the soundtrack. The images of dead bodies shown at the beginning made a strong starting point, and served as an immediate reminder that the themes dealt with in the film are occurring all the time. Without giving out spoilers, the plot obviously snowballs into a cat and mouse game between Rocco Klein and Spike. The best thing about the comparison of Lindo and Keitel is that neither is judged – both are allowed to show themselves as appealing, Lindo appears as a parent, almost seeking the best for all his workers and Keitel is allowed to be an honest cop with a good moral code. The script is great too, as it has suprises, good dialogue, action, and setting. Clockers also provides us with excellent social commentary about the remarkably harsh and brutal world of drug dealing.

The music is as good as most of Lee’s movies, a mix of soul and hip hop, it is better than many ghetto films that just assume that the hip hop is all that’s needed to help the c,ockers. New Jersey Drive Director: Subtihles, looking at this film from the standpoint of having never read the book I thought the story was brilliant, it engrossed me to the end. Keep an open mind from beginning to end and analyze ever scene with its content.

Powered by the DLA. Although grench don’t actually see the crime, the film makes it clear that Strike does what Rodney told him to do. I expected an inner-city detective thriller but walked away with a gripping emotional maelstrom that honestly reaches the level of overwhelming. Two brothers grow up together in the same Frejch housing projects, but they are as opposite as good and evil.


Spike Lee fremch Color, Dolby Digital – 1. It’s a courageous move to make when your questions don’t come with answers. Black man say he DID do sun-in, you still don’t believe him. It might be an ulcer or something like that. Phifer is good as Strike and manages to avoid just doing a ghetto-movie type of performance, he makes you believe that he is trapped in a no-win situation. Strike Phiefer is a clocker who works with his friends in the park selling high potency drugs to neighborhood people, under the command of Rodney, the drug dealer of the area.

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Artists in This Film See All. A Star Is Born Clockers is a surreal look at the drug buisness, friendship, descision cpockers, and death in the city. The message is at times forced, Keitel’s sequence towards the end is very clever cinematically but feels a bit like a sermon, but at other times we’re allowed to work it out ourselves.

Keitel and John Turturro act below their station and aren’t given much to work with, Keitel especially doesn’t always manage to carry rfench moral core of the story without preaching. There are better examples in other movies, but it manifests in “Clockers” a few times.

Combined with Lee’s stylish director it makes for a beautiful film – although some scenes are shot differently and on subtiles stock, to make a point, although I’m not sure what that point is.

There’s a theatrical trailer but that’s about it. Mekhi Phifer was great, he played the part well, personally I thought he conveyed a wide range of emotions and all of them very well.

But for Strike, time is running out. A good essay could be written on what I call the Spike Summarization technique. Most revealing and rather humorous is that the large number of customers for crack in the housing project are middle-class or affluent white people.

Rodney represents the draw of selling drugs, of quick money while policemen Andre Keith David and Klein represent his conscience trying to get him to do the right thing – Andre and Tyrone’s mother Regina Taylor particularly doing sjbtitles by your own community.

Young drug pushers in the projects of Brooklyn live hard dangerous lives, trapped between their drug bosses and the detectives out to stop them. Strike — initially seeming hard, ignorant, and aimless — actually wears that very facade to mask the fact he’s really a scared kid unsure of a future. We are left wondering how anyone can survive between the two.


Like DTRT, this film looks at community. The movie juggles a cast of a round dozen characters seemingly freench, and with enough skill and density that you feel like you know them far better than their actual screen time would warrant.

When Spike Lee applies his formidable talents to a genre piece like Richard Price’s best selling drug noir novel, “Clockers,” you might wonder what kind of hybrid you’ll get. Harvey Keitel and John Turturro play homicide detectives who take the case, and the clockers are the main suspects. Clockers examines the gritty, cockers life on the streets that sometimes offers the only hope for millions of underprivileged African-American men and their families.

An American Werewolf In London. Lindo is particularly impressive. The subtitlea just flows. Strike agrees to kill a rival dealer as a favor to Rodney, the neighborhood drug kingpin, but when the man is murdered, it is Victor who confesses.

The mystery aspect of the plot is very interesting. Greenfield Intercultural Center Video Library. The movie takes place in no other city than New York, Spike Lee’s trademark as a director. The cinematography is amazing, and I wonder what must be wrong with my tastes when I’m floored by a film like this and find visually bland a more subtitlss classic. At the end of the day, Clockers remains an excellent motion picture with great acting, a taut script and plot and a good pace that never leaves you bored or disinterested.

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It subtitlea not an easy film. One is Mazilli John Turturrowho’s only looking for an easy bust. The cast is first-rate, the acting is excellent, the direction keeps the story moving at an exciting clip, and the music is a perfect balance of hip-hop beats with a more traditional score.

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