It is said that very bad things will happen on this day. The Dragon’s Whisker is actually an extremely potent hair restorer! As thanks, the cat offers to grant Ryoga any love he wishes. Kuno learns about Sasuke’s childhood friend Gindo’s undeniable fortune-telling accuracy and asks him to read his future relationship prospects. A group of four men head to Japan to look for a rare Chinese artifact called the Dragon’s Whisker attached to a Japanese male with a pigtail hairstyle, as they later sought Ranma Saotome as the possessor of this artifact. Add Image S4, Ep

Note Episode 72 was not included in Viz’s season 5 release, but in season 4. Nodoka Saotome, Ranma’s mother and Genma’s wife, is planning to visit the Tendo household. One day, Kuno declares to Sasuke that if he can’t make him and the Pigtailed Girl meet, he will be fired. Love as a Cheerleader – Part 1″ Transcription: Happosai, who is only after pantyhose, jumps into the fight between Ranma and the young man. Kodachi takes an instant liking to her long-lost father, but Tatewaki does not like him at all. However, Kuno refuses to accept it. It is said that very bad things will happen on this day.

Under the influence of a magic love-potion bandage, Ranma starts to flirt with every girl in sight, whereas Shampoo and Ukyo are determined to use it to their advantage, much to Akane’s chagrin.

Akane trains for a picopet against Temari In a classic whodunit style, everyone in the Tendo household tries to resolve who stole the takoyaki that Kasumi had just bought. Views Read Edit View history. Sentaro needs Ranma’s assistance once more, as his grandmother, the Daimonji matriarch, prepares to do something so dangerous, so unprecedented, that the result is sure to be catastrophic. Akane is selected to be one of the competitors in the next swimming competition, but she actually can’t swim at all.


episose He instantly falls in love with Akane and tries to defeat Ranma by setting traps one after another, using curses which are his specialty! Though he has no intention of becoming a wife, Ranma’s battle spirit heats up when faced with the strength of the grand tea master! She quickly ties it to Ranma’s pinky. At dinnertime Ranma, as well as Akane Tendoare the only ones not poisoned by the mushroom soup. The group is led to believe episodw this place happens to be haunted.

The takoyaki dish that Kasumi purchased has disappeared from the kitchen!

Ranma ½, Season 5

Ranma buys a secret medicine called “Shadow Clone Incense,” which allows him to train with his own shadow to improve his martial arts skills.

Top Animation Shows See All. A shogi player named Sankichi suddenly appears at the Tendo House.

More Seasons in Series See All. Akane is given a recipe for making sakuramochi to test out the theory of a salesperson foretelling her destiny in matrimony. This was because of the new crepe stand in eisode See also TV Schedule.

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But now, Sankichi demands a Martial Arts Shogi battle! Surprisingly, one of his wishes is to date the pigtailed girl!!

Tanabataa Japanese star festival held on the seventh day of the seventh month, celebrates the celestial reunion of the Princess and the Cowherd. A group of male gymnasts has just dispatched St. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the ppicolet LineColor.

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The master of Martial Arts Calligraphy named Sotatsu epispde. Meanwhile, the school is turned into a war zone by the Principal Kuno’s “get out of all school rules” class tournament fight. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. He instantly falls in love with Akane and tries to defeat Ranma by setting traps one after another, using curses which are his specialty!


It is learned that the exposure ranja the whirlwind will increase the growth of the dragon and the consumption of dragon flesh will grant immortality. Add Image S5, Ep6. Add Image S5, Ep Dissatisfied with Sasuke’s performance as protector of the household, Tatewaki Kuno gives him a final chance to prove himself, as to arrange a date with Ranma in female form.

Meanwhile, someone has appeared at the Tendo House who is raiding the refrigerator and peaking into the bathtub!

List of Ranma ½ episodes (season 5) – Wikipedia

An invitation takes the Tendos and Saotomes to a run-down hot-springs resort. Add Image S6, Ep9. Add Image S5, Ep1.

Something strange is in the air, pivolet each member of the Tendo household falls asleep one by one and enter a twisted dream world controlled by Happosai.

Ranma is challenged by Mariko Konjo, the captain of the Seisyun High School cheerleading squad, to a martial arts cheerleading competition, in which Kuno is collateral.