They do a great job. Does anyone by chance know where or who could develop a roll of exposed verichrome for me that i found in an old brownie hawkeye? I edited my original comment about filtration. The shutter works at the different speeds and the lens looks clear. Good pictures can be made earlier in the day – and the year. These are being sold. Being sealed in the can should have helped preserve it. Photographic film production ceased in the s and today they specialise in industrial films including aerial photography films.

One box has a label tear off. These expired in and All rolls are in sealed boxes. These are being sold. Professional-quality, medium-speed, daylight-type color reversal film with ultrafine grain, designed to provide medium color saturation and contrast RDPII. Further, there are also the terms orthopanchromatic reduced red sensitivity compared to yellow and green , isopanchromatic increased green sensitivity , and superpanchromatic increased red sensitivity for use with artificial light, such as tungsten bulbs. Valca was a Spanish film manufacturer established in headquartered in Bilbao. Enno Veereste 5 years ago.

As well as the Ilford plates already mentioned, I have enjoyed using ortho film for landscape work, such as Adox Ortho 25 and Kodagraph Ortho Negative ON4both for its particular look, and for the ability to handle it under a safelight. Photographers welcomed a veridhrome of the world which appeared more ‘correct’ and the use of the term orthochromatic suggests that, at the time, they did not conceive the possibility or necessity of photographic emulsions encompassing the red end of the spectrum.

Also 8″ x 5 feet format for Cirkut cameras. Photographic film production ceased in the s and today they specialise in industrial films including aerial photography films.


Eastman Kodak was founded in First Agfa ISO consumer color negative film.

Photo-Analogue: Kodak Verichrome and the naming of photographic emulsions

Also I was told that there’s less fog with Caffenol developing and from my experience with those 60s films, they certainly don’t have fog. Verichrome from is probably ortho Verichrome Safety Film. Design concept and technologies”. All verochrome are in sealed boxes. Professionalfine-grained speed film now features improved skin tones, much more accurate color reproduction, better shadow detail, and wider exposure latitude.

General purpose consumer, daylight-type color reversal film with faithful color reproduction and fine grain RA. General Purpose colour negative film. Film production appears to have ended in The film suffered the typical aged effects such as having that rough papery texture and blotchy edges and some fog here and there but apart from that the korak mostly fantastic for the film’s age and those aged effects add character to the picture which I like from my artistic perspective!

Films for movie making are included in the List of motion picture film stocks. Views Read Edit Verlchrome history. Available in pack.

Thanks for the recommendation on your blog too. Accessed 25 April Special developer is needed to tame the extreme contrast for use in pictorial photography.

This film has been in my freezer since Kodak discontinued this format.

Kodak Verichrome V620

Consumer general purpose oodak slide film. It’s great to see this film returning usable results after all these years. Orange box Later XRi in white box. Last available in format [30] [31] [32].


I edited my original comment about filtration. If an item is filn buyer is responsible for additional shipping costs to reship. No implied warranties or guarantees.

Colour film was produced initially conjunction with Kodak after signing a year partnership which Kodak ended in after 4 years. Agfa process 44 compatible with Kodak E-6, replacing Agfa process 41 films.

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Kodak Film In Vintage Camera Films | eBay

Guaranteed Delivery see all. Prior to the fall of the Soviet Unionthe company offered an array of color photographic products from the year as well, but these were discontinued following the fall of the Iron Curtain. Push-processing capable to an E. The agreement lasted until when Ilford sold its shares. Traditionally used with medium format camera instant backs for studio test shots but high volumes also used for visas and other identity documents.

They ceased to manufacture products in January Archived from the original on 31 October Share This Page Tweet.

These nuances of spectral sensitivity I hadn’t appreciated when first shooting, developing and printing black and kocak photographs, merely understanding that there was film, as far as I knew sensitive to all light, and paper, that could be handled under a safelight.

I daylighttungsten. Perutz was a German film manufacturer.