Retrieved February 4, I sent him a friend request, and two weeks later, we were married. Edit Did You Know? Evan, Boris is trying to stop a murderer, and we’re arguing about an auction that’s not gonna happen. Wow, your leg has healed nicely. I hope your purchases in the next session will be more pleasing. How did I not know that?

Milos, I thought you were excited about attending the auction. On the green at the hospital’s golf charity drive, Hank tries to help a golfer Tom Cavanagh with a hooked hand , while Jill begins to succumb to an exhausting condition. Married at First Sight 6. Don’t be so neurotic. Meanwhile, Jeremiah treats a patient who is secretly his favorite author and Divya attempts to help a troubled young patient. Paige, he’s a relative. Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. Retrieved August 1,

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Boris, I know I promised not to say anything, but when I saw my wife getting in deeper and deeper, I I didn’t know what else to do. Divya reveals that a childhood accident should have rendered her unable to conceive. Although Jeremiah has returned to the Hamptons, he is reluctant to be involved in HankMed activities involving Pauns.

Besides which, he thinks all my problems are age-related. Evan and Paige consider adopting a child. Then my grandson told me about Facebook. Meanwhile, Divya is surprised when she is met with hostility after treating a patient at Hamptons Heritage.

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You know, I have to keep reminding sid it’s my eyesight that’s bad, not my hearing. Soon they learn that she had gone to see their father, who was signing a book in the city. That would be splendid. Well, I called to make an appointment for my wife. Paige and Evan host an open house for the community to combat Blythe Ballard’s efforts to force them out.


Paige winds up working with Blythe as part of her art appraisal internship. Retrieved August 23, Although this simple Biedermeier cuckoo with alabaster columns looks unassuming, it’s historically quite significant.

Don’t blame your brother, Evan. Retrieved August 30, Retrieved September 25, Retrieved July 18, I hated it, Paige, but Hank made me promise not to tell you. Well, that must have been quite a friend request.

I think he has a concussion. It couldn’t be better.

HankMed’s latest case is a movie star The Big Show who collapses. Evan, meanwhile, is approached by the patient’s girlfriend Brooke D’Orsay with a bizarre proposition, while Divya treats a couple whose marriage has spontaneously collapsed, leading to an odd medical answer to their troubles.

I’d advise that you wait two or three days before you resume any intimate relations. Edit Storyline Milos arrives for the trap auction of Shadow Pond’s inventory auction by Russel and Paige, but keeps puzzling Boris and hank what he’s after and makes Ean freak out by creepily approaching Paige, but undercover agents and a rohal crack the case.


Get out of my house, Milos. Oh, this used to be my favorite hiding place when Boris and I epusode to play hide-and-seek together. Retrieved September 21, Then don’t lose track of the bidding.

La La Land 6. Retrieved March 6, Married at First Sight 6. Andrew Lenchewski created byJohn P.

‘Royal Pains’ 5.8 Episode Recap And Review: Hammertime

Previous Episode Next Episode. I have business to attend to. Retrieved August 25, Given the outcome, I think we can consider this hammertime a success, perhaps because we all trusted the right people.

Meanwhile, Evan makes a surprising discovery about Divya’s personal life, and Tucker Ezra Miller is worried that Libby Meredith Hagner may be cheating on him.

Tucker Ezra Miller suspects that his best friend has a problem with drugs and alcohol, but Hank is able to diagnose a medical jammertime causing his problems.

Evan worries about a family dinner meeting with Paige’s parents. Share this Rating Title: A Star Is Born 7. Divya faces another complication in her custody problems when she learns that Rafa wants sole custody.