Michaels came back with a Superkick. Team Twin Towers — 6. Double team back body drop by Money Inc on Earthquake gets two. A nightstick was suspended above the ring and could be used as a weapon once it was retrieved. It would have been nice if the tag match had more of a clean finish so that it would stand out more. Your writer isn’t certain of course, but I’m sure Virgil referred to Yoko as Yakamuza. Royal Rumble TV Special

I thought the finish could have been done better, but the result was fine. Virgil Written by Anonymous. Yoko missed a corner charge, Virgil went for a rollup, but Yoko sat on top of him. In a fairly bizarre move, we then cut to Mean Gene Okerlund , standing by with none other than The Big Boss Man, who essentially gave us exactly the same promo as he’d done just a few minutes ago. Boss Man with a shoulder block and then missed a splash. This was Yokozuna’s first ppv and he squashed Virgil. Perfect sent Flair into the corner to do his corner bump and Savage tagged in with a double axehandle to the back of Flair. Backslide by Tatanka gets two followed by an arm drag.

Full Cast and Crew. Martel’s advantage was short-lived, as Tatanka performed a series of backhand chops and a Tomahawk chop from the survivoor rope before nailing The Model with a Samoan drop. Owen with a cross body block off the top for a two count on Samu as Fatu made the save. Though mostly enjoyable in their own right, you can pretty much live a full and happy life without having seen any of the other matches on this card.

Michaels higher than one star.

A far cry from the gimmicks galore that surrounded the WWF at the time, and even further from the wild, heated brawl these two men would have seven years later at the very same event yes, the infamous Montreal Screwjobthis was simply two awesome wrestlers on the verge of their peak being allowed to hit the ring and wrestle. Typhoon performed a splash on Schyster but was tripped by DiBiase. This was a big match and arguably the main event of the show to a lot of people.


Ric Flair and Razor Ramon. Nailz angrily pins Mooney to the wall and says that his loss was another case of misjustice before walking off.

Beau Beverly Mike Enos Backslide by Tatanka gets two followed by an arm drag. Fuji offers the same treatment to Hayes, who takes it up, martek for Fuji to tell him to leave after only two seconds of the massage.

TJR Retro: WWE Survivor Series 1992 Review (Hart vs. Michaels)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tatanka got the pinfall victory and retrieved his feathers from Martel after the match. Both guys were better in the ring than what they did in this performance.

All Things Music Plus Album. Yes No Report this. Permalink Gallery The John Report: Retrieved December 25, After the match, Perfect and Savage did a double high five in the ring. Randy Savage and Mr. Online World of Wrestling. It was a light shot, but still to the head.

There was a close-up shot of Afa eating some turkey. The new best buddies sort of just threw turkeys around the room and called each other ‘the best. Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna, Bret Hart. Bret “Hit Man” Hart: Michaels with a body slam on the floor. The card included matches that resulted from scripted storylines, where wrestlers portrayed heroesvillainsor less distinguishable characters in scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

As I said, the crowd was going wild for it, especially when Perfect battled Flair.

Fair enough then I suppose. Survivor Series The Undertaker vs. Bridgeport, Conneticut In the wake of their confrontation this Monday night on Raw, Batista and Kane go one on one to determine the numb The Natural Disasters gained control of the match by attacking Blake Beverly, and the Nasty Boys entered the ring to assist the Disasters.

Archived from the original on survvior Sags nailed arm seires on Schyster and Hart distracted him, so Schyster got a cheap shot. Big Van Vader Entrepreneur. Michaels finally got some offense in with a stun gun move where he draped the throat of Hart across the top rope.


The crowd went wild for this because they loved it while Heenan was mad about it. Kamala bodyslammed The Undertaker three times and performed three splashes.

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Sleeper by Hart, so Michaels drove him back to squash the ref in the corner. Mooney talked about no Sensational Sherri because Michaels pulled her in front of him to avoid getting hit by a mirror and she was out injured.

Inside cradle by Savage on Ramon gets two, but the heels were still in control. Back in the ring, Martel kept working on the back while Heenan said this was a great match, which was a lie. An enraged Boss Man insisted that he stood for Law, Order and Justiceand that his rival, Nailzwould get what’s coming to him in their upcoming Nightstick on a Pole match.

Only a few minutes into the very mediocre action, Doink The Clown strutted out to tease and torment the crowd. Bearer was on the apron with the apron, so Kim Chee tripped him up.

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Alternate Versions The Coliseum Video release contained seven extra segments: For one thing, this was a well put thought-out match with a decent back-story reaching beyond merely ‘let’s throw four feuding wrestlers in a tag match.

Three body slams by Kamala led to Undertaker sitting up. For a squash match and it’s impossible to view this as anything elsetis was actually a reasonably enjoyable affair. Add the first question.