The base can be also given as a list or tuple basex, basey. Not all functions in Sage are symbolic. There are several options. This one works, since the horizontal axis is automatically expanded to contain two ticks and the vertical axis is provided with two ticks:. This must be greater than 1. Warning If plotjoined is False then the horizontal axis must have all points strictly positive. Returns two lists xdata, ydata , each coerced to a list of floats, which correspond to the x-coordinates and the y-coordinates of the points. True boolean – draw a shadow behind the legend.

We can change the base of the logarithm too. For example, if the aspect ratio is set to 1 , circles will look round and a unit square will appear to have sides of equal length, and if the aspect ratio is set 2 , vertical units will be twice as long as horizontal units, so a unit square will be twice as high as it is wide. This behavior can be recovered by setting the legend options on your plot object:. This should only be used with the ticks option using nice rational multiples of that constant! Regions in which the plot has no values are automatically excluded. This method attempts to display the graphics immediately, without waiting for the currently running code if any to return to the command line. Created using Sphinx 1.

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Sage Math Tutorial – Plotting

Unfortunately, this didn’t work — an exception appeared stating that ‘xlabel’, ‘ylabel’, and ‘title’ weren’t members in the Graphics object which appears to be subtly different from matplotlib. See lehend of these functions for more help and examples. None the spacing between columns. None float, length between the axes and the legend.

Line Plots — Sage Reference Manual v 2D Graphics

You can make the picture larger by changing figsize with width, height each having a maximum value of inches at default dpi:. This parameter is passed directly to the show procedure and it could be overwritten. For all other inputs, look at the documentation of plot.

Is there a way to easily add axis labels, a legend, and optionally a title? It is possible to use sayemath to change the size of the plot as a xagemath.

This function does NOT simply sample equally spaced points between xmin and xmax. Sign up using Facebook. Note If the scale is “linear”then irrespective of what base is set to, it will default to 10 and will remain unused.

Be careful, calling it from within a loop will potentially launch a large number of external viewer programs. The maximum value of each of the width and the height can be inches, at the default dpi of dpi, which is llegend shy of the maximum allowed value of dots pixels.

See here and there for further explanations.

If plotjoined is False then the axis that is in log scale must have all points strictly positive. Graphics object consisting of 1 graphics primitive. Created using Sphinx 1. The following changes the vertical axis to be on log scale, and with base 2. The image type is determined by the extension of the filename.


If D is added to the curve, then the algorithm is applied recursively to the points A and D, and D and B. Further, matplotlib will display a user warning. See save for more details. By default, color will change from one primitive to the next. If we have an empty linestyle and specify a marker, we can see the points that are actually being plotted:.

This reduces the possibility of, e. This behavior can be recovered by setting the legend options on your plot object:.

If True, draws a frame with a round fancybox. Aagemath show the result Graphics object consisting of 2 graphics primitives.

The points parameter can be a list of 2-tuples or some object that yields a list of one or two numbers. We test that imshow works as well, verifying that trac ticket is fixed in Matplotlib.

I eventually found the documentation for sagemath’s Graphics object. For more help on options, see pot documentation for plot.

Use save if you want to save the figure as an image.