Links Links to other Fawlty Towers Sites , and other great comedy sites. Tension is heightened as, whilst Basil annoys the Hamiltons to no end, Sybil makes good friends with them. Johnston grumbles about her prawns she was served during dinner and how Basil argued with her when she told him about it, the Arrads reveal their half-hour wait for their main course only to be served the wrong dishes, and Mr. Libson says he asked Basil to fix his radiator three times and nothing was done. Spoon over the apple mixture, and toss gently. Classic Scene… Immediately, Mr Hamilton announces to his wife that they are leaving and walk out into the lobby where all the guests appear to witness Basil getting very publicly cut down to size.

Come on, pack your bags and get out! And, uh, two green Audible Download Audio Books. Almost immediately the big difference in cultures shows as the Hamiltons order a screwdriver — Basil is thinking DIY tool, the Hamiltons are thinking vodka and fresh orange! In a large bowl, combine the apples and lemon juice. Links to other Fawlty Towers Sites , and other great comedy sites. Retrieved 17 February The other guests get the usual Basil indifference when they also complain.

You ponce in here expecting to be hand The Hamilton’s finish their starters and everything seems to have calmed down, but then Basil comes out with a letter supposedly written by Terry the chef, taking the blame for all the cock-ups. Basil does get his way for a brief moment by promising Terry an hour-and-a-half overtime money for just half an hour of work but he soon takes his money back after Polly gives the game away that Terry is really meeting a woman.

If you watch Waldorf Salad a number of times, you will know the exact ingredients of a Waldorf Salad as they are barked many times in Basil’s direction throughout the episode: Hamilton’s insults with his own, Mr. Johnston comes forward and says “I think this is probably the worst hotel we’ve ever stayed in”, which indicates that he and his wife are not satisfied. episoee

Waldorf Salad episode guide [Fawlty Towers]

The M5 is a major British road running from Walsall to Exeter. Fawlty Survey Sorry, the survey is now finished but you can view epsiode results. No, I won’t have that!


Food and cultural studies. Hamilton to order a “Ritz salad”, a combination of ingredients that he knows are in the kitchen: Harry then confuses him by asking for a Waldorf saladeven though it is not on the menu, followed by two rare steaks. Waldorf Salad 05 Mar 8. Add the first question. Several dissatisfied customers later, Basil has to fwwlty to some new guests at reception. Eventually, guest after guest comes forward with their complaints.

Sybil Fawlty Andrew Sachs When Mr Hamilton asks for a Waldorf Salad, Basil is completely flummoxed so tries to get round the situation by claiming that they are just out of Waldorfs; but Mr Hamilton, who is beginning to get annoyed, insists salav chef surely must know how to fix him a Waldorf Salad. The American guests are adept at complaining so suddenly all the rest are inspired to speak their minds — Basil is not amused!

Waldorf Salad Episode Notes The actor Terence Conoley also appeared in the very first episode as another guest, one of the few non-regular stars to appear in more than one episode. Basil, however, is unable to leave things alone and irritates them by reading a letter supposedly from Terry, placing the blame for all the mess-ups on him.

Hamilton laughs triumphantly and peanuts Basil’s tie before heading to his room to pack his bags. High standards are not exactly forthcoming at Fawlty Towers, so Basil is in for a torrid time.

The Kipper and the Corpse. Have a WORD with him? He confronts Basil in the hotel’s lobby, and in front of the other guests proceeds to tell Basil what a crummy hotel he has. Meanwhile, Sybil lazily talks to one of the guests who himself appears not to be enjoying her conversationleaving everyone else to cope.

Hamilton knows what Basil has been up to and calls him out on his deception and lack of professionalism—-referring to him as “the British Tourist Board ‘s answer to Donald Duck “—-and brands the hotel a disgrace to Western Europe. Much to Basil’s annoyance, the Americans immediately hit it off with Sybil, they notice the Robbins novel and admit they both like his books too. During a conversation between Mr Hamilton and Sybil, Sybil takes out a packet of cigarettes and a second later, after a cut to another scene, a cigarette is smoking in her hand.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Full Cast and Crew. Another couple, the Arrads, have been waiting nearly half an hour for their main course.

Waldorf salad

You’re the manager, aren’t you? Waldorf Salad 05 Mar The Hamilton’s sit down for dinner and then ask Basil for two things that he has never heard of, a Waldorf salad and a screwdriver. Basil quickly retrieves the situation by pretending he was referring to some scrap of paper.

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Unbeknown to him, Sybil has already made one. Fu,l this Rating Title: Season 2 Episode 3. Hamilton is annoyed when Basil does not know what it is and must repeatedly correct Basil when he asks for the ingredients which are celery, apples, walnuts, and grapes, topped with mayonnaiseafter saying that the hotel is “out of Waldorfs”, but demands it all the same.

When they suggest it should be deducted from their bill, and Basil points out that she has eaten half of it, the gentleman suggests they could deduct half the value now and if his wife brings up the other half during the night they will claim the balance. When the guest comes through to retrieve the sa,ad Basil has wandered off with, and embarrasses Basil, he is typically rude to the gentleman. This time Basil is not annoyed by the Hamilton’s because of their class, but because he considers Americans as culturally inferior to the British.

Mr Hamilton mentions the M5 episodee he first arrives at the hotel – Mr Hamilton: Retrieved from ” https: