Will Mike and Nicky regret trading in their honeymoon for a new room? A husband-and-wife band trade spaces with a fellow Philly band for a rock-and-roll makeover. Amy Wynn Pastor’s missing out on the fun as she tries to make furniture from rain-soaked wood. Amy Wynn stays above the color fray, building a desk for Edward and a new entertainment center for Laurie. Hilda Santo-Tomas adds her know-how and produces a new room from old furniture, highlighted by using Brazilian leaves to accent an old armoire. Ty Pennington welcomes Edward by building his armoire just a little bit too tall to fit in the room. International Netball Quad Series 1 Episode.

Water Rats Episodes. Two couples that used to do everything together are divided by the one couple’s success when one friend got a promotion over the other friend. After a long day 2, both teams love thier rooms. World’s Greatest Islands 6 Episodes. Will they get it done before Paige rings the final bell? More stories you may like

However, one designer’s ambitious plans may cause some super-sized concerns.

Lafayette Street Season 2 – Episode Harper Spring Drive Season 6 – Episode Erin plans to clean and repaint this ceiling fan and reinstall it in the room. Sarah feels she has been an assistant for too long. True Medical 1 Episode. Trying to fix up a playroom that used to be a garage pushes Frank oh-so-close to the budget limit. Transformation doesn’t streajing to describe what happens in this installment of Trading Spaces — perhaps our most ambitious episode yet!

Love After Lockup 1 Episode. Across the street Hildi is trying to modernize two merged styles that just don’t mesh. Carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor assists and polyl expertise building a headboard and bed frame.


Trading Spaces – Episode Guide –

Carpenter Carter Oosterhouse is clearly struggling to stay focused on building plans because in his words, Anna is “cute and has that great accent”. Linda Court Season 1 – Episode The Christmas Reunion 1 Episode. With Frank’s help, they plan to bring some life to the boy’s rather bland bedroom. Hilda pulls up carpets, paints walls and re-faces a fireplace while Frank builds tables and a dog bed.

A mother, Victoria, who thinks she knows best, and her son Robert swap renovations with Victoria’s rebel daughter Leigh Anne and her husband Rob. Trade 1 – Jon Laymon vs.

In Las Vegas, the lights are bright and the stakes are high. They couldn’t do it without Ty Pennington, who helps Genevieve install a new wood-paneled ceiling and gives Vern a hand with a countertop replacement.

It’s a laugh a minute on this episode of Trading Spaces! Jon lucks out by finding the hardwood floor hidden beneath the ugly carpet Jon’s srreaming to paint part of the candlesticks pol,y falls flat.

It’s a war zone on this episode of Trading Spaces. Ben is on his way to a career in music and sound, and he often has a heavy metal band practicing in the garage, plus a skateboard ramp and other noisy activities just yards away from their neighbors, keeping the neighbor’s young boy from getting his nap time.

Merritt Avenue Season 6 – Episode 5.

Trading Spaces

Both rooms got brand-new hard wood floors. Let’s hope streamjng Carter Oosterhouse will be able to keep balance outside and our colorful homeowners don’t really have a bunch of colors in mind.


Stremaing the guidance of guest designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent. Of course, no duel would be complete without drill-slinging carpenter Ty Pennington, who’s so busy building Doug’s dividing wall that he forgets all about Frank’s house.

Amy Wynn Pastor builds under-the-bed storage and mounted shelving. Find out on Trading Spaces! All this shelf-building doesn’t leave carpenter Ty Pennington much time for reading.

Little in life is guaranteed, but it’s pretty likely you won’t soon forget this one. Great Escapers 4 Episodes.

TV Review: Riverdale (Season 3, Episode 1) – The National Student

Next door, a home office-slash-guest room is getting some much-needed help from guest designer Roderick Shade. Will a few days trying to make their ex’s bedrooms better help bring them together again? Stone House Revival 10 Episodes. Bad Teen to Ballroom Queen 4 Episodes. And Ty Pennington’s dealing out his usual fun — in a neck brace etreaming while building an entertainment partition for Edward and a new bed for Frank.

Kingston Street Season 6 – Episode 9.