Obviously , I want Kurt and Blaine together again. TV by the Numbers. As he looked at the photos of Kurt on the door of his locker, Blaine missed Kurt more than ever. Isabelle pulled some strings so Vogue dot com will pay for me to take a cab to and from the office. Blaine let go of Tina’s hand and hopped onto the stage to join the other guys. She had put herself out there to ask him to the dance, so Blaine decided to be honest. Retrieved September 7,

Kurt flailed his arms briefly in approval, and Blaine tried unsuccessfully to hold back a laugh at his expense. I seized the moment! Retrieved January 24, Blaine had always been vague about what had happened at the Sadie Hawkins dance with his friends in New Directions. Blaine felt incredibly content as he and Kurt found seats on the side of the room nearest to the tree. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Then Sam comes and tells her that he, too, is a believer.

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We were the island of misfit toys. Come on, Rory, I’ll give you a ride. The process begins six to eight weeks before each episode is filmed, glfe can end as late as the day before filming begins. Blaine sang along, and the sound of his voice singing the song that had started everything between them made Kurt’s stomach flip with nostalgia.

Goofs When Brody shows up late for his dinner date with Rachel, she says has prepared turkey burgers even though she is a vegan.


Yes, Tina stutterers again. But Burt calms him down and they start talking about happy traditions they have. But no one wants to sit and be insulted, to they all leave, leaving Sam and Brittany by themselves. It wafch actually see what I did there?

Especially now that he had very few friends around. Dancing with Tina was lovely. So they toast to that. And his lips were so They finished eating and Blaine slipped his jacket back on before offering a hand to Tina.

All he could think about was what he should say. The second time was even more fun for Kurt, because he didn’t onlihe to concentrate quite as hard. They rushed away from Tina and out of the gymnasium into the hallway. He heard Rachel emerge from the bathroom and decided to attempt a compromise. First of all I want to say fantastic blog! The Purple Piano Project This had definitely been a good idea.

He had never asked anyone out before. To his surprise, it was Tina who stepped to the front of the room with Finn.

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It’ll be worth it! Retrieved August 17, At the start of glee club the day after the assignment had been given out, New Directions gathered in the men’s locker room for rehearsal and, Blaine assumed, for at least one Sadie Hawkins proposal.


It had been a good day, overall. Notify me of new posts via email. And he better keep the bathroom as spotless as it is right now. Retrieved March 14, And I feel really good about the special and what we did at the shelter. Don’t worry,” he teased gently.

They explored the idea of trying to find healthier cafeteria food, but quickly realized that it would gled them more money than the school had to offer. How had he not noticed that Tina had a crush on him? And you want to join my group, but you’re worried that it’s a step backwards.

After finishing his homework, Blaine cleaned his room and rearranged a little.

He didn’t want to go at all. That he was gay. The Grand Guignol Club.

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Brittany Pierce with New Directions. Archived from the original on March 7, And, Kurt thought, this would help him move past his wqtch for Blaine. They were both single. He still hadn’t been at McKinley long enough to determine when Sue was being serious and when he should just ignore her.