Blake is desperate to get a new video game at midnight and has Adam stand in line for him, but he gets lost on the way to the video store and winds up in a line for clean needles. Instead, Alice agrees they may hold a service for “Homegirl”. I’m after the big fish. I want to go to that pet store next door. As soon as she dices your little dick u – Your decent-sized dick up – Thank you. Oh, Rancho Cucapizza is having a little promotional eating contest, and the winner gets Read that bottom line there. Adam suggests they bring his disabled cousin, Devin, to come work with them so they can use his handicap parking pass.

The guys must come up with a plan to get Alice back after their new boss forces them to sit at separate desks. I’m going to college. Special Agent Clements, D. And it – Yeah. This space is for customers. Might be bleeding, but I can’t feel it.

See, they make the pizza so hot that all the other dumb buffoons, they’ll just burn their pipes. Yeah, man, I know. The gang leaves a series of angry voicemails for Alice on her work phone. Trouble arises when Lisa brings the guys their bill.

They realize their mistake and truw to beat her to work to delete them, but soon find out they are still drunk.

We were all worried about nooooo- no, no! You know what would numb the pain? Ohhh, that’s We got that’s your weed.

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I have a very cut-offable dick. I say we go to the seediest, most scummiest place in all of Rancho Cucamonga A tattoo parlor. By using this site, you agree to workaholcis Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Can I keep this?


We all take turns pretending to be him, and this is my version. It’s probably the dragon-tattooed girl. War on my brain! Can we just go back to how it used to be?

Left behind too many clues. Oh, that hurt a little. They go to Montez’s garage sale for pool toys and wind up purchasing a hovercraft, which they soon learn does not work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a bust. Dude, you should keep saying grass because it’s like a slice of Americana. Anders is worried about his father visiting because he has been lying about his life to him. Okay, damn it, Karl. Blake befriends epieode old guitar-playing resident, and Ders is looking for a “True Life” cast.

The episode takes place in a flashback when the three met during college, with Blake and Adam as freshman roommates and Anders as their resident advisor. Adam suggests they bring his disabled cousin, Devin, to come work with them so they can episoxe his handicap parking pass. Braj, we’re sorry that we switched drug dealers. This space is for customers.

Workaholics s03e02 Episode Script

You know, yes, I dealt to other people, but when I put the weed in those little kids’ hands, all I saw was your faces. Yeah, you know, just for future reference, just make sure people know now is the time for talking and now is the butt-kicking time, ’cause I’m sure we’re not the first people to think I have a blowtorch in my hand. Though he is reluctant, Devin’s mother forces him to take the job. You’re you’re smoking brownies, and you’re eating weed?


I think that guy is in the cartel, so you might want to hand over all the real money to him. It’s not a she, though. Isolation tents, if you’re into spiritual journeys? It means, like, pot brownies. If you have a heart in your chest cavity, you will stop this bus, bro! Well, that’s weird, because you’re not very understanding.

The guys show up to the address and things get crazy. After Adam gets his belly button pierced, a tattoo artist, Lisa Rumer Willis becomes their new dealer.

Well, look what washed ashore at the grossest beach I’ve ever been to. Shutter Ssland, Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t do curse words in any language.

I feel like a silly goof, huh? I always did love selling you guys grass. I’m high as [bleep]! Ders is a cop! Retrieved June 1, No, brownies are made out of fudge, Blake.

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They cannot get in contact with their drug dealer, Karl, and Adam suggests they go to a tattoo parlor to search for a new drug dealer. You’re good to go. Oh great, you won dromancd pizza eating competition.

I don’t give a [bleep] what your old dealer used to do. Any dude that wears a cane, you know he’s, like [Doorbell rings] A gentleman.