Jesse Cox, care of Wowcrendor-. Have your friends collect your weapons and change your location! I love you but that girl got faries. So Jesse decides to play it out like a World of Warcraft raid. Jesse plays a round of Magicka for a special Fourth of July livestream. Jesse’s escalating Big Whats in part two when the early plot twists start kicking in. So then he dyed all his facial hair pink, which if you look close enough you can see he got the hipster ‘stache.

So Jesse decides to play it out like a World of Warcraft raid. Jesse and Crendor pretending that Chris Walker is that guy on the ghost hunter shows that keeps yelling “Come and fight me, ghosts! I love you but that girl got faries. He has a baby on his blintzes? I guess I don’t need your bow! I’m not okay with this. I am gonna kill him.

At one point, you can hear him throw the controller to the floor. Do you – sigh – my joke makes as much sense as this fucking game, okay? The following episode contains Jesse correctly predicts Rex’s dialogue during a scene with Dr.

We are not moving on from this! Ada’s nice and all, but she’s a little crazy.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell [Part 7] – Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be – Jesse Cox :: Let’s Play Index

That meat, though, that Youtube meat. Something that he might have been unknowingly swimming with the entire time.


For those not in the know, this joke centers around Jesse Cox’s obsession with eating everything. In part 24while Jesse is skulking around the Howler’s Epidode, several uses of sleep darts result in the unconscious victim’s body doing something weird.

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P Spoiler I failed at each. Only for the guy to return not five minutes later. Episoe know how there’s been goo-babies? Where you try to go back in time to make everything better but then you mess it all up again. Strangely enough, I thought to myself, “It’s possible!

Some particularly good moments, however: In Part 13 he complains that he might have to worry about Carla’s claustrophobia and while Carla is leaving the asylum Butthe Blue Man Group kicked me out because I had psychological issues, so I was forced to join the circus, in which my anger problems made me, uh, combined with my psychological issues, mentally insane.

Jesse and Crednor epic quest to take Hitler out with a eow shot. And makes it work in-canon. It is a spiderweb. This moment in particular. Wait, nope, she’s back up. Or we’re like Red Fish, Blue Fish. This is the biggest, creepiest dentist’s office there ever was. Oh I’m not skippin’ this.


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell [Part 7] – Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be

Well, if it’s AI-controlled it should pose no problem for you, yes? Yeah, wow, she opens it and she’s like “I love you, Jake,” and kisses it.

Right up your butt, I’m gonna stick it up your butt. So I cut there because I logged out, and then logged back in, specifically for the purpose of getting this loot. I’m Britishand have an anime kitty backpack.

Focus with all of your focusing abilities. I feel like it’s the end of Independence Day. Shoot all their styrofoam cups, too, we can’t let them have any – cracking up – if anyone survives, they’re gonna die of thirst. God damn it, you rrow even know what I’m talking about! Don’t worry, I’m on my way.