Tsuna pocked his head in the hall, looking bemusedly at the expressive couple and valiantly resisting the overflow of unknown emotions slamming into him. Oh, he had his headphones on —it was the best way to avoid conversation after all— but no music playing. A bottle of disinfectant was thrust under his nose. For, you know, travelling. If the Ward had reacted to all the impressions that passed through it, it would have been constantly active and completely useless. Besides, Tsuna thought as he strengthened warily, he had the foreboding feeling that he was being watched. Of communication and courtship Giotto has golden blonde hair and his eyes are a sharp orange tone, the same as Tsuna’s when he is in Hyper Dying Will Mode.

Even as nervous as he was, he knew that he could doze off without too much resistance. He observed the metallic grid door with blatant disbelief, as well as the part of the wall it was integrated to. Of finales and unpleasant surprises He caught an unfamiliar scent, nearly identical of the one drifting from his own brown locks — a mix of rosemary, honey and something else, something he didn’t recognize, something that wasn’t in his bottle of shampoo. Squinting in the neon lights, he patted his foot, trying to determine if whatever had stabbed his limb was stuck between the stitches or was completely inside. Of promises and adjustments And yet, it was not the main reason behind his agitation. The grasp on his shoulder turned painful, dissuading him from moving.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Drama CD Extra – Proof of Friendship

In fact, the prince had been ambushed by the swordsman that morning and bundled into the back of the car along with a bag that turned out to contain six uniform changes —how had the Shark got into his rooms?!

Of watching and waiting This idea was the start of the Vongola Famiglia. After all, ignoring injuries was a certain way to worsen them, from a superficial wound to something downright alarming. No, all he could see was the luxurious hotel nearer than ever, but still too far. Reborn nodded with the look of someone who already knew that, snatching the cloche from his charge’s grasp to put it on the floor near his own. Blaise banished the abrupt mental image of elephants in ballet shoes and hippos in tutus in favour of calling to mind how the incredibly sneaky Ward on the fountain in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastavere actually worked.


Sitting on the tiled floor, he unraveled the previous dressing and threw it in the bin. Blaise nodded agreeably and waved at Costanzo, who recognised his cue and led the two men out towards the Floo.

~* My AlienFairyland *~ – Vongola Primo Drama CD: Proof of Friendship

That, and the teen was certainly not in any way presentable. Of exquisitely polite evisceration He barely had an inkling that he was going in the right direction, attempting to find another path would ensure that he would be completely lost.

Tsuna was so abruptly released that he stumbled, but to his relief, he righted himself without any assistance and before falling to an untimely death. She listened quietly translatjon Tsuna’s nervous and excited babble. Due to their strong bond, the Vongola and Simon should never cross swords with each other, in fact it was Cozarto that first suggested that a vigilante group be formed, and that Giotto should lead it.

He did not even notice that one of his teachers was waiting there, meaning that he had been at the wrong terminal since the beginning. Tsuna narrowed his eyes, ignoring the reprimand and anticipating the next order, hauled himself from his seat and over the door. Obediently, and frankly quite content translatiom staying inside the comfortable compartment, Tsuna waited for the hand signal before following him out.

How are you supposed to protect anyone if you don’t even try to understand them?

Of moving forwards and close relatives Reaching their floor, Tsuna barely hesitated before introducing the key ccd the keyhole and opening the sturdy door. You mightn’t be able to develop infections or other bothersome things like that, but the kid’s different.

Feeling oddly drowsy and hazed, he did not try to fight the sleep creeping on him, and promptly fell asleep despite the kattekyo noise of the engine. Of discovery and responsibility Of pressure and manipulation Glancing up at the walls, he caught the name of Calle Barcaroli but paid it no mind. Maybe,” he scrunched up his nose, frustrated. She’s actually handling her emotions better than a lot of people.


And dry your hair,” he added sternly as the teen hurried out of the bathroom, “getting sick is the last thing you need, idiota. She had no need to gauge Reborn’s honesty.

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His mother’s was still as silent as ever, understandably, as she was still far of his reach. He flinched back in fright, head banging against the window behind him, when he realized that the hitman was standing just beside him, leaning forward and encroaching into his personal space. Probably by listing the swordsman as ‘a vassal of the Zabini Family’, which was technically accurate since Squalo had won the Varia then handed it over to Boss, which was vassal behaviour even without Squalo being officially Boss’ Rain Guardian.

During dinner, Giotto reveals the things he had bought at the antique store, which turns out to be Golden Pocket Watches which engraved on the top of the pocket watch is the Vongola Crest on it, which he had asked the craftsman, Talbot, to make as proof of their friendship.

Of commitments and oaths Without friendshup into specificities any further, the man was handsome, indisputably. Anyway, I’ll spare you the details, just, know that we bonded at the hospital a few years ago, sharing the same room and all, and he told me that, should I need a place friensship escape for a bit, then one of his places was available. Nono still has a legible son, and you are merely a last resort in case he doesn’t survive his rebornn.