This has risen to Last modified 5 years ago Last modified on Jun 14, , 1: In all of us the sons were made a part of the partnership and I started getting actively involved with the running of the theatre. If a film ran for four weeks then it was considered a hit. Plaza Bangalore Plaza Theatre located on M. Ticket prices ranged from annas eight for the front stalls to Rs 1 and annas 12 for the highest seat in the balcony, the Dress Circle.

Dias, one of the earliest Goans to migrate to Bangalore, ran Dias Music Salon, a stone’s throw from his house. He traveled from Bangalore to Madras to Aden and then to London where he fell in love with movies and decides to come back and set up a theatre in Bangalore modelling it on the Plaza in Piccadilly circus. The last movie screened was Meet the Fockers — on March 17, In other words, there were just phones per million people. After the Arcot family settlement of the family property was split between two brothers. Road including a 17, sq ft 1, m2 property on No. In all, two-hours of movie excitement that had popcorn and other munchies, either brought to us by a vendor to our seats or from the kiosk outside.

One of the most popular films of Plaza was the 10 commandments which ran for 44 weeks 10 though the record was held by Enter the Dragon in Galaxy which ran for 52 weeks While I thought that it is because of fools like you that we make money, I gave him a free ticket to watch the film. Germain’s “; just as some other schools probably made their students do as well. Irene who, along with her sister, used to hop across next door to see movies for free because the kindly ushers would sneak the girls in after the paying crowd had entered.

Not the best way to see a musical comedy. Indians have become more connected than ever before thanks to the aviation boom, and the growing availability of phone and power connections. The architect of Plaza was Richardson and Cruddas of Bombay 4 and the equipment for the new theatre was obtained from Century Film.


How time flies: In , a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai cost more than a gold coin

Jose Mariano Dias and his family. At the height of the Quit India movement inthe same amount of gold cost Rs An online search suggests that the price today is up 60 times. This fi,m was demolished and, decades later, made way for the Blu Moon theatre complex, which was demolished to make way for a shopping complex.

The surfeit of cereals has increased dependence on a carbohydrate-based diet, and the lack of cheap protein sources 9annqs as pulses has contributed to protein deficiency in the country.

On the first floor of the theatre was a foot-square wooden dance floor, used for the annual Christmas Ball and New Year Ball, and for balls held to herald major motion pictures releases.

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There were two shows, and seats were filled up on the first day. Whenever Kumar ran short of funds, he used to sell old news papers to finance his movie ticket. Image with Screen removed With the advent of multiplexes in the late Nineties, singlescreen theatres started running out of business. The Fjlm matinees would be really crowded, with the big Mount Carmel bus ferrying in the hostellers. With the advent of multiplexes in the late Nineties, singlescreen theatres started running out of business.

Intickets were priced between 9 annas and Rs 2 and 8 annas — from Gandhi Dilm to Dress Circle. One is a black-and-white picture clicked in and the other a colour photograph taken in In other words, there were just phones per million people. From the money he earned out of it, he purchased a number of properties on M. The theatre was then sold to Shravanee Properties Limited, owned by a miner who wanted to build a commercial complex.

The telecom revolution and the rising availability of power have also helped. Nonetheless, sincepower consumption has grown 70 times.

How time flies: In 1947, a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai cost more than a gold coin

It now serves as the central station for the Bangalore Metro. This was double what it was even five years ago. The Original furniture shop From the family collection An important philanthropist Narrain Swamy set up a number of schools for the poor and on 1st January Lord Lytton, the Viceroy of India, conferred on Mudaliar the title of ‘Rai Bahadur’ in recognition of his spirited acts of charity 2. The entire balcony was reserved for the royal entourage.



The rise in prices of air tickets, however, pales in comparison to the steep rise in the price of gold. There used to be a lots of Rats in the theatre which would come out after everyone had left after the last show and it was a bit of a hazard living in the theatre.

DK was often the recipient of passes for movie shows distributed by the theatre owners to keep dad in good humor. Arcot Krishnamurthy got married but his wife passed away soon after giving birth to their first son.

film 9anas al madina mbc action

Remembering Plaza 1 “My, you’ve awakened so many tilm memories,” she tells me, while recounting the late ’30s when as a pre-teen she began frequenting the then-grand theatre.

In Bangalore, there was no real other entertainment,” Premchand says of the theatre in the ’60s and ’70s, “so there was a good movie-going crowd.

On 15 Augustthe front page of the Hindustan Times announced in big bold headlines the end of the British rule. In the emergency years we all were mandated to play the national anthem before the screening of each film and all the theatre owners of Bangalore were called in for a meeting with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and told that theatres were in charge of inculcating respect for the nation.

At the age of ten I used to drive the lorry that my father had bought dilm show films and it was subsequently used to advertise films that were being shown in Plaza.