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The bamboo they eat is so low in nutrition that they need to eat their body weight in it every day just to stay alive. The last picture literally broke my phone when I got to it.

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Misandrist Movies by Mangina Directors

The story of two young moovie celebrities who find themselves brought to Hollywood to audition and screen test for starring roles in the next big “buddy” film. Familiar Ryan and Sean characters are incorporated into the story, including Helga Fawntanilla, The Stalking Mangina and even has a few cameo appearances from the “big green ball.


Kitties Ky Stalking cat ek fun funny hat ka kitten kitty kot lurk lurking perfect pet pl purrfect sneak stalk. Foreign HorrorMust See. Regardless of how GDI the video is, the fact that you put up a link to sfalking guys facebook makes you look like the one who should be on Fail Friday.

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TFM Intern Never getting promoted. Which is why we really insist, in fact even beg, the girls and their families to file an FIR. Boy was Stalling wrong. All Comments Your Activity.

FAIL FRIDAY: The Mangina Edition

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Men are either saps or psychopaths and women are the heroes, regardless of the fact that they caused the jangina mess to begin with.


Fail Friday is becoming too painful to stomach. Simply include the square brackets [mgtow] for the symbol to display. PapaHaze 8 years ago. Directors Richard Van Vleet. Very understandable, but you are only fueling the boy. This is the result of the unwillingness of the victims to register formal complaints, reckons Swati Lakra. I Piss Excellence 8 years ago. They are trying to go extinct and mankind is keeping them alive.

I try to keep you from getting made fun of even worse, but you cant help but say something else. Look out for signs.

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SkersFraten 8 years ago. I would have definitely stayed further away…. Bid 8 years ago.

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