Ram is very heartbroken at this and returns to Ayodhya. Meanwhile, Bharat and Shatrughan set off to meet Ashwapati , their grandfather. Hanuman 4 episodes, Her mother, however, guides her in getting the Amrita. Lanka king Ravana ‘s grandfather and minister Malyavan travelled to Mithila to see the greatness about the kingdom and argues with Sita. Young Sita 1 episode, She decides to wait for him or her death.

Siya Ke Ram English: Shurpanakha urges Ram to marry her but he tells her that he is already married. Shatrughna confronts Bharata for his decision of becoming a tapasvi. Shurpanakha plans to prove herself better than Sita. Soon Taraka and her son Subahu is killed by Ram and Lakshman. Two other monkeys, Nal and Neel join the monkey army. Khara attacks Ram with his asuras. Mandodari 1 episode,

Sita undergoes an Agni pariksha to prove her chastity. Ravan instructs his second son Akshayakumara to attack Hanuman. This section does not cite any sources. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV cqst on your phone or tablet!

Janak builds a golden plow and unearths a baby girl as he begins to plough. He confronts her for her actions against Ram. Ram’s marriage is fixed with Sita. Retrieved 7 March After this Raavan, enters the battlefield.

He also remembers the incident at Sita’s swayamvar and his oath to take revenge from Janak. Ravan kicks Vibhishan and considers him as his enemy. Ravan kidnaps Sita and takes her to Lanka.


He tells her to keep Sita alive, until he avenges her lottle.

Retrieved 22 Apr Hanuman 4 episodes, After he returns a Lepa of Sanjeevani is drank by Lakshman which brings him back to life. Ram episodes, rak Ram gets hurt a lot and Ravana nearly strangles him to death. Her mother, however, guides her in getting the Amrita.

Sita then throws her jewellery to the ground hoping Ram will see it as a sign. Ravan became happy that his son Meghnadh killed Ram and Lakshman. Dundubi disguises as a buffalo and battles with Bali.

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Lakshman’s request, Nidradevi has given his share of sleep to Urmilauntil he returns to Ayodhya. Manthara is determined to stop Ram from becoming the king. Dasharath hesitantly agrees to crown Bharat the king and send Ram away. Vibhishan joins Ram’s army and tells them that he will help them in the war. It is shown that after 8 years Sita and her sisters are playing the act kd Goddess Lithle who destroyed a Rakshasha.

All the men and Meghnadh burn the tail. He goes to the battlefield and fights Lakshman. Ravan got information about Ram and that Sita is Ram’s weakness.

Siya Ke Ram Review – Facts, Cast and Locations

Surpanakha asks Khara to kill Ram, Sita and Lakshman. Hanuman 4 episodes, Dalip Tahil Hanuman tells Sugriva that he will seek help from the other cwst to defeat Bali. Kaikeyi 3 episodes, Given our erratic schedules, we are left with very minimal time for ourselves. Ram kills Ravan’s liytle and saves the residents of Panchvati. Dasharath announces Ram to be his heir to the throne. Everyone say Goodbye to each other. At the bottom of me lake, Ram turns to Vishnu.


He apologizes to Vashisht saying he cannot take over Ram’s place. Now everyone goes to Sita in Ashoka Vatika. Sugriva and Ram instruct Hanuman to enquire about Sita and her well being. Shurpanakha plans to prove herself better than Sita.

Meanwhile, Sita comes to know about her birth.

He also gives the ring. In the Swayamvara, nobody is able to lift the Shiv Dhanush except Ram. Ram comes to his kingdom and meets his mothers. He also gives him his ring as mark of his well being to Sita.