Then I realized that my idol Mr. He has made such wonderful albums after that, like Blood on the tracks and Oh mercy! I cannot explain what exactly it is he does, not for the life of me, but he does it WELL. It ain’t for sure as funny as all i really wanna do,but so was not dylan’s purpose: Tied for personal favorite is the absolutely hilarious “I Shall Be Free”, which with a different backing probably would have fit in well on one of the later albums. Call me a short-sight phillistine. May he never make another like it. America is predictable and hypocritical, over- obsessed with money did anyone see the TV show Six Feet Under?

Before this time period, music was mostly meaningless bubblegum-pop that had no real meaning. Dylan is more mature and his emotions pour forth on blood But still, his lyrics here do it for me anytime, when every other “protest” sixties album has turned to dust in the record sleeve, Bob touched subjects that won’t go away and did it in a way that you don’t feel like someone is sitting next to you reading the Times when the album is on. Once again, I am bereft of words when commenting upon rock’s foster father. Acoustic set is the most terryfing part of record. I pretty much agree with you on your view of this album except that I don’t agree with ‘Sad Eyed Lady’ being the best song on the album Alhough I do love it.

The protest song found on this album is the best ever written by anyone. And, doesn’t the last verse of ‘Restless’ seem very poignant to Dylan’s switch to Electric music, or from the switch from protest to more personal music Another Side? The title track and “Tombstone Blues” are really a lot of fun. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been searching out as many Dylan albums as I can except for Planet WavesI have studio stuff through Desire and in the course of listening I’ve come to a general conclusion about him and his music.


But thats just me. In my opinion, I would drive myself crazy if I listened to Highway 61 and tried to dissect its literal meaning. The lyrics are just so cool and it’s just so trippy.

Or, speaking more intelligently, “utterly enjoyable”.

Tiny Toons episódio 4 Prova tensa.

What I do know is his earlier efforts are classic and always a joy for me to hear. Christ, though, other than those? The real protest songs hurt, though. What’s the point of writing lyrics that nobody understands?

Ah eoisode, rhetoric question, I guess – G. For one thing, it’s as influential as hell, what with Dylan’s newly fleshed-out arrangements thank goodness–those thin backing tracks were what brought Bringing it All Back Home down and twisted, memorably bizarre lyrics. But there are no true masterpieces.

And even it that’s NOT what it’s about, you gotta admit the imagery is kinda uncanny Oh yeah, what about “Temporary Like Achilles?

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You really can’t sing along with this stuff. This is in response to your review of the album The Times, they are a changin You seem to be looking at this album with a purely s episodde. Side one is brilliant with one of Dylans best ever, ‘Visions of Johanna’ and side two is probably my favorite side because it contains my favorite song on the album, ‘Stuck Inside of Moble With the Memphis Blues Again’.

For a while this was my favorite Dylan album. There isn’t a lyric like it e;isode rock music. Come to think of it, Metallica could re learn from that. But as for me, real Dylan starts here.

A singular achievement of the highest order. Neither theme by itself is particularly original, so it’s the way he interprets them that must provide the originality. Let’s face it George in no one could touch this guy he was streets ahead of anyone during this period.

Tiny Toons episódio 4 Prova tensa. – Vídeo Dailymotion

I’ve posted sort of a similar comment on the Prindle site, but hey, I can’t trust everyone to check that place out, can I? What to say here about the man who brought folk, rock, and country together, revolutionized each, brought intelligence tiiny music, did so much for music as we know it today My only small complaint is, of course, the lack of variety in the arrangements.


Man, I know Dylan is not very easy to get into. It makes me want to grab my electric and play along. I hope that made sense This is one of my top 10 or 20 albums of all time.

Every Dylan song, to a lesser or greater extent, is flawed. This just might be the most on-the-spot review of Highway 61 Revisited in the cosmos of our history. I take back my opening, it is as bad you say. Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t treat Bob as a religious object.

Davley is a 10, I was an idiot It’s about HOW he sings it, the phrasing and all that crud. And the album deserves a title that grandiose, even if there are at least three songs on here that ain’t that great the nondescript rockers “Outlaw Blues” and “On The Road Again” and the groaner “Gates Of Eden”.

Ripping off dtooly melodies is one thing–ripping off yourself from a year prior is another. Dylan the folkie, Dylan the rocker becomes Dylan the mystic and not all of his fans then or now were capable of following him. He can’t play piano very well, though. That distinction belongs to Dylan’s Blond on Blond.

The “Rising Sun” cover does this admirably, offering an enthralling narrative that’s as gripping as it is frightening. Much too versatile to have his own powerful personality, just like the Beatles. This album, like many dylan albums is pure genius