Brock teaches Ash and Dawn that when they were looking for Oran Berries they’d looked in the wrong place, as the soil was too dry. Dawn is still worrying, and Ash takes Buneary and Happiny to make ice to bring Pachirisu’s fever down. In order to get attention. Dawn’s Pachirisu got an electric overcharge in Doc Brock! Who cares, I’m watching this thing play charades and pull a Tigger. Then Buneary and a healthy Pachirisu team up to blast Team Rocket back where they came from. Ash accidentally blasts Pachirisu with cold water, but everything seems to go smoothly.

It was the one that provided the laughs for me. Brock goes to the store to get some supplies and a Pokemon crisis arises when one of the Pokemon I was Hoping it would die. On the way to Celestic Town, Ash and his friends are camped at a mountain cabin. The group is delighted by how great they taste, and Pachirisu asks for more. Please feel free to edit this article to add missing information and complete it. Team Rocket isn’t getting too lucky with Staravia either.

A Pikachu that has an electric overcharge usually becomes red-eyed, aggressive, and dangerous toward its Trainer, though this may only apply to severe cases. Team Rocket then spots a Zapdosand they want it. I loved the whole Staravia and Gliscor mini arc much more than the original plot. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support.

Okido voice Miyako Ito Click Continue to pokmeon PokemonCenter. Edit Storyline The group settles down in a cabin while Ash tries to figure out a strategy for his rematch. After that, it’s lunchtime and a siesta!

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Pachirisu shows everyone it’s better by running around, only to be grabbed by a net! Your name or email address: In order to get attention. Dawn scolds him, and he turns on the warm water. I love how the twerps pokdmon all about Gliscor until the end of the episode.


Pachirisu Has a Fever! Two People Taking Care!?

He offers to carry him but Gliscor is too heavy, therefore Brock is forced to leave it behind and rush on ahead. He plans to return there to get Chimecho in the future.

While Dawn trains and Ash snoozes, Brock goes down the mountain to visit a pharmacy. Alerted by Gliscor, Brock runs back to the cabin and realizes that Pachirisu may have a build-up of excess electricity. Gliscor lands on him, telling him something’s wrong. The nerve of that fiendish cur, making me question my loyalty to the long-departed crawdad. Personal tools Create account Log in. On the way to Celestic Town, Ash and his friends are camped at a mountain cabin.

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Of course, are people still thinking it would die? TurtwigFan1Sep 26, Gureggru voice Etsuko Kozakura Two People Taking Care!? Be sure sicm join the discussion on our discord at: When Staravia fails to return, Ash sends Gliscor out to get Brock instead. DaxSep 26, Platinum’s barely out, and they’re already referencing it?

Everyone has showered, and they cheer that they’re finished.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all pahcirisu. Ash says they still have the fruit Pikachu found, and try feeding it but Pachirisu refuses. TurtwigFan1Sep 25, Once he drains the extra charge and treats Pachirisu with medicine pikemon Oran Berries, it’s on its way to a speedy recovery—just in time to be stolen by Team Rocket, who spotted the cabin!


In terms of the original plot they really didn’t create anything relevant but it was nice. What was with the random Zapdos appearance? Full Cast and Crew. Slowking[George]Sep 25, The Minty Fresh Menace sub-plot if you can call it that was also inexplicably amusing. Quotes [ after Gliscor lands on Brock with her full body ] Brock: They tell Brock about the mashed fruit, epidode he says that doesn’t come until sjck.

Pochama voice Rica Matsumoto Dawn and Ash know they need to get Pachirisu to eat, and Dawn recalls when she was sick, her mom fed her mashed fruit.

S11 Episode 41 Playing the Leveling Field. S11 Episode 44 Losing Its Lustrous!

This article is incomplete. ElectivirusSep 25, Japanese themes Opening Together Symptoms appear to vary, as pokwmon by different species stricken with it. The recovery was quick, and no follow-up treatment was necessary. Brock starts running, then notices Gliscor needs wind to fly, otherwise it is forced to bounce along the ground causing it to often trip and fall.

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