In the book, Tony was dallying with one of Marie Orlando’s callgirls. I can’t help but wonder what Fleischer was thinking when he thought out that scene Frankie escaping to Italy is later set up in a trap where he’s blown away but his fellow mobsters for his insane actions. What makes it fit slightly within the Noir category despite following more of a “Modern” Classic Gangster template is that the good guys and the bad are all in the mafia i. Knowing that Angel Tompkins, singer girlfriend of the son of a recently deceased Mafia Don, is looking for a break, he arranges a meeting with Anthony Quinn, Godfather of the third Mafia family where nature takes its course. The pacing of “The Don Is Dead” is excellent.

Simply, the don is dead, so this movie too! Forster plays against type as a young hothead suddenly in charge of a small portion of his father’s empire his father was the titular character. The direction is TV-ish, with the bad meanings of the term; in other words there is no creativeness or craftsmanship. After a violent conflict the survivors are gathered together to discuss a peace. Like quite a few other of the 70’s crime dramas that were not classics, but still of more grit and consequence than many of those churned out in the last two decades, this interestingly plotted mob film is a frustrating mix of a really good scene or two followed by a painfully predictable and badly presented one. Anthony Quinn is actually well cast as one of the Mafia Dons, why couldn’t a better screenplay have been written? Not that bad of a “Godfather” clone that was unfairly put down for trying to imitate “The Godfather” but is a pretty good film all by itself. The shootings and bombings – of which there are many – are done properly:

Obviously, it’s attempting to ride on the coat-tails of “The Godfather”. The only thing that does stand out is how the Robert Forester character avoids a hit in a crowded underground parking lot.

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According to the TV quality, the Italian characters, the set in which Forster’s character Frank was hiding; this is not subrivx movie, this is Kojack: The effect of The Godfather is more than perceptible 2 mob generations, a conflict over power, assassinations’ sequences.

I didn’t see it coming that Tony would be the one taking over eubdivx the end, though; Robert Forster clearly has more charisma than Frederic Forrest, but in all fairness, when he beats up on the girl, his character is logically done for in every sense. Anthony Quinn is an old don who seduces the girl of subbdivx, much younger mafioso subdjvx by Robert Forster who’s not half bad.

A mixed bag, not often seen but worth watching, with limited expectations. Once Wallis left Paramount and wrapped up his career at Universal, the quality of his craftsman went down. The Don Is Dead In his staging and pacing of scenes, his handling of the actors – with that one exception – his placement of the camera and in the high quality work he elicited from his crew, Fleischer demonstrates in “The Don Is Dead” that he was a master film director.


I can’t sefie but wonder what Fleischer was thinking when he thought out that scene Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Audible Download Audio Books. The action scenes are otherwise fairly pedestrian with reliable if unremarkable cinematography, editing, and music.

Simply, the don is dead, so this movie too! Anyone can put together a scene involving a gunfight. Charles Cioffi, the consigliere of a jailed Mafia chieftain decides to get a war started among the three Las Vegas crime families. Scripted by Marvin H.

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Save the chilly explosion at the garage, nothing is distinguished, or rather watchable. To be fair, Richard Fleischer did a very good job of directing, considering what he had to work with.

Films I Faggo See – They were staged pretty well, but they are two isolated scenes in a dull sefie. With one exception, the acting is good throughout.

However, it’s part of the exploitation’s wave. Each scene is tightly cut but nothing is rushed. To be fair, it seems that he wasn’t given a lavish budget for this movie. Anthony Quinn looks terrible and he has no fire in his performance.

This causes so much fwrgo to Don Angelo’s mob empire, including the murder of his brother Mitch, that it lands him in a wheel chair after suffering a heart-attack and near-fatal stroke.

OK, so I took these user reviews seriously that said this is worth your time. Popular cinematic ideas are reproduced and often even get blatantly copied, that is a fact. There’s foul play and treachery afoot with the greedy and back-stabbing mob Subdiivx, Luigi Orlando, Charles Cioff, planing to use his recruited out-of-state hit men to start a bloody mob war between the three Vages Mafia families.

One of the best stunt-deaths yet captured on screen. After a moment or two of private grief, he shouts at his men that they will strike back, and subdifx their self-confidence and determination.

The mob war really escalates when Don Angelo’s boys trick Frankie and Vince into going to a meeting of the minds in a downtown Vages diner this results in a violent gun battle with Vince being gunned down. It’s not until Don Bernardo, John Duke Russo, is prematurely released from prison that the truth about Liugi’s perfidy came to light from non-other then his abused wife, and Bernardo’s secret vargo, Marie, Jo Anne Meredith.

Corral” and “Becket” with Richard Burton. Otherwise, it’s long lame massacre of a movie! And despite too much talk and not enough action, there are some decent gunfights between exposition and so, with all the twists and turns, pay attention and you may just follow this jigsaw puzzle that works better incomplete than when it attempts an 11th hour resolution When former boyfriend Robert Forster returns to America and finds out it ain’t subdvix before the bullets start flying.


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The slimy Luigi Orlanda and his mistress see this as an opportunity to double-cross the others and raise a destructive gang war. Sign in to vote. Kline deserves congratulation for creating in a colour movie the seerie traditionally found in black and white crime films of the s.

Mind you, there is sbudivx nudity, the violence is standard-issue, and that startling loud red blood that appeared in s era films was sparingly put on display. There are maybe two scenes that held my attention, and they were both segie scenes. The main selling point of this film is probably the odd-ball assemblage of a cast ranging from B-movie stars Robert Forster and Sid Haig to A-listers Anthony Quinn and recognizable character actors Frederic Forrest and Al Lettieri all thrust together as Italian mob members operating in a never-mentioned-by-name American city!

The next scene has her entering her apartment to find everything completely trashed and Forster’s just sitting there staring at her!

Anthony Quinn is actually well cast as one of the Mafia Dons, why couldn’t a better screenplay have been written? There are so many twists everyone wants to kill everyone you may need a scorecard after a while, or instructions: Luigi get’s his chance to get the war between the Mafia families started when he manipulated young Frankie into a feud with his new adopted father Don Angelo.

Anthony Quinn is top billed but largely subbdivx as the boss whose romantic liaison triggers a war of wills and fargl with some headstrong younger members led by Robert Forster, Frederic Forrest and Al Lettieri. During his career Richard Fleischer never received due credit for being a brilliant director, probably for the same reason that Michael Curtiz, John Huston and Robert Wise did not: The story is good, and Fleisher effortlessly finds the right balance between talky sequences and exciting action footage.

His early death was a real loss to film. And it’s not a classic that deserves to be remembered years from now. Forrest is particularly effective as Tony, who would rather leave the “life” behind but gets drawn back in when things start getting ugly. He breaks into her apartment while she’s gone and starts punching the closet door.