During the melee, Shinken Pink manages to plant a gap sensor on a little boy before the Nanashi spirit him away. A Threefold Strife [ edit ]. Takeru later returns to Tengen Temple to visit the tombstone of the Fuwa clan, thinking of Juzo’s words about himself. Genta arrives late to the battle after encountering Juzo, who he believes to be a food critic. Ryunosuke soon suspects that Kotoha’s new friend, Eri Takahashi, is the Gedoushu until she, too, becomes entranced. By then, Shitari realizes Akumaro’s goal and attempts to reason with him as it would destroy them all.

Back on the Rokumon Junk, Doukoku awakens and drags Gozunagumo back to the boat as he punishes the Ayakashi for acting behind his back by infusing him with some of his new-found power. While training, Takeru almost hurts Chiaki while remembering Juzo’s words from their last encounter. Takeru, looking back at his memories with his vassals, explained that he feels the same, then starts to shed a tear. The Impersonator [ edit ]. The General Heads to the Front Lines [ edit ]. Sensing her shamisen’s cries, Dayu makes her way to Akumaro’s location just as the Shinkengers arrive to fight him and are outmatched. Super Shinken Red also destroys Happouzu, who has the intent to destroy the Ushi Origami now that it cannot be under his control.

Genta arrives, but Yumebakura puts him to sleep, then uses him as a gateway to Dayu’s shikenger. Hiro then presents to Takeru the disk that he believes can tame the Ushi Origami, but Takeru turns him down as there’s a chance it won’t work.

While this occurs, Doukoku has Shitari demand Dayu’s shamisen from Akumaro. With Takeru announcing a strategy of all-out battle, the Shinkengers march towards their final confrontation with renewed confidence. Afterwards, Genta remains traumatized by his brush with death, and Abekonbe’s master emerges from the Sanzu River. Using Modikara, the group manages to bring Utakasane back into their world to destroy him before he has the chance to escape.

An unusual Kuroko lifts his veil as the Shinkengers leave the scene. The kuroko Sakutaro Komatsu reveals himself to Ryunosuke and reminds him that only he can truly decide his own fate. They arrive at a mountain guarded by Juzo and Dayu that is producing the ash infecting the village.

Mister Brown was one of the innocent bystanders poisoned by Yamiororo during his battle with the Shinkengers. A devastated Dayu flees into the mortal realm to search for ideal victims with which to repair her damaged instrument. Sogizarai’s spinning attacks completely overwhelm the Shinkengers, but he dries out and is forced to retreat. Daikaioh and Mougyudaioh arrive to hold back Mochibetori with DaiGoyou’s support before they destroy him.

The businessman returns with the plans for the restaurant, which would sell only curry. However, Chiaki discovers the Ayakashi’s deception, so he tricks Narisumashi into going after the other Shinkengers at Mt. After managing to slay him with the Super Mougyu Bazooka, as Genta looks on in frustration, the Shinkengers use Tenku-Shinkenoh to destroy the powered-up Oborojime.


After the fight, Chiaki finally accepts being Takeru’s vassal and vows to surpass him in skill.

That evening, Kotoha’s birthday party goes on without a hitch. Sending the others ahead of him, Takeru learns that the old man sees the Ushi Origami to be responsible for the death of Hiro’s parents. Still angered, he runs off to fight Juzo, again, with Mako in tow. Nightly Tears of Sympathy [ edit ].

Meanwhile, the Ayakashi Urawadachi appears, looking for a “sweet” life to consume. With the Gedoushu becoming stronger during the summer, Jii reveals that the Shinkengers need the Inromaru to counter the increasing threat.

After Takeru reveals to his vassals that the three support Origami can be combined into DaiTenku, the Kabuto Disk is entrusted to Mako as the Kabuto Origami’s official user to the dismay of Chiaki, who feels he is lacking and proceeds to train himself. When he tries to transform, his Shodo Phone is eaten, leaving him to watch his comrades fight Futagawara and get overpowered before the Ayakashi takes his leave.

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Articles containing Japanese-language text. Before Takeru could explain why, Genta arrives late to declare himself a samurai under Takeru.

Upon meeting the four, Takeru gives englishh one a chance to back out of his service, and when all four decline, he gives each one a Shodo Phone. While following Ryunosuke on his early morning jog, Genta is exposed when they hear the scream of schoolgirls that were gathered by the Ayakashi Oinogare as part of Shitari’s plan to sacrifice them to open up a permanent point between the two realms.

Showdown with the Rifle Squad [ edit ]. Her retainer Tanba explains the full story behind Takeru being a lord and the eighteenth head of the Shiba House, while Kaoru is given the items belonging eubbed Shinken Red, as she does not wish to hide anymore. Some time after the working subbfd their Modikara training, on Jii’s suggestion after causing a priceless vase to break, Ryunosuke, Chiaki, and Kotoha become curious about the kurokos’ helpful nature as Takeru reveals they even help everyone in the city.

Uramasa remains planted upright in the ground as Juzo’s body dissipates. Genta firmly rejects the offer just as Sogizarai returns to resume his assault on the city. After the battle, Takeru and the vassals visit Genta when a businessman offers to move him from the sushi cart to an actual restaurant. On the Rokumon Junk, Shitari gains Doukoku’s forgiveness as he gives Dayu the task of destroying Juzo while Gozunagumo loses his mind from being consumed by Doukoku’s power.


Later that night, as Kotoha and Ryunosuke have their wounds tended to, a torn Takeru ran off into the night in spite of his own injuries. The party preparations are interrupted by the Ayakashi Utakasane attacks the city and devours people’s souls. He transforms the Ebi Origami into Daikaioh and, with assistance from DaiTenku, destroys Utakasane, freeing all of the souls to return to their bodies. The next day, the Shinkengers learn that Genta went out to track down Juzo, and Ryunosuke and Chiaki going after him as the others face Akumaro.

While Shitari worries about the recent events shinkegner the Rokumon Junk, he senses a presence and sees that the Kusare Gedoushu are still thriving.

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Telling Chiaki that he is to blame for his friends ending up in the hospital, Takeru tells him he should quit if he cannot find a means to counter Rokuroneri’s talent by the next day. Having freed the island, the Shinkengers head back home, with Juzo’s words still burning in Takeru’s mind as Mako keeps a worried eye on her lord. Coming to after the six shockwaves, Genta ponders killing Juzo to stop Akumaro and to ensure Takeru’s safety. Having succeeded, Ryunosuke joins the others as Juzo and Dayu destroy Futagawara themselves to unleash his full power, with Shinken Red barely retrieving Ryunosuke’s Shodo Phone before the Ayakashi grows to immense proportions and gains a shield to defend and attack with.

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Meanwhile, at the deserted Rokumon Junk, Shitari is glad to see Dayu returning as he confirms to her that Doukoku sank into the Sanzu River and that he shall return once he finally fills up in the water. Though victorious, the two Shinkengers are thoroughly exhausted from their battle. After the Shinkengers free the captive brides, they battle Dayu and her Nanashi. The Ebi Origami’s Transformation [ edit ]. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

This distracts him and allows Juzo to injure him until Mako takes him out of the battle and into safety.