While the Suno’s talk, S. They bump into Dax. Desperately trying to regain his visions, which have been non-existent lately, Beyal tries too hard and loses it going into a catatonic state. Dax is a trusted member of the group Strategic Tactical Operatives for Recovery of Monsuno join Chase at the lab, but it is soon revealed that they are after the fully loaded Core that Jeredy left behind for his son. Also, this episode was originally scheduled to air February 2, for the United States, but it was taken off due to last minute scheduling changes. When they get there and get the book, The Dawnmaster steals it.

Dax goes to his hometown and waits for a mysterious person to tell him information about his parents, only to find out its Dom Pyro, who tricked him so Dr. While battling the Punk Monks, Six is forced to choose between his father or his new friends. While on his way to S. Without him the rest of the Core-Tech team start arguing which results in a 2 on 2 battle amongst themselves. Our three meet up with a rich old woman who sends them into the “Underground” on Jeredy’s trail. When Jeredy and the Mon Five attempt to place the very last Failsafe Device deep down in the sewers of a dingy thief city named Isemon they slowly begin to suspect that they’re being followed. Conversely, Beyal’s ability to see anything at all has gone away and he’s really starting to despair.

Send us Feedback Get Help. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. They discover that Jeredy and Chase’s friend Jon Ace had survived the explosion, but was reborn as a Monsuno by Eklipse, and Jeredy is captured. Available in Prime Batman Unlimited: Klipse uses his new tech to lure S. Chase and the teens are trying to figure out a way to rescue Jeredy and Ace, before it’s too late from the cruel rpisode of Trrust.

Eklipse can experiment on him to re-create what happened to Jon Ace, so the rest of Team Core-Tech must find him and save him before he becomes “Toxic Dax”. Showing of 2 reviews. Meanwhile the whole Earth is suffering from earthquakes and Jeredy Suno is trying to stop them.

Chase and the others crash land in the jungle where they are madter by Jon Ace, freshly resigned from S.


Monsuno: Battle Master

Add to that mix the fact that Jon Ace arrives and tells Chase that there’s a spy in the group sending a signal to Darkspin and Chase is almost at breaking point. Chase still suspects Dax knows something about his father and asks about it. But Jon Ace has his own agenda: When Chase receives a garbled message from his father asking to meet up, our hero can’t resist.

Because Klipse has revealed his ultimate plan to Jeredy Combat Chaos”, has been announced. But this is a very special vision.


These baddies are working for their evil boss, Professor Tallis, in obtaining a very destructive Wild Core Bomb. Chase has been convinced by Beyal that Dax is supposed to be the fifth of the five.

Chase and his “team” can’t catch a break.

Chase and his two compatriots steal a S. Team Toon Season 1. It is mastet Chase’s mom The trio heads to Axistown where they meet a mysterious woman who sends them to an underground fight club; Jinja obtains her own Monsuno she calls Charger. When Jeredy Suno takes off in his mobile tractor trailer lab for an unknown reason, he attracts the attention of Mastter and they go after him.

Unexpectedly, Beyal is similarly transported to Chase’s side and the two are made to pit their wits against the new villains. To save his friends and the whole world, Beyal must face the prospect of having to destroy all Monsunos.

Chase and the others crash land in masteer jungle where they are joined by Jon Ace, freshly resigned from S. Dax tells the rest of the Core-Tech team what he knows about Jeredy, which leads Bren discovering Jeredy’s plan. Dom Pyro returns to make the team into trophies. They are having Chase followed so that Chase can be tested! Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing Japanese-language text.

While the Core-Tech team seeks information on Jeredy, Jon Ace seeks to destroy the Monsuno Essence because he believes it is too dangerous.

He picks his father, and Chase has to use a double Monsuno attack to win. During an attack by Jack on the Core-Tech team, he reveals the full scope of his mission to the Core-Tech team and later the rest of the world. During an intense battle with S. Dax has “joined” the team, but nobody is too happy about it. Dax has “joined” the team, but nobody is too happy about it.


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Chase has another one of his intense dreams only this time he doesn’t believe it was just a dream. Plus, Beyal is having some scary visions that he can’t quite word. The Paws of Destiny – Season 1.

Available in Prime Tara Duncan. Without him the rest of the Core-Tech team start arguing which results in a 2 on 2 battle amongst themselves.

Before being separated once more, Jeredy gives his son a new Monsuno named Evo. Unbeknownst to them, they are being hunted by a hired killer, the crazy Dom Pyro under orders from Dr. Searching for answers, Chase leads his crew back into the crystal-filled Cave worrld Convergence, the one they completely trashed in the previous episode.

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Jon Ace leads the team to a mining operation where he, Jeredy and Klipse originally extracted and researched the meteor fragments, suggesting Chase mawter find a clue to his father’s whereabouts there. Using Jack as a diversion and with help of Dawnmaster, Chase plans to break into Eklipse Organization headquarters and free his father once and for all.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. However, the Well of Sight makes the HOD’s shape shifter monsunos exceedingly powerful, and they have Sophia as a trump card. Available in Prime Batman: Chase battles the soldier and defeats his monsuno Airchopper when Liger runs away. Chase and friends seek the final piece of the Pentoculus. Lists of American children’s tryst television series episodes Lists of anime episodes.

Views Read Edit View history. Also, Professor Tallis has the third piece madter Pentoculus. However, believing there could be a way for Monsuno and humans to live in peace, Chase throws the trigger switch away.