The conspirators who wish to eliminate San agree that they must stop the crown prince from taking over the throne so they try to bring King Young-jo back to the palace as soon as possible. Episode 26 Episode Queen Hyo-eui personally calls Song-yeon and asks her how she first met San. The royal bodyguards defend the palace from the palace guards but they are outnumbered. King Young-jo summons Minister Choi Seok-ju and tells him to identify the number of Noron faction members who hold high military posts. Meanwhile, a Chinese official refuses to let Song-yeon come to China on the grounds that Yebu Temple does not accept female students.

Episode 75 Episode Song-yeon dwells on Queen Hyo-eui’s suggestion that she return to the palace. Hong Guk-young lays a trap by forging a message to trick Jung Hoo-gyeom into believing that it came from a low-level official of a provincial governor. He is filled with rage and tries to enter the training grounds but the place is empty and no soldiers are seen. San learns about the dark secret behind the deaths of the ministers and suspects that the Saljoogyeran gang is behind it. The king is confounded that he cannot see any signs of an intruder ever entering San’s chambers. Episode 44 Episode When the merchants begin to blame San for being careless in letting bandits steal the baekwupo, Song-yeon gets worried and comes up with a plan

King Young-jo tells San that he wants to believe he is innocent as well as his claim that Crown Prince Sado was never involved in any kind of coup d’etat but San would have to show him counter evidence that supports his claims. Episode 61 Episode Hong Guk-young meets with San and asks him to let him resign because he made a grave mistake.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: San hesitates before telling the king that Princess Hwa-wan is one of the minister’s dra,afever. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Empress Jung-soon gives orders to have a trustworthy court lady from the royal kitchen brought to her But the prince’s bodyguards ambush them and flush them out. He orders the officers to search the room.


Meanwhile, Song-yeon hears about the trouble that Queen Hyo-eui is in and she then recalls the day when she drew a folding screen at the palace where she saw Won-bin drink an herbal tea. But they cannot stay together for long because the workshop artisans will return soon.

Yi San Episode 42

But King Young-jo is already enraged at San’s disobedience and has him arrested and taken away to prison. Park Young-moon orders Song-yeon to paint another folding screen.

Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast. When Dae-soo asks her if Hong Guk-young gave her the orders to leave, Minister Suk-wie points his sword at him.

Hong Guk-young tells San that the only way to safely make it back to the palace would be to divide the dramafeverr into two parties. Episode 21 Episode Meanwhile, Hong Guk-young hears that King Young-jo is memorizing a map and suspects that King Young-jo is suffering Alzheimer’s disease San meets King Young-jo and asks him for a few more days to prove that the accused are innocent.

Dae-soo guides them to the training grounds where the royal police were trained and deployed as a private army to kill San.

When San hears that the enemies are heading towards the Main Hall, he goes there, too. When a plague starts spreading across the kingdom, San calls a meeting of his ministers and Jang Tae-woo tells him to not return to the palace until he turns everything back to the way things were.

Episode 43

Song-yeon goes to Eugeumboo to find Dae-soo but when she hears that he isn’t there, she goes to meet San. Later, Hye-bin is shocked to learn that the ring was given to Song-yeon by the deceased King Young-jo. Princess Hwa-wan holds a Noron Faction meeting and when she enters Park Cho’s room, she sees Sn Jung-soon sitting at the head of the meeting room.

Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Hong Guk-young goes to Dae-soo and ask him if he remembered the wrong verse he found in the test. However, the doubts about Song-yeon linger in the queen’s mind.


Meanwhile, Minister Choi Episde tells Prince San that unless he punishes Kim Gwi-joo, Gyeomsabokjang, and Woorimwijang over this incident, then his majesty’s ailment will be known forever in history Description This drama details the life of King Jeongjo, Joseon’s 22nd monarch, who is remembered in Korean history as one of Korea’s greatest kings, one who loved the people and reigned for the commoner Episode 42 Episode Yi San – Episode 8.

Hong Guk-young asks Jung Hoo-gyeom to give him some time to think it over because it is such a big promotion. Yi San – Episode 6.

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Yi Saan – Episode 4. Afterwards, Dae-soo seeks out Hong Guk-young to confer with him about a wrong verse in one of the poems.

Princess Hwa-wan meets Choi Seok-ju at the market and gives him instructions to carry out. Episode 33 Episode However, when San is brought before Episide Young-jo, he stands up for himself and tells the king he did nothing wrong and therefore he will not explain something he did not even do.

San grieves over the fact that Princess Hwa-wan has been trying to get him killed. King Dramafeer summons Minister Choi Seok-ju and tells him to identify the number of Noron faction members who hold high military posts. Meanwhile, Empress Jung-soon orders Jung Hoo-gyeom to have his private army ready in case the king dies. Queen Hyo-eui is shaken by Hong Guk-young’s words Meanwhile, Jung Hoo-gyeom meets with Hong Guk-young to save his own skin and tells him that he’s just a tool in the bigger scheme of things The Empress Of China Episode King Young-jo tells her to stay pure while being at Prince San’s side.