It was so silly and dorky and heartwarming. R has come to the hospital to get the prescription, and she runs into HS there. She heard about Tae Sung disrobing and asking to be tried for the crimes, but never heard the outcome. ES asks what Tan wished for on his birthday. Tan and ES sit down inside, and ES asks Tan about his dad, the upcoming stockholders meeting, and if everything went well on the business trip. Won and HJ sit across from each other at a cafe.

Joon Hyuk did a , and turned out okay, but then you were never really sure about him to begin with. ES asks what Tan wished for on his birthday. Episodes by LollyPip. I really want to go hang out and drink with everyone in this drama. I usually lost interest after the 3rd or 4th episode, but with Haeundae Lovers.. Yoon has come to see Esther at her office to ask her a favor.

Sinopsos thanks her, and Esther gently wishes the best for him in the future. Nowadays its really hard to find people who loves kdramas because of the story and its lessons.

YS wishes they break up. Oh boy — if it were not for the fact that I know they hate each other, I would have thought they were flirting.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 20 (Final)

There, Won asks Tan to meet YD. He tries to be all poetic and serene, commenting on the sunset and beautiful Haeundae waters, but she has no patience loevrs it.

Sora yells at him to come back and be a proper husband! I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Tan, embarrassed, gets mad at CY and scurries off. Always stay happy and healthy, God Bless. See the face Won gives Tan at this revelation. Tae Sung asks what she plans to do with her shares, and Young Sook says: Her piece is longer so her wish will come true. Her hair ends up looking pretty much the same… She goes for some retail therapy, and as she crosses the street, her heel gets stuck in one of the manholes.


It has closure in every aspect and is so satisfying to see Tae Sung having the best of both world; not giving up his job as a prosecutor and living a simple life with his love, Sora.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 20 (Final) | Scattered Joonni

Wat i only know is dat u touched my heart…. As I look at the smiling faces of the cast, a warm, prickly feeling rises haeyndae my throat. He responds, without looking at her, that there is no need for her to try to look good him, but Eun Sang replies that she still wants to try.

Uncle Hello Kitty and Dong Baek lead a tour of tourists and fishermen to the best spots for fishing in Busan, with Joo Hee as their assistant guide. I enjoyed ur blog so much as it helped me interpret some of the lovfrs in this drama and I love this drama! He stares at her from outside the window, but before she can see him, he hides. I enjoyed this drama.

The next day, YD watches the news that tells him that things are not looking good for his dad. The side characters were amusing, but I ff-ed through the drama to find out what happened to the former two He explains to Tan that this is the only thing he can do right now. Tan sinopsls at this, and he asks her to hold his hand. Dramatically, the court doors open — and Joon Hyuk wheels President Son in. They hug each other tight, happy to see one another again. I just loved it all. She was really grateful that he was there for her.


They still need to finish what they started… and he pulls her in for a deep kiss. Yoon and Won are busy preparing for battle against JS too. Young Do, Tan, and Eun Sang learned that they are the architect of their own lives, and they have to choose what they are going to build it out of.

And before I knew it, here we are, lovefs the end. She warns Won and Tan that this is just the beginning.

It was a silent and secret way for them to express what they had to keep bottled up inside as they tried to appear grown up and mature to the outside world. And I teared up when Eun Sang revealed that body outline is drawn by a different student every day.

Episode 12 by LollyPip.