Season 14, Episode 9: He Knows Too Much: Views Read Edit View history. The wolf pack has been named “Guude’s Army. The invite-only server has spawned many Let’s Plays from most of its residents, spawning prank wars and competitions, such as the Ultra Hardcore series. BlameTC also released footage of post-match discussion, while SethBling included the discussion in his final episode.

The poll included 23 members of Mindcrack excluding only Arkas and thejims , as well as season 9 guest SethBling , and Minecraft developer and season 11 guest Dinnerbone. SethBling has “Cipher” by Kevin Macleod. You don’t even know what you’re missing. Since the released of season 13 , a season 12B is unlikely. After the game” Post-match discussion. The random objects from episodes are all materials he uses when turning VintageBeef’s castle into Candyland.

Wolves are often employed by contestants to aid in combat.

Kurt also lets one off when his dog saves him in season 3. For a long time, “Potato on a stick”.

Beef has a similar Uuhc Out upon seeing Kurt in Season 4b’s finale. In episode 10 of Paul Soares Jr’s Mindcrack season 4 Let’s Play, he attempts to place an anvil, which he uses to name Ferris Mueller, on a fence and accidentally places it 3 blocks away on the ground.

The Mindcrack Server provides examples of:

The twelfth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between eight teams of two, similar to season 7. Minddcrack sees through it instantaneously. Guude in season 4a, saving a terrified Pause from Kurt just when Kurt was about to catch up and slaughter him.

Beef not only loved it so much he refused to even consider it a prank, but he later stated his intention to move zisfeau the underwater village. Partway through episode 7 the remaining players held a Skype call and decided that the match would be finished out as best it could by going to 0,0, and discussed having a rematch with identical teams.


The Ultra Hardcore Series.

Zisteau allies himself with his sworn enemies, Team Canada, to pull off an enormous prank against Guude. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Sounds harmless enough, until you remember that most of the vines must be individually whacked off the walls. The curse returns at the end of Season Views Read Edit View history. Getting on Mindcrack is already quite a feat not only do you have to be a good Minecraft player, your computer setup has to be quite powerful and you need to be an experienced youtuberbut Shree got on when he was 13!

Vanilla Server Season 5.

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Zisteau, to Etho, somehow. Bdubs does not like comparisons being made between his Mindcrack logo in the Town Hall and a baked potato on a stick. Quite a zjsteau of them are. The poll included 23 members of Mindcrack excluding only Arkas and thejimsas well as zisteeau 9 guest SethBlingand Minecraft developer and season 11 guest Dinnerbone.

Season 12 was marked by the server tick issues that lasted until episode 5.

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The issues were thought to be because of zombie AI tracking. Rain starts up halfway through the final battle of season 3. Often a player will make a team with another player often for no real reason only for them to be shot in the back once their back was turned.


Vanilla Server Season 6.

Bitch in Sheep’s Clothing: Last of His Kind: Vanilla Server Season 4. It wasn’t, however, enough for them to win. Millbee, season 11, after killing Pak. Season 12 [ edit ].

Etho feels really bad and repeatedly apologizes while attacking Kurt in Season 8, but it doesn’t make the battle any less harsh.

After getting hit once, Guude immediately realizes what is happening, dodges Zisteau ‘s next attack, draws his own weapon, and then proceeds to trounce him. Or he could save both, but lose a ton of valuable items The episode ends off with “Oh! After Team Canada takes advantage of Zisteau ‘s Super Ocd in their prank, he completely remakes Pause’s nether track, changing it from a boring tunnel into a huge line with a rainbow and 8 Zisteau Faces. Taken Up to Eleven mindcrackk Season 11 by Guude, who has amassed sesson pack of at least 30 wolves by episode 8.

Etho created an exact replica of a Minecraft village underwater near Vintage Beef’s base. Pyro during Trouble In Terrorist Town. PSJ comments that Vechs is “softening up” because of her.