The careful, measured tones coming from the missile base loudspeaker announcing the progress of “the war” belie the fact that at that moment scores of millions of people are being atomized as the bombs fall. And that’s just the plot, let’s dive into the characters. In order to enjoy ”Damnation Alley”, you really do have to turn off your brain and turn on your imagination. Oh and I have no idea how this girl named Janice Dominique Sanda even held her own at Las Vegas inside a gambling building with a bunch of sand. But what trip through the lonely desert is complete without some “human cockroaches” who are in the mood to devour Miss Sanda. I mean, that’s what it would be like in real life but this is a movie! Overall, a pretty good film if you are looking for an evening of distraction and non-reality, if you can get past the opening sequence. People were milling casually around or sitting and doing their usual paperwork while the world ended!

Thank god for one decent idea, if not wholly original. The vehicle, which is broken then almost gets destroyed by the water, but they survive. This really stuck in my mind that no one ever mentions loved ones who must have been wiped out during the war. The music sounds like a cross between a video game and real orchestra music. All that remains of the book is the basic setting, the cross-post-apocalyptic-country road trip plot device though with the book’s suspenseful motivation for the trip replaced by a vague “let’s see what’s over there” , the “Run the storm or dig in? What made the feature though were its steady performances Paul Winfield is always a delight and of course how can you pass on that vehicle “The Landmaster”. Now, I really like B movies, even when they are absurd.

Speaking of the sky, the film also does a commendable job of recreating the bizarre, scary, and vengeful weather depicted in the book. The following things kicked ass!: It’s a clever movie, 1797 too violent, but it definitely is worth the buy!

In the novel, Zelazny looked at the world a generation after the holocaust, an interesting point to examine, where government has established damnattion again in the remaining population centers, and the recognizably ordinary lives people can subttles in these pockets of safety is in sharp contrast to the nightmare world that lays down the road apiece.


Nuclear war has never been portrayed with less emotion than this. On the down side, the film also has a wealth of weak points, most of which are after the survivors begin their journey.

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This was out of print for some while, also the newest DVD of this movie is slightly different than the one I originally saw. I mean a woman of questionable repute in Las Vegas and a young man who I believe to be that possum looking kid from deliverance. But even life at this point along the eternal road could have been interesting to examine, had the movie taken the time to do so.

JustPlainDoug 18 February Jack Smight’s fumbling mis direction, which combines stop’n’go pacing, clumsily staged action set pieces, and extremely variable acting with positively jaw-dropping cruddy results.

SykkBoy 13 June No, you’d be better off watching an episode of either of those shows, but unfortunately I’m describing “Damnation Alley”, the wildly unfaithful movie adaptation of the novel by danation Sci-Fi author Roger Zelazny.

Along the way, the group come across giant Scorpions bad, bad, bad special effects, even terrible by 70’s standards including what appeared to be a woman riding subtitless Vincent as he must evade the creatures, obviously an actress, later proved to be a mannequin and this effect is never convincingflesh-eating beetles poor Winfield doesn’t come out so great danmation, radioactively diseased humans with malicious intent, and a devastating storm which causes a giant washout as Peppard attempts to find parts in a Detroit auto graveyard.

But then we never hear her sing. They make a good pair! Aw, hell, Tanner, now you gotta hit the road.

Damnation Alley

Well maybe they’ll retain some semblance of whatever passed for normal before the nuclear strike, or maybe subtiyles degenerate – the survivors from the base 197 a few along the way. Survivors get from point A to point B with a bunch of trouble in between.

My favorite part of course is the Landmaster vehicles it was and still is one of coolest movie vehicles ever made. Oh yeah, they go to Albany, NY-the last bastion of civlization snicker snicker And on the way they meet many strange settings They decide to undertake the dangerous coast-to-coast journey from California to Albany in their Landmaster truck, because they picked up vague radio signals hinting there may be other survivors.


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Luckily, and predictably, he then gets eaten by the cockroaches. This is one seriously incoherent mess alleyy a film, and even though the ‘Landmaster’ truck still remains an ultra-cool method of transportation, the rest of the scenery and special effects are pathetic and not the least bit convincing. Thank god for one decent idea, if not wholly original. In some aspects its budget couldn’t entirely match its vision.

Paul Winfield is the only standout in the film, and he is offed by the infamous “killer cockroaches” in a scene that leads to the best damnatin of the film: The book outlined the cataclysmic weather as part of a “freak shift in the jet stream” but I think the nuclear war premise is more likely to kick aley earth off its axis. Most of the movie takes place as the people go from one place to another in the Landmaster, and the people and things they meet. I was surprised I actually made it to the end.

They match the colour of the sky the film quickly damnatin apart. There is no plot. Aw heck, even with those two odd set-piece detours, this trip is resembling nothing more than a weekend drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with an acid-trip sky, so perhaps it’s more like Hunter Thompson’s weekend drive. The rest of the characters are, well, uninspired, and purely the invention of the screenwriters.

Topping that all off the general in charge Murray Hamilton goes bonkers in the bunker and blows it all up, killing nearly everyone inside.

But what trip through the lonely desert is complete without some “human cockroaches” who are in the mood to subttles Miss Sanda. Fans of “The A-Team” will like seeing George Peppard in a lead role, as the by-the-book superior officer who tries to keep the non-conformist junior samnation Vincent in line.

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