Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Posted June 12, Soon he has a Rolex watch. In some way the series also tackle social issue about the aging population. TV “gokudo” gangster dramas vary from serious treatments of the outlaw lifestyle to downright silly comedies. Go To Topic Listing global entertainment. Her absent real-life son’s business is going bankrupt and she wants to cheer him by taking him to see the cherry blossoms. Really want to see ep.

As part of training, his group’s parent organization orders all of its subordinate bosses to work as nursing helpers at an elderly institution. If you are looking for quality entertainment, forget it. LOL omg the plot sounds really enjoyable!! A helper at the elderly care facility, Taiyo, who accepts Hikochi and the others from the underworld. She constantly mistakes Tsubasa for her son and thus keeps slipping him money which he eagerly accepts. Posted July 14, By zzainal Started August 10,

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If you like Meisa or Tsuyoshi, keep watching. SMAP member Kusanagi Tsuyoshi 34 is set to make his return to show business near the end of this month. He has a ruthless and cruel personality but regains his humanity through caring for the elderly. I can’t wait to use them!

The charismatic company president of Heartful Bird, an integrated nursing care organisation. He issues instructions for Hikochi and the rest to be helpers. I watched the first 2 eps of this series and I have to say it’s surprisingly good, it has warm but not overly cheesy.


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Posted July 18, Matsudaira Ken has been cast as the leader of the parent gang, and Natsukawa Yui has been cast as the director of the nursing organization. By Guest Started March 3, The show will air on Fuji TV on Thursdays at Kusanagi was arrested last month for public indecency, after being found naked and drunk in a Tokyo park late at night, but prosecutors chose not to take the matter to court. I have to watch this. Ninkyo Helper Thursdays, 10 p.

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I can’t find it anywhere. Edited at She and Hikochi are rivals who seek to be in the top posts, but they gradually establish an emotional bond. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The story opens with Tsubasa Kusanagi of the Roppongi branch, a gangster since age 17, telling us the old “ninkyo” chivalrous Robin Hood world no longer exists. I’ll try it out: Meanwhile, Hattori Yui Natsukawawhose young son discovers Tsubasa is a yakuza and wants to be his apprentice, hovers around Taiyo.


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Posted July 14, The mobsters reason that it is for the promotion to the top posts. By luthienJune 12, in global entertainment. The casts looks good though.

Thank you so so much! Thanks so much for subbing Ninkyo Helper The Movie, been wanting to watch this for so long. Fuji TV also revealed that before the incident, Wng had already been tapped to star in the summer drama series “Ninkyo Helper. By firstnadya Started July 7, Sign In Sign Up.

Posted June 14, Thank you so much for the sub! Previous Entry Next Entry. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.

In some way the series also tackle social issue about the aging population. Yes, you see, the way to get cherry blossoms in the park out of season is to have Tsubasa strip to the waist while Yomogi shines a sparkler on his full back and shoulder cherry blossom tattoos for mom’s viewing pleasure.

Strong-minded and always ready for fight. I have been searching this since long time ago.