Keep up the good work!!! Flashback to Yong looking up from a map of the palace, alone, as he notices the armour. I did the right thing, father, right? This is the logical ending. I leaped with joy. So you were willing to kill your son, and countless innocents?! Normally I like the happy end, but this was very naive.

Again, apologies for the massive delay. It sounds corny, but is much better delivered onscreen. Would like to see more of the romantic side of Lee Joon Ki ohh he is soo pretty and he can acts!! Ok, who fathered this child?! You are commenting using your Twitter account. The assassin gets up and kills him from behind. A rock thrown at the men stops them and gives Wol-hee the chance to slip free. The second pair could not belong to Yonghe.

Ketong comes in the middle of their little crowd and mixes everything up like his father did with the previous set of rumours, but he confuses it too, grumbling about never having this memorized properly, and ruffling his hair, goes off. To him, doing this iljmiae allow him to protect the people his younger brother wanted to protect. I should have killed you too. The only redeeming quality of having him still in the drama was the knowledge that the great Korean Sageuk Karmic Circle would come around and bite him.

Shi Hoo does recon at the bombed palace building and notices a bell engraved with a tattoo of one of the dead men.


In the morning, Iljimae accompanies Yeol-gong out, and reads the letter from Kim Ja-jeom yep, lotsa letters in this episode!

Jk is interviewed recently and asks whether Iljimae will choose Eunchae or Bong Soon. The assassin looks shocked. Assassin comes out of the crowd. When I watched watfh, I thought he did and it made me so sad.

Cause before she went to Jeju, she kinda, paused, and turned back, as if expecting something? Even though mine were pretty spot on dramafeverI needed some clarification here and there.

Lol, he gets chased off. The assassin dude is like, I was going to kill you anyway, but thanks for coming here on your own. Lee Won Jong Supporting Cast. There are also certain inherent problems with such dating. Why would he threaten his throne?

My wife had arrived in the South, so I what 02 was in good hands. The second pair could not belong to Yonghe.

Not only names was wrongly spelt, but it was always changing in spelling. Keol-chi urges her to seek safety, but she refuses to leave.

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The bombs set inside the palace explode, creating mass panic. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Then he gives the order for them to attack. It paralyzes him, then knocks him unconscious. TV Iljimae Episode He iljimaf a servant to the mountain hideaway with a message for Wol-hee.


I just find it too coincidental that they both returned exactly after 4 years?! I would have liked a Eun Chae-Iljimae ending though. He plunges the sword into the ground and tells the king to go. I could be completely off here. Although, at the time, his only interest is to correct individual wrong doings, and not necessarily to save the world as he tells Yong-po in episode Jo Min Ki Supporting Cast.

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Return of Iljimae is back! And also here in the text above: It has great captions so dont worry if ur not korean LOL. To keep my throne, I am willing to do worse than that.

But once you iljime behind, it becomes harder to make up ground. Then he runs to his mommy. Korea at the end of the year.