May I adore that face for which Titus’s heart, wounded by love, has lost its rest? Ah, eliminate from life all that is not love! I could not rest if I did not first know Sextus’s fate. Ah, ingrate, tremble, tremble at having offended me! La clemenza di Tito English: The premiere took place a few hours after Leopold’s coronation. The opera was also performed as part of Glyndebourne ‘s summer festival [13]. The Senate will now have heard his defence; it will have found, you will see, that he is innocent; and the verdict should not be long delayed.

He has chosen you as his consort. Act 1 The ambitious Vitellia loves Titus who prefers Berenice. Sesto reenters and announces that he saw Tito slain, but Vitellia stops him from incriminating himself as the assassin. How unhappy is the fate of those who reign! He takes the pen to sign, then pauses. But you should not heed his counsel. You are lost if anyone finds you, and if you are found my secret will become public.

I hear a great din of arms and soldiers: What I feel in my soul will make me die of grief.

La Clemenza di Tito Synopsis

The other characters synipsis Tito enter severally and react with horror to the burning Capitol. I took advantage of his blind love for me.

Do you need further spurs? I quake, freeze, set out, draw back; every breath, every shadow alarms me. The Senate will now have heard his defence; it will have found, you will see, that he is innocent; and the verdict should not be long delayed.

The opera is scored for 2 flutes2 oboes2 clarinets1 also basset clarinet clemfnza basset horn2 bassoons2 French horns2 trumpetstimpani and strings. The others lament Tito in a slow, mournful conclusion to act 1. Must I still suffer shameful scorn?

I will be what you would most have me be, do whatever you wish. Ah, Vitellia, I have no heart to further your wrath. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


Vitella stays her order after finding out that Tito now intends to pass over Berenice so he can take a Roman wife, in accordance with state law.

Opera Profile: Mozart’s ‘La Clemenza di Tito’

Vitellia, daughter of the late emperor Vitellio who had been deposed by Tito’s fatherwants revenge against Tito. The remorseful Vitellia gives up her dreams of power and admits her treason. The work premiered on 6 September at the Estates Theatre in Prague.

Retrieved 19 September Are we perhaps waiting for Titus, mad with love, before my very eyes to offer Berenice my throne that he has usurped, and his hand in marriage? La Clemenza di Tito Opera Writers:.

All this I have already heard a thousand times; but I never see my revenge. Who ever planned such threats to my life? Tito instead sends Publio, his captain of the guard, to take a marriage proposal to Vitellia on his behalf, but Publio arrives too late and the assassination plot is already in motion.

Sesto wants to leave Rome, but Annio persuades him not to aria Torna titl Tito a lato. Now he makes me tremble! Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and lw I will tie tjto noble a knot. I did not think … Enough: You will be sorry …. He enjoined me I feel close to death! Operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And then he faithlessly recalls Berenice once more to the Tiber!

Ah, ye gods, what power you have given beauty! ACT II Annius tells Sextus that the murdered man was not Titus, and manages to stop his friend from fleeing, telling him that others have been implicated. Now you can ask it of him. Half-Price Ticket Hot Sellers.

Clemenza di Tito: Synopsis

The time was tight and Guardasoni had a get-out clause: He puts down his pen; a guard enters Let him be heard, and mozrat he can go to execution.


The ambitious Vitellia loves Titus who prefers Berenice.

I must reveal a secret to you. Tiyo, ask What is happening, what they are waiting for. See all upcoming theatre performances. Publius Publio arrests Sextus, who refuses to reveal Vitellla’s complicity. Act 2 Sextus is arrested; to protect Vitellia, he alone takes the blame for the plot in front of the Senate and Titus, who sentence him to death.

The composer, drawing by Doris Stock I measure his feelings by my own; mozarf it seems an impossibility to me that he could have betrayed me. And I still delay the punishment and do not sign the sentence?

At least it suffices to seduce your friends from you, even if it fails to attract you. The commission came from the impresario Domenico Guardasoniwho lived in Prague and who had been charged by the Estates of Bohemia with providing a new work to celebrate the coronation of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperoras King of Bohemia. Read More actors, singers, dancers Performer. Why do you not go?

A mozartt, chair and small table. Stanley Sadie considered it to show Mozart “responding with music of restraint, nobility and warmth coemenza a new kind of stimulus”.

Your sister shall be my bride this day. Let your pity at least be solace for my pain. Publio returns and announces that Sesto has been found guilty and an anguished Tito must sign Sesto’s death sentence.

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