The Moefication of Anime Intellectual Gushing: Ran’s pursuit of the masked figure onto the bridge prompts an encounter with Midori who taunts Ran with warnings that she will be called a monster by others. Kenzo follows to get his wish granted, but is stopped. Ran and the others leave the island soon after. Ran and her brother Rin head to the school after Ran picks up Rui’s stray thoughts at his home. Rin finds the culprit on the roof with an unconscious Rui.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ran and Midori find a mark of a face on his elbow and use their powers to learn more about the suffering of an unknown girl. Ran and the others find the man who gave the box to Rui, and Ran and Midori find a time portal in his store house which they use to travel back in time to be with Rui. When they arrive at school, Ran and Midori find their teacher Ueda who falls from a tree and was injured by a leopard. The anime has run on Saturdays since June 21, except for a break on August 9. Apart from Hani-girl and Suzaku this was not one of the better episodes. Ultimately, they find out how he was behind the man’s death, and he’s taken away by the police. While there, they learn about the legend of Three Caches, a village inhabited by the Three Eyes Clan known for their savageness.

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Rui is indeed too knowledgeable, I hope we get some kind of explanation for that in the next 3 episodes. Ran hears a voice from the statue, prompting the three to research the things he, Iratsuko Kashiwaba, talks about regarding the sakura of Onju.

Ran, Rui, and Midori accompany Ran’s father and brother to the village. Archived from the original on I Have Something Inside” Transcription: Ran, Rui and Midori get involved with Rin’s classmate Reika when they find out her brother has gone missing.

Rui manages to get permission for them to take the haniwa with them, and they research about the Yayoi period when he lived. When she gets home, Midori listens to Ran’s humorous messages and unexpectedly meets up with Ran at the festival later when the fireworks are going off.

The culprits are apprehended in the end. Midori uses her powers to see the memories of the manager, and learns more about a man that died a couple months ago.

Ran, Rui and Midori travel back to their own time with the help of the two combs. Ran’s parents reassure her and Midori that even though they are different, they are still loved. While there, they actually do see a couple ghosts, however. Ran and Midori inquire about the face mark they saw earlier, and later find the same mark on the granddaughter, Yuri, of the head of the house. Ran and Midori gain access into an old man’s home to ask him about Reika’s brother, but he does not give them information even though Reika’s brother left behind a note with the man’s name on it.


Ran hears the voices from the Emahi grass and goes into the forest with the others in tow. The haniwa, formally a man named Wakatakeru, had left his village in search of a miko for his town, but never managed to find one. Midori’s expressions were the only good part of this episode. Ran, Midori, and Rui head to the school’s old beech tree to find a group of the transformed human animals and their old teacher Momoko.

Ran is excited about being with Rui over the summer, and on the way home from school accidentally runs into a girl from her school; Ran sees some of her memories in the process, making Ran concerned about her.

Episode list [ edit ] Title Original air date 01 “Ran, Telepathy! After Rin gets the letter back and reads it, he finds it to be addressed to a member of the sumo club.

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Ran continues to get more injured by cuts from the animals, but still chooses not to fight back. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When they arrive at school, Ran and Midori find their teacher Ueda who falls from a tree and was injured by a leopard. Breaking the fourth wall was totally worth it for those lines.

Telepathy Shoujo Ran Episode 23 Discussion

Once they get to the hotel, Rui reveals more about he knows of the island, and the group goes out later to watch the sunset, where Ran hears intense voices again. Strange events start happening around town, and Ran tells Rui about the voice she hears. After finding her, they also uncover that the proprietor, Kichibee Narukoya, has been breeding strange bugs called darkness demons and selling them in combs for a fortune.

Ran’s classmate Yamashita receives a letter which is read by a couple bullies in class. It turns out O-Ran’s father was a comb maker before he died.

A man comes by looking for Ronpei’s Ran’s father friend Takizawa, but he’s out with Ran and the others. Junpei tells them that the tiger is actually his brother, and shortly after Junpei turns into the same leopard from before.


Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. In the middle of the night, animals start acting strangely and an earthquake occurs, though only a few people actually felt it. Ran Isozaki is a young girl entering junior-high school with her childhood friend Rui Ayase. Rui awakening and calling to her enables Ran to use her now enhanced power to fight back and drive her away.

Rin receives a love letter in his judo club’s locker, but it unexpectedly goes missing later. I can’t really find anything tangible to criticise about this episode, as it’s perfectly passable in its own right and doesn’t do anything wrong per se, but somehow and on the back of wpisode episodes of epiode of the same it doesn’t really do anything to lift itself out of utter mediocrity either – An issues which is making this series an increasingly bitter pill to swallow.

It also appears that she realizes that almost every episode has the same beginning: Meanwhile, Rsn and Midori try to find the man who gave the box to Rui. While visiting Midori in the hospital for stomach pains after overeating, Ran sees a ghost girl that the others cannot which leads them into a room with an injured man named Tatsuhiko. It kind of felt like a history lesson and a boring one at that.

Lists of anime episodes. Midori is attacked by the grass and nearly dies, but Ran unexpectedly uses her power to save Midori. After finding the man with Reika, they find he abducted her due to her resemblance to his daughter that died years ago.

Ran sees a small girl all in white and follows her out with Midori and Noriko in tow.

As she pursues Saeko, Ran unknowingly hears her epjsode voice and attempts to explain the test. Letting her mind slip for a moment, the woman reveals that the man in the earlier fire was a former lover whose desertion drove her to revenge. The Kidnapped Bride” Transcription: After hearing reports of a haunted inn, Rin goes with Ran, Rui, and Midori to the inn to investigate the rumors.

Midori is still haunted by her past with her family calling her a freak for having strange powers, and goes back home depressed.