Saraswatichandra repents for letting Kumud go out alone. Anushka persuades Kabir to apply medicine on his wound. He pours a bucket of water on Anushka. Kumud packs Saraswatichandra’s bags and asks him to leave. He waits for Kumud’s reply. Sunny asks Saraswati Chandra to go to Gujarat on a business trip in his stead.

Kusum and Anushka mistake Raima to be Kiran, and serve spicy food to her. Kusum tries to make Danny realise his mistake, but in vain. Prashant praises Kumud’s looks, in front of Saraswatichandra. Prashant prepares mango juice for Kumud. Saraswatichandra signs the property papers, and transfers the entire property in Danny’s name. Saraswatichandra learns that Pooja is Kumud’s lookalike, and is related to Prashant. Kumud suggests Jugnu to mend his ways.

Danny retrieves the video footage of the spy camera. Kumud becomes unconscious on being drugged by Sunanda. Saraswatichandra tells Kumud that he had called her thrice. Danny informs Saraswatichandra that the police have arrested him. Saraswatichandra tries to escape from Prashant’s saraswahichandra.

Saraswatichandra proves to her that he is not selfish. Kumud occupies the entire bed, and informs Saraswatichandra that since she has to sleep alone after he leaves for Mumbai, she is getting used to it.

Kumud apologises saraswatichsndra him, but he shuts the door on her face. Episode 10 Saraswatichandra administers first aid to Vidyachatur Episode 11 Kumud calls Saraswatichandra selfish Episode 12 Saeaswatichandra asks Ghuman to go to Ratnanagiri for Uttarayan Episode 13 Saraswatichandra challenges Kumud Episode 14 Saraswatichandra recalls his tragic past Episode 15 Kumud apologises to Saraswatichandra’ Episode 16 Kumud apologises to Saraswatichandra repeatedly Episode 17 Ghuman taunts Dugba Episode 18 Saraswatichandra learns that Kumud had seen his cull in her dreams Episode 19 Saraswatichandra leaves Kumud’s house Episode 20 Saraswatichandra stops Yash from swearing a false oath on his Kumud becomes depressed about Saraswatichandra.


Kabir informs Danny that he had stolen Vidyachatur’s property papers on Ghuman’s insistence. Saraswatichandra explains to Kumud that he had not consumed alcohol in the party.

Anushka serves coffee to Kabir. She invites Prashant to her house for dinner. Prashant receives the flower bouquet, and ruins it. Kabir assures Guniyal that he will episove Kumud. Prashant suspects that somebody is conspiring against him. Kumud asks Saraswatichandra to stop Danny from leaving the house. The authorities decide to close the school.

Saraswatichandra season 1 episode 312

Kumud serves a bitter beverage to Prashant. He asks a servant to bring food for Kumud, over the sqraswatichandra. Danny finds the grocery in Mr. Saraswatichandra is worried about Kumud’s whereabouts.

Kabir disguises himself as a ghost, and tries to scare Anushka. Saraswatichandra realises his mistake, and decides to cheer Kumud by cooking her favourite dish. Sunanda instructs Saraswatichandra to release her associate, if he wants to see Kumud alive.

Ghuman instructs her associates to move Kabir to a different place. He thanks Vidyachatur for believing him. The secretary refuses to provide the NOC. Saraswatichandra manages to mislead Danny. Danny asks Menaka to collect her passport from his house, and informs the same to Saraswatichandra.


Kumud searches dull Saraswatichandra. Kumud tries to comfort him. Kumud sneaks out of the house at dawn to meet him. Saraswatichandra informs the Desai family that he has booked his ticket for Mumbai.

She persuades Ela to send her son to school. Ghuman informs Saraswatichandra that she is aware of Kabir’s identity, and his intention.

Badi maa asks Kumud to prepare sweets. Kumud lies to Saraswatichandra that she is going to Madhavpur, to attend her friend’s marriage.

Saraswatichandra boosts Kumud’s morale on seeing her worried. Prashant tells Saraswatichandra that Kumud was feeling bored at home, hence he had taken her for shopping. After making the pots, Saraswatichandra informs Kumud that he can leave the village on completing his punishment.

Kabir suggests Saraswatichandra to find Kalra.

Swayamvaram I സ്വയംവരം – Episode – video dailymotion

The family members praise Saraswatichandra for saving him. He holds Kumud’s hand while helping her in gathering the scattered papers. Kabir leaves a saraswatichzndra for Kumud and Saraswatichandra. She suggests Saraswatichandra and Kumud to enquire Menaka about the baby. Kalika decides to lodge a police complaint against Danny. Danny suggests Ghuman to leave for Dubai as the police are searching for her.