Grew narrates this Navy film which purports to educate its audience about the Japanese, their culture and way of life in terms of their relevance to the war, but instead of enlightening the viewer with insights into the shortcomings of said aspects, it results in a recitation of a wide range of racial stereotypes, ethnic misrepresentations and hatred. Campbell’s approach is highly serious. One key scene shows a light-skinned Paul stop playing with his darker-skinned friend due to peer pressure. Depicts the results of wastage of natural resurces and shows how such wastage can be prevented. As quoted in the silver jubilee anniversary title Making Films That Teach , “Color is pretty but sometimes expensive for the teaching value you might get from it. As lampooned in The New Yorker November 9,

Use film and TV in my classroom. Two children, boy and girl about 10 to 12 years old, explore the ship Alexander Hamilton while sailing on the Hudson River in New York. Following a visit to a nearby shrine, the family is studied at their evening meal and making I have the feeling that you hope to get something for nothing. Teaching film, TV and media studies. So, if Mitch’s idea is that a director cannot have anything interesting or significant to say to high school students about Shakespearean plays, he can say so of course; perhaps we ought to have got this reaction specifically to begin with on the scripts.

Lithe simplicity of the photography and organization made the film well suited to use in the elementary grades.

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A typical title like Children of Japan made sure children were seen in a classroom not unlike one at home. Main navigation for mobiles.


In early morning the farmer scatters grain near the poultry house Found useful in stimulating an interest ckassroom poultry. As the commentator informs us that Mr.

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Skip to main content. Founder of Rhode Island. Mitchell who would bring EB Films into its most successful years.

When Hutchins appointed William B. The process of this transaction took more than a year to complete, culminating on February 1, Conversations are reproduced and interpreted. Education events at BFI Southbank.

Dupont de Nemours back in During this mid-decade period, a great many previously released titles were successfully given new soundtracks in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and classrpom languages for foreign export. Thank you, Lura Bell Verified purchase: Defines tonus as the slight muscular activity exerted in maintaining posture.

The commentator classifies these carnivorous birds as owls, vultures, hawks, and eagles. Introductory scenes show the general characteristics of birds of prey—their talons for grasping and carrying prey, and their curved beaks for tearing flesh.

Browse our education events. Despite dramatic changes in management, combined with some cost-cutting, the s and early seventies produced many memorable classics.

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Life and work of the people who live in Chengtu, located in a valley in western China. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Pages containing links to subscription-only content. As reported to historian Geoff Alexander, Thomas G. Stresses the need for proper utilization of classroom films. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.

Adding to the fortunes of the educational film industry in general was the Cold War panic imposed by the Soviet launching of Sputnikwhich prompted the U.


During his past decade with EB, William Deneen’s specialty was geography films, classroom owner of an independent film company since that was distributing through EB until they absorbed his company and made him vice president. Describes methods of conserving resources.

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Water, New York City: Ever the idealist, he once stated in a interview: Although production was curtailed during the war with only two brand-new titles registered for copyright in the yearprofits increased dramatically as16mm projectors were in operation by Later on, titles sported a simplified “EB Films” clasroom.

Campbell’s approach is highly serious. But if he says that what Campbell has to demonstrate about Macbeth is not serious I feel that he simply wasn’t looking at the film with an open mind.

Birds, Natural history, Ornithology. Unfortunately, the ending of this film is clipped. Discloses depletion of forests, effects of wind and water erosion, wastage of mineral resources, and wasteful killing of wild life.

Describes with animated maps, the gradual growth of American cities from trading centers to modern metropolitan areas. After a brief conversation concerning the progress of the work, the farmer’s son, Tom, exchanges places with his father and the plowing continues. Preparation of the soil is the theme of the first sequence.