Afterwards, Takumi outlines a course to the Ookuma District. Koji Yusa as Figarro. Xuyang Animation Monitor Graphics: The Avengers May 22, Keiko Kai Color design: L-elf allows Haruto to possess his body to pilot the Valvrave and successfully repels the Dorssian forces with L-elf’s explicit written instructions.

Meanwhile, Haruto and Saki continue to struggle with Q-vier’s magnetic weapons. Resolving to bear the burden of the Valvraves on his own, Haruto makes a pact with L-elf to only feed on him. Retrieved October 13, As L-elf then turns to commandeer the Valvrave, Haruto suddenly appears behind him in a seemingly resurrected inhuman state and bites his neck, triggering an event. Masaya Ikebe Tsuneko Sato. The modified Valvrave 02 piloted by Cain destroys the Module 77 communications terminal and proceeds to clash with the Valvrave

Valvrave the Liberator (TV)

As the Dorssians discover the location of the crashed transport shuttle, the New JIORians regroup and L-elf devises a plan to obtain a new transport vehicle from the Dorssian military itself by using Saki and Akira. Haruto and L-elf later infiltrate the Phantom ship and shockingly discover a covert room where Runes are harvested from humans. Amadeus then reveals the captured Saki and executes her on live television much peisode the world’s horror.

At the same time, X-eins demands answers after A-drei releases Saki. Afterwards, as the Dorssian forces occupy Module 77, Haruto convinces his friends that he had somehow possessed L-elf’s body and later retake the Valvrave, while he also managing to return to his own body with help from Saki.

Now way off-course, the ship plummets through Earth’s atmosphere and eventually crash lands deep within Dorssian territory. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Peppermint Anime German cast none. C True Calendar year Elsewhere, Cain learns that the once peaceful Dorssian Royalists have begun staging public displays of resistance against the Dorssian Military due to Lieselotte’s death.

Afterwards, Marie awakens and rushes into the buried Valvrave 01 at the sight of L-elf and the Pino AI explains the nature of her amnesia.

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Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Aniplex Flying Dog Starchild Records. Archived from the original on May 2, Aniplex of America Industry Panel Mar 29, Retrieved November 22, As the Valvrave 01 and epiosde head into space once more, Cain blames the Valvrave pilots for disrupting the Magius’ attempt at world peace. Yuuka Hirose as Aide ep 9. Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray.


Lieselette explains that the Magius crash landed on Earth a few centuries ago and began possessing Earth’s lifeforms in order to survive. With Module 77’s communications secured, L-elf then storms the press conference, slitting Amadeus’ throat and revealing his shocking revival to the world. The Stream – Clash on Titans Jun 3, As Module 77 prepares for battle, L-elf epidode the Valvraves move push the Module away from the blockade, causing the Dorssians to break formation and pursue as par his plan to have the Valvrave 01’s Harakiri Blade destroy them in one strike.

The series was licensed by Aniplex of America for streaming on Aniplex Channel. Masaya Ikebe Tsuneko Sato. Thanks to the development of the Dyson Sphere, The majority of the human populace lives in space. Meanwhile, as A-drei and Saki find themselves trapped in another part of the crevasse, he explains their murder of a Dorssian Royalist upon noticing L-elf’s markings on the rock face.

Katsuaki Miyaji Modeling Chief: Haruka Tomatsu as Saki Rukino.

Back in the hangar, Haruto and L-elf are single-handedly overpowered by Cain, although Haruto immobilizes Cain to allow L-elf to escape, to no avail as A-drei stops him. As the first new City Hunter movie in twenty years, this blast of ’80s future detective action is a welcome surprise on enlgish big screen, but how has the material underneath aged?

Retrieved October 13, Haruka Kimura as Lily Yamamoto 8 episodes eps, Afterwards, the New JIOR transport ship successfully commandeers a landing shuttle and feigns clearance through the Space Station’s Follow Rings, despite being discovered by the Dorssians due to Satomi’s judgement.

Daisuke Ono as Cain.

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Back in the present, while Haruto and Saki had planned on keeping the presence of the additional Valvraves a secret to keep others from being dehumanized, Shoko and other students discover them. Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! With each of the hostile factions now desiring this weapon, high schoolers, Haruto Tokishima and his friends pilot the Valvrave mechs and use them to protect their Module 77 home from the Dorssian forces.


Resolving to bear the burden of the Valvraves on his own, Haruto makes a pact with L-elf to only feed on him. Retrieved December 14, Valvrave the Liberator is a Japanese mecha anime series.

Miho Karasawa ep 8. Soon after, Module 77 is once again under Dorssian attack. Eventually Valvrave 02 rips through Valvrave 01’s libefator and exposes its engine, at which point the Prue and Pino AIs of both manifest. Despite Haruto’s attempt to stop her, Saki boards the Valvrave Four and to his surprise she successfully completes its start-up procedure.

Katsura Hoshino Character Design: Later on, as Satomi, Takahi and L-elf prepare to be escorted to Earth by the Valvraves, L-elf confronts Haruto as his regression worsens engpish reveals the nature of the Valvrave power source—information particles called Runeswhich are replenished every time Haruto’s Kamitsuki feeds on a person.

Whilst cornered by the guards, he comes across a young girl and threatens her in front of the guards. Dyson Sphere Conceptual Design: Jun Fukuyama as A-drei. Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace.

Finally, with the Valvraves replenished, they leave the Moon en route to Earth and while fighting off the Dorssian blockade, Haruto resolves to locate the Valvrave creators and learn how to revert to becoming human once more before destroying the Valvraves himself.